“Whats Next On The Socialist Take Over Agenda”?

After taking over the Banks, the Auto makers, and the Housing markets without resistance and under false reasonings which have inevitably left the owners of  said organizations in rich retirement and the workers in shambles, the Obama administration will now move in on the Airways. Say good bye to freedom of speech. I have never been one to want to hear talk radio host, (Conservative, or Liberal) rant and rave about what they believe is the true and most accurate way of governing a country , and or  putting “Truth” as they understand it into words on the air. However, as an American I have always had the rite to reach up and turn the dial. In the next two years , if it takes anywhere near that long at the rate that the American country  sell out is moving,  I , nor you will have to worry about turning a dial. Once Obamas new “FCC” regulation committee takes effect what you say may get you busted.  Obama has ordered the FCC Chairman to create it’s first “Diversity Committee”  What will this mean. It will mean that if you do not agree with what he and his administration are saying or doing, you will not be allowed to own a radio station, and if you are allowed one, your hiring for talk show host will be censored as will your political views.  Radical you may say… Stay tuned to this same .'”Stat” channel,on this same “Stat” station, and see how long before it is silenced.

GOD BLESS you all.


Would you like to accept Jesus’ finished works on the cross for you, unto eternal life and internal peace?(survey)

God and Meusic



  1. In England Paul I don’t think the “man in the street” really understands what socialism is really all about in other countries of the world … it’s all very scary how very thin the dividing line is. Here the left-wing always used to be favoured by the working classes as the uprising of unions gained the lower classes their rights. The class-system we had has totally shifted since the 1970’s – as an island we have always had a poverty-based North (where I am) and South divide (Londoners etc.) Now it seems that inner London has a massive problem with having created a young generation of people who are frustrated with their social conditions even more than we in the North have ever been (rioting there). Plus of course we have learned to be more accepting as we have had to be. Most people I know have this to concentrate their efforts on over here now. It’s not such a Universal view that we see so we are very shocked when we see this revolutionary sort of stuff happening … though I have to say I am speaking from an ordinary mom of a family perspective. In the North I would always favour standing up for the rights of “the man in the street” to have his own life choices. When I was a kid I grew up listening to Radio Caroline which was a pirate radio station that used to transmit from a ship in the sea. Ha ha … we thought it was so cool but the reception wasn’t always great! (Luxembourg was a hot favourite). Some people just don’t think life should be fun at all. Thanks for an interesting read. Pam.


    • Yeah,.. I saw a movie about the Pirate Radio boats…that was cool…Sadly, I believe the Rioting, not only in England, but all over the world has been instigated and purposely encouraged by the same Mega Bankers, and World Government constituents who are working so hard to steal the U.S. Constitutional rights away…It’s a deep subject, and I don’t even try to waste time researching or passing along all the details. But, it is all connected… England, Libya, Egypt, the U.S. Syria…all the stirrings are connected.
      Bless You


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