“What is the World Coming to”

What is the world coming to ? We’ve all heard this question asked in jest, or in a response to recent news brief’s, of some bad, or even humorous sort.
We as Christians already know the answer to this question.
According to our Gods word, the world as we now know it is coming to an end.
The word, “World”in the Bible usually refers to the unsaved. In light of that reality, the world is not coming to an end, but the future for those who are not the children of God is not a pretty picture.
Many say that there aren’t anymore places on earth which have not heard the Gospel of Christ, and therefore the need for missionary trips is a thing of the past, and that there are hardships enough here at home to address and attend to.
It may be true that all countries have heard the Gospel, but the need for Christian missionaries world wide is not a thing of the past.
When the average American Christian thinks, or hears about the persecuted church they think about how peers, and or, the world treats them as an individual who claims to be a born again Christian.
Unfortunately the truth of the matter could not be more alarming when one realizes what is really taking place in other parts of the world.
One example would be North Korea.
Well! you may say. There aren’t any Christians in North Korea anyway.
Wrong, they are there..If they have not been tortured to death or rotting away in some freezing cold dirt floor prison.
There are secret missionary programs taking place in areas such as this where the missionaries are without a doubt knowingly, willingly, putting their own lives on the line every day.
Of course the media never shows us anything taking place in such areas, but God is at work in many third world countries in ways that we as Americans will never experience. If we honestly realized the God given privilege to have Bibles on our shelves, out in the open, collecting dust for all who enter our homes to see, including the non Christians of whom of course, in this country rarely raise an eyebrow to, or notice them lying there. I wonder if it would cause us to want to pick it up and read it more if we realized the sheer agony being inflicted on the Church of God in some of these places.
Even the worst of Atheist, and God haters rarely take notice to a family heirloom, or an ornamental Bible laying on a table in an American home.
Sadly this is because the Bible has been a part of the American culture so long, and all too often are nothing more than a generational diary, or a hand me down from grandma, or mom.
I ask you now to take a moment and think of yourselves being in the worst situation you can imagine in your life . For instance, if you were put into prison, where you were alienated and frightened and lonely most of the time, could you find comfort if you had a Bible to read?
What if you lost a love one? The loved one who you just do not know how you will ever live without.
Would you seek the Bible? Would you not go to every length to acquire one? Knowing that in that love letter from God would be your only hope for coping and getting through the bereavement of your loss?
What if you were stranded on a deserted Island alone? An Island where noises from the dark of night kept you awake frightened and not knowing what may happen next, on edge constantly?  Wouldn’t you want to have the consolation of Gods word ?
Now, think about living in a Muslim country and meeting Jesus in your heart. You would want to learn and know more and more about Him, you would want a Bible!
Even when it means being imprisoned, and in many cases the imprisonment of three generations of their immediate family, and or even death to be found owning or reading a Bible on any given day in countries like India, North Korea, and even parts of the Philippines, the “Persecuted Church” is still seeking Gods word.
When this hard truth hit my heart I could not let my Bible stay dormant, covered in shelf dust for another moment without feeling guilt in my heart.
Yes there are people right here in America who need our love and help, and if we are giving it, then we can maybe find a little peace in our soul for being the arms and the legs of Jesus to a hurting world.
Still, we must begin to at least pray for those of the family of God , everywhere .
Those who are not reaching for a Bible because they have lost a loved one, but, also, in way to many cases are loosing loved ones, because they are reaching for a Bible! 
What is the world coming to? I have a another question. What is the Church coming to?  
Lets get busy. Lets come together as a family, and begin to see beyond the treasures we are laying up for ourselves. The average Church goer in America thinks about “Receiving More God” getting closer to God, getting more blessings.
But, I ask when will the walls of the Church come down and Gods body reach out and hug the ones who need to meet Him? In the beautiful but sadly sobering words of truth in Mark Hall and “Casting Crowns” hit song: If we are the Body, Why aren’t His arms reaching? God Bless you all…. Think About It!!!





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