When did you last ignore Gods Voice?

I have been spending some time posting comments on an ongoing discussion site other than my own,  ( I can only wish my site had half the reader interaction as does that one) Although, I do not claim to have all the answers to all the questions, therefore, take this as much as a question from me as anything else.

 How does God speak, is the question of  discussion on the other site. And of course,we could go down 400 rabbit trails from that topic alone, and never find an identical carrot. Regardless, I am certain we have all heard the responses, and how they vary, depending on which church back ground one has. We have all heard the “Fundamental”response, “He Only Speaks to  Those  in Appointed Church Office” , and the ever so lovely song and dance of the “Pentecostal” He speaks in tongues, and the “Reformed” “He only Speaks To Us Through His Word” Yadi Yada Yada

But, then we all know that He also speaks to our hearts..I mean at least I feel certain that deep down we all really know this, else where did we hear the original call to begin with?

Ok, here’s the question I have to hopefully start this discussion:  Hypothetically, we have a question we are asking God:   Many say to hear His answer, through His word, it will come as the Rhema, the undeniable “Spot On ” answer if you will.. Others say.. The Answer Is The One That You Feel Most at Peace in Your Heart With… and so on..

I feel that we all have had at times  the problem of hearing Gods voice while seeking an answer to a question or  guidence from Him for a certain direction. Yet at the same time we are hearing the all too many other voices, or ..”Thoughts” that we just can’t put our finger on to which is truly the voice, or answer from God, and which are only our own thoughts, or “Collective Static and Interferences” as it were:

Now, all of that said, I know we all have heard that undeniable “Inner Voice” that has almost shouted to our Spirit mans ears,    “Don’t Do it”, or maybe  “Do it”  and by undeniable I am speaking of the voice that we “Know” , either at the moment, or at least in retrospect, that it WAS the voice of GOD!!

When was the last time this has happened to you, and how did you react?

Did you listen and respond correctly, or did you try to shut it out, temporarily telling your self that it was ..only my own voice or thoughts speaking ..only to later suffer the consequences?

Please feel free to elaborate as much as you wish on this question, or just acknowledge in general.




Would you like to accept Jesus’ finished works on the cross for you, unto eternal life and internal peace?(polling)


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