“Opradoxed Religion”

Whats up with Oprah and her new Anti-Christ book writing Guru, Eckhart Tolle? Oprah began an online class for folks to study the new book by this preacher of self achieving conciseness of a so-called guilt- free soul.  According to Tolle, and Oprah, there is no such thing as sin.  If that is truly the case there would never have been any guilt in any ones heart to begin with.

This humanistic approach to reach a personal peace, and a guilt free mind without Jesus is coming from no other source than the spirit of death himself.  Oprah has proclaimed herself  a “free-thinking” christian.  That alone should send red flags up in the minds of  the millions of Christians who are allowing them selves to be  consumed by even one hour of this daily televised spirit of anti-Christ.

The message Jesus and His disciples taught, as I’m sure many of us readily recollect from many individual scriptures, was to renew our minds, and to not continue as  free thinkers. The phrase, free-thinking christian, just doesn’t line up with any of the Word of God in anyway.  As Paul put it:


Philippians 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

It is a shame that not only are millions of Christians watching Oprah religiously, but an even more saddening reality is that thousands of them are admittedly subscribing to not only Oprah’s on-line workshop promoting this book written by her latest Guru of Pluralism, but also to its brain- washing deceptive message.

One lady posted on the on-line message section in Oprah’s “Workshop“, that she had been taken after the beliefs layed out in this book, but, she felt a deep concern in her heart for leaving or abandoning her religion.

Of course, those of us who have studied the Word of God for ourselves, instead of taking a certain denominated view as being the absolute truth, know that Jesus himself was never about religion. Maybe that is why this lady who claimed to be a Christian was feeling so much remorse for leaving her religion, but, was apparently not feeling remorseful for leaving her savior.


Oprah is intent on expounding on her beliefs, and the Lord knows she has a large enough audience.  Jesus said in many areas especially when speaking of the end times, that many would come and scatter the flock.  I only  pray that we all stick to the one who feeds the flock, and  only eat of the food that He has given from His word so as not  to sway and swagger from every wind and doctrine that comes down the Nile.

As Christians, we are responsible to expose the untruth  of such pluralistic humanism to our brothers and sisters, as well as the unsaved world.   However, our first, and greater  responsibility to God and ourselves is to stay in His Word so that we can test, as the Bible tells us, all spirits. The test spoken of here in many cases would not be a test at all if we have enough truth of the word in us, for it would instantly send an “error” report across  the  monitor screen of our minds.

In closing I’ll just say in response to those who believe that all religions are worshiping the same God, and we are all going to heaven together in a little row-boat;  maybe they should read where Jesus was walking on the water in the midst of a storm which was terrifying to those who were on the boat:

Mark 6:48And he saw them toiling in rowing; for the wind was contrary unto them: and about the fourth watch of the night he cometh untothem, walking upon the sea, and would have passed by them.

Yes, He would have passed them by, had they not called out to Him for his help.


Some say that regardless of who God is to you, all religions deserve the same respect. I agree with them, all Religions do deserve the same respect as the next one.

Organized religions, and their false rituals and religiosity, or self-help attempts at reaching perfection and peace, were exactly the things that Jesus lived to teach absolute truth against. Organized religion, in attempt to silence the Lamb, whom they knew was speaking the truth that would not only set the captives free from inherent guilt, but also set them free from the clutches of their own religions means of control, were also the ones who nailed Jesus to the cross. In doing so, organized religion, intending to silence the Lamb, ultimately achieved the opposite effect, while fulfilling Gods plan of manifesting an action that has spoken louder than any words in the hearts of billions of people, for thousands of years afterward.

Yes, I do give credit where credit is due, and respect one religion as much as I respect the next. Those who find Jesus’ true message within the Word of God do find peace of mind. They also will find freedom from religion, something, I am not afraid to say, that I hold no respect for, other than the religion spoken of by James the brother of Jesus:


James 1:27
religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

The religion spoken of here, is an issue of the individual heart, and not a ritual performed to meet good deeds, in attempt to earn acceptance from God or man.  As I pointed  out earlier, when one finds Jesus’ true message in the Word of God, they will find peace, and freedom from religion. Therefore, those who seek one particular religion, or denomination to uphold their own already conditioned ( by others ) view of who God really is, will  likely continue to learn, but,  never come to the truth, which has been freely written for them to find right there in the book, in which many hold right there in their hands.

I realize that the constituents of the religion of relativity,which is running more widespread daily through the air waves upon the showing  of one more episode of Oprah, and many other shows like it, will point a discerning finger at this post, and at me, and say, I am bigoted, and arrogant to profess that I can actually know an absolute truth, enough to write such a post, accusing another persons belief as being anti-Christ, and wrong.  But, when they do. They must also ask themselves, what their own belief of “Relativism” advocates, and that


would be that, just like Oprah, (whom I do pray for by the way), everyone is entitled to my opinion. And my opinion is based on a divinely taught truth, that it is not the person who promotes any ideology that is wrong, or, Anti-Christ, but the spirit from which they are speaking.  My advice, should any one care to take, is to get the book… And I don’t mean Ekhart Tolle’s New Earth book.

Isaiah 40:8
dries up,and flowers wither,but the word of our God will last forever.”



  1. I am not a religious person but I liked your post. I like people who stands for their believes and when they believe in one thing they believe in it totally.

    On another note:
    Are you on Twitter?
    and why is your post showing 19 July as the date?


    • Thanks for checking it out…not all of my post are related to such current things taking place on TV. In fact, this one certainly isn’t because I have no idea who Oprah’s latest Guru might be, as …Well, as probably no one else in the entire blogerville world but you would have noticed the date…lol, It is dated july 19, because it is almost a year old. I have been busy doing other things lately, and instead of writing a new post, I decided to stir things up a bit. I have most recently gotten better at learning how to get more traffic, not to mention more time on my hands, so I decided it was time that some of the older stuff which virtually went unseen prier to now. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and I hope that you will forgive me for posting old news. Hey, I have a few that I actually wrote as late as a week ago on here, but, I also write a lot of songs and poems etc… Anyway, God Bless…see you around. PS , I’m not religious either, as the post stipulates. I do believe and thank God for life though.


    • Well, you never know, she quite possibly does know better? But, then like I was saying in the post…it’s not Oprah or even Ekhart Tolle who are the enemy, but, the spirit who they are speaking for. Thanks for dropping in and reading, and very much for commenting, I’ll see you around these rooms. God Bless you.


  2. Hi Paul thanks for your detailed write up on Opera and I agree 100% we seem to have a lot of wordage in common but I believe when lead why stop. Yes the dangers of Opera and those like her can cause havoc in Christians lives but sadly many are easy lead, it was the same in the early Church they followed deceiving spirits.

    Prophesy tells us that in the end times the Church will be in darkness and so it is, they have a form of Godliness but deny His power in their lives, today only half the Gospel is being taught and so the Church flounders and will do so until all of God’s Truth is accepted and lived out in the lives of those who profess to believe in Jesus Christ, till then we will see much falling away.

    Paul I would like to affirm that anything I share about God’s Truth I have Scriptural confirmation for so if in doubt please ask. I have now read a few of your messages and appreciate your detail and they do indeed pack a punch, I was looking for the Numbers in Scripture you wrote about which I read yesterday but can’t find now, I was going to comment at the time but it was getting late.

    Paul believe me you will be swamped with Awards and they are indeed a blessing but I would like to offer you a very differant type of Christian Award … The King of Kings Friendship Award or Blessing, which affirms we are family we are one, if wanted you can just click Like or leave a comment which I will respond to. http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/the-king-of-kings-friendship-award/

    Christian Love Anne


  3. A very interesting read. Is this the Eckhart Tolle who wrote ‘The Power of Now’? I can’t remember who wrote that but I’ve read it – it might be Eckhart as the name sounds somehow familiar.

    It’s tempting to respond ‘I believe this’ and ‘I believe that’, but I will resist because I don’t want to get into religious debate online – or in person, really. I simply believe what I do.

    What you write is very strongly put, and thought provoking – provoking thought is good.
    Cheers :)


    • You are welcome to comment all you like. I share your sentiments of avoiding debates online…Religious, Political, or otherwise…Unless, some one openly invites, or challenges me to one. I appreciate your affable personality, and magical, Je ne sais quois prose too much to complicate things by trying to force my personal beliefs into your head. As I’m sure you’ve noticed…I’m not ashamed of the Cross of Christ, or stating my belief, but, only God can reveal himself to any of us.
      Bless You


  4. “The test spoken of here in many cases would not be a test at all if we have enough truth of the word in us, for it would instantly send an “error” report across the monitor screen of our minds.” Very well said and written. I enjoyed this post tremendously. Thank you for liking my post. Peace and Blessings.


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