“Be Still and Know He is GOD”


Many times we struggle to put into words for a blog, or even a chat, some profound revelation that God has shown us in His word without ever reaching our intended analogy. Other times we try and reveal or relay the same realization that we ourselves experienced when we were enlightened by a certain Rhema word from God to no avail. Often, at moments like these, we must realize and accept that maybe, just maybe this message or revelation was only meant for us as an individual child of God. Perhaps it’s a message that God is trying to use to open our own eyes to better shape and mold his vessel. And come to think of it, we are only the vessel.

Knowing this, often, instead of struggling to put into words what we feel sure God has laid upon our hearts to convey to others who we think need to hear the message, we should probably just sit and listen and be the vessel.

His still, small, loving nudges of discernment are speaking to my heart even as I write. “Just carry the Word that I’ve already prepared.” This is one of those times, I can tell. I am here to write of course, but why do I think I have to be the one who expounds and explains what God has already put down in an inerrant book which has existed for centuries and survived over generations and kingdoms? Empires rose and fell after they enjoyed hundreds of years of ruling the world and yet Gods word still exist and is in most of our homes in a country thousands of miles away from where the Bible was written, and  thousands of years after the fall of so many societies which did not follow the principles that were so readily laid out before them in this one book.

Unfortunately, for those who do not know of it’s wonderful truth and enlightening Words of  Spiritual sustenance, the Bible is only a dust collecting family heirloom, or in some cases has never even been seen before, let alone actually read. Therefore, it is my place to try and spread the word.

There are times when the word within us over boils and bubbles out every precise sentiment and admonishment that God wants to be placed on the page. And then there are those times when we must pray and research and restudy to find the words.  Or do we? Of course, we need to pray and study continuously but maybe as I am realizing even as I type, we only need to preach His word and leave the seed to fall onto whatever type of ground He cultivated.

The times that we are trying to articulate Gods sentiments from our minds into our own words, maybe we should be spending being still, remembering that He is God, letting Him articulate the words from our minds to our hearts and the intended message will surely spring forth as “Living Waters.”

Still , God is a paradox in many ways to us and our finite understanding,  which of course is why there are all too many different denominations or “Faiths” as the Church world’s rationalized term for the diversity of the original and true Church of Christ  throughout the years.

It is so hard to imagine sometimes that we have this love letter from our God laying right in front of us, and thank God that we do. Could there be so many different interpretations of the one Word of God which plainly states it is of no personal interpretation unless too many of us are struggling to understand what we should be sitting quietly at the feet of Jesus , at the foot of the cross, being perfectly still listening intently to hear from the one who truly is God ?

He is God:  Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Would you like to accept Jesus’ finished works on the cross for you, unto eternal life and internal peace?(survey


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