“Apostasy Now”

Apostasy.”  That is the falling away from the faith, and the Church that Jesus said in Matthew 24, and Paul reiterated in 2nd Thessalonians must take place before the Great Tribulation of the World actually begins. For the church to realize all the obvious abominations taking place among us today in the traditional religious system known as the church and not realize that the apostasy is taking place right before our very eyes is just unfathomable to me.  Although many New Age Churches are falling, We must stand firm and speak out against the Worldly opinion that the New Age Church System is feeding into the ears and minds of the young people and potential converts today.  To stand  by and allow the Word of God and His moral standards be trampled by brazen abominations such as preachers behind the pulpit admitting they do not believe in God personified, but only as a concept is inexcusable for the true Church of Jesus Christ.  Many in the true Church do not even recognize what is really taking place around them today. Its almost as if we have been blinded by the light, or do not want to accept the reality of the signs of the times we are living in . I have to believe this can only be due to a lack of reading and knowing Gods Word. This is a very serious thing in Gods eyes I believe.  Many of course will say;       “Well”

Eschatology is not my area of study.”  I implore those with this mind set to pray and ask God if it is not  all of our responsibilities to study to show ourselves approved unto Him, whereby we may lead if but one mislead soul to His saving knowledge and truth. After all it was God Himself who said: (  Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.  )      There is no way that I can see, that a believer in Christ can idly sit back and allow the World to make a mockery of Gods Word by perverting the meaning of true love into a worldly view of  tolerance, and true morality into relativism without suffering some personal consequences from God in the end.  Will standing up and speaking out on Biblical truth keep the onset of the One World Religious System from continuing until the “Man of Perdition” has been revealed?  No, it will not stop the immanence of Gods ultimate plan which He has given to us in His Word.  However,  if it changes the perception in the heart and mind of even one mislead person as to what Gods true moral standards are, thereby bringing them into the light and the love of God,  then it has to be worth it .  James said this:  ( James 5:20 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.)  It is time for us to awaken to what is taking place around us.   What a shame that so many of us as Christians sit and argue among ourselves on the trivial, and quite frankly selfish opinions of whether there will be a Pre-Trib, Mid -Trib, or Post -Trib rapture,  when people are being lead into an abyss of Satan’s deception all around us.    Paradoxically,  the usual unresolved synopsis between Christians in such useless debates inevitably end  with all parties shrugging their shoulders and saying, well, “it really doesn’t matter to me, I am ready when JESUS comes back anyway.”   I ask you all to take a closer look around you and look beyond the homosexual marriage issue constituents “obvious” agenda, and see what the real agenda behind it is.  We as Christians sit and talk together and say things like, “Well, when that time comes, I’ll never take the mark of the beast, so it doesn’t really concern me.”  But,  what if that time is now?  Are we surely ready?  Are we ready for the persecution that is about to take place against us as the True Church of JESUS Christ?  The homosexual rights movement is very aware of the vulnerability of the True Church of Christ right now. In fact , they are more aware of it than the Church as individuals are themselves .  The constituents of this movement know full well that the True Church is the only  remaining defender of Gods moral standard.  It is this very fact that they will use to bring the political persecution and cultural isolation against the Church.  It is rather ironic that the Christians are the ones who are being accused and persecuted under the erroneous guise of  “Hate” crimes, when the Liberalist , who are now assuming the position of the Church, are the ones obviously filled with hatred toward God is it not? Our children are being taught in school, and have been for years that homosexuality is not only an acceptable life style, but  even a desirable one if two parties love one another.  I ask you ,  if  64 percent of  Americans profess to be Christian, and yet many of those same Americans admit to signing up and participating in,  (and many accepting as truth)   Oprah’s online workshop promoting Ekhart Toller’s New Age Best selling book;  “A New Earth,” While the true/original Church is being accused of intolerance and not loving or accepting those who choose to say they are the true church,( But are masquerading the worlds tolerance as the  Love of Jesus)  how many true disciples of Christ are they’re ? The authority and Validity of the Holy Bible has been undermined  for a lot longer than many of us can imagine, and the cultural revolution has corrupted  the hearts and minds of our youth and  children since early grade school. Make no mistake, we the True Church of God, have been declared public enemy #1 by the new church to come.  And , believe me, it is already here. I will end this for now and leave you with a small preface from Louisville Ky, Baptist Publication:                                                                                                                                                          (  LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)–The church’s engagement with the culture involves a host of issues, controversies and decisions — but no issue defines our current cultural crisis as clearly as homosexuality. Some churches and denominations have capitulated to the demands of the homosexual rights movement and now accept homosexuality as a fully valid lifestyle. Other denominations are teetering on the brink, and without a massive conservative resistance, they are almost certain to abandon biblical truth and bless what the Bible condemns.)

Note From Publisher: We as a ministry are not the Judge of individuals who may be struggling with Homosexuality, or any other sin in their lives, after they have accepted Christ. The constituents of the “Homosexuality” movement spoken of in this post are in our view the “Political Machine and Religious System” which Gods word has told us will govern the world in the end time just prior to the return of Jesus Christ to reign sovereign on Earth.  Let it be therefore understood that  our intentions for this Blog entry is to bring revelation and awareness to the Church of Jesus Christ and those who are seeking truth and absolutely not to point discerning fingers at individuals who are struggling. We believe that those who are truly behind the “Homosexual” agenda could care less about an individuals rites, homosexual or other wise, in fact their main objective or agenda is to remove the rites of the people of the world.  Most who are in Gods word enough to understand what current events are taking place around us as we speak understand whereof  I speak.  The days of the pre-powder puffed conditioning methods are over.  Come out of the “Liberal Media” Smoke Screen and compare Biblical Prophecy to the current news events taking place on the World stage today. At least know what God has said will take place, and know, it is happening now.   GOD BLESS



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  1. His Church in Wichita Falls, Texas. Earth’s Sin timeline runs from Adam, A.S. (After Sin) 1–A.S. 7005; A.D. 3036; then Eternal death. Earth’s Righteous timeline runs from Adam, A.S. 1–A.S. 6000; A.D. 2031. Since A.
    D. 1967; A.S. 5936; that generation shall not die off before the return of our Lord, 27 March A.D. 2036; 1 Nisan A.S. 6005. Luke 21: 24, 32; Amos 3: 7, 8.


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