“Useless Words”

If these words do not help someone, if these words can’t help  to console, then take them from this page Lord, and leave just an empty hole.

If these words do not reach out for you,  if these words are as  an empty song, then take them from my lips oh Lord, and fill


my heart with your own.

If these words are only empty sentiments, of such I so long to avoid,  then  take them from my heart oh Lord, and fill that empty void.

I long so much to spread the news, of the amazing things you have done, but words seem so futile Lord, like trying to extinguish a fire on the face of the sun.

If  these words  of  mine are just that my Lord, and never really given from you, then erase them from these pages, and  fill them with a message of truth.

Nights I have spent listening, days I  have studied your word,   thank you  Lord,  for helping others with life you have spoken  into my heart, not just letters my mind has heard.

Would you like to accept Jesus’ finished works on the cross for you, unto eternal life and internal peace?(survey)



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