Importance of Current News Events

Christian blogs that have current news events posted on them, or make a stance against certain laws, and or movements are many times overlooked , or dubbed by readers as being politically motivated sites rather than being spiritual venues to help carry the good news of  the gospel of Christ.  I ask you to take a closer look, for this is not always the case.  I will admit,  however, that many of the ones I have viewed  in the past few weeks do tend to lean more to partisanship of one side of the political arena or the other.

We as  Christians need to stay informed to the current happenings around us, particularly if we want  to know where we as the “Body” are in  Gods overall  time frame.  The events taking place on the world stage today are not only written about for us by God in the Bible to know the times and the season of His return, but are also recomended  by God for us to take notice of and  compare to to His word.  No other book in the entire Holy Bible does God promise us that we who read it and keep the words  in our hearts will be blessed but the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The Bible does directly state that “This is a Prophecy,” or symbolic, for those of us who are in His Kingdom to read and learn from it’s fore-telling of things that will come to pass, and in reality are taking place right now before our very eyes. What a wonderful privilege and blessing it is for us  to be the generation that is still alive here on earth while those things which were written about two thousand years ago are taking place around us, and to have every resource available at our fingertips and viewing pleasure for following them as they take place.

We are a chosen generation,  the only  generation to not only witness first hand a revelation given by God, but “The Revelation”  the Revelation of Jesus Christ. This does not mean this is a revelation about Jesus, Although it is to those of us who will read and watch,  this is the Revelation that God gave to us, about JESUS!!!

Here, for those who like to study, is wonderful mathematical proof of just ONE of God’s love letters to His children in Prophetic form that has come true.  And for those who profess His name yet, believe that there is no significance to the time that we are living in, (prophetically) or only believe the prophecies filfilled from the point of  70 A.D. are complete, or now Spiritual language only; This Prophecy given way before, but leading TO the Temple destruction in 70 A.D. unequivocally opens the envelope to Daniels 70 week prophecy, and began a new Prophecy, which VERY much pertains to today.

GODS PERFECT TIMING 606 B.C. – 1948 A.D.  ( May 14th even )

Revelation 1

1The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

2Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.

3Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

In His mercy, God not only sent His only Son to bare all of the worlds sin, thereby defeating death, hell and the grave, but He also sent us a wonderful love letter through the prophets telling us how to receive the forgiveness and wisdom that it takes to be a part of His wonderful plan of salvation. We are supposed to be the light of the world, sharing His wonderful plan with others.  I can’t think of any better way of doing that , than by first knowing what the word of God really has to say about things pertaining to the world in which we live.    I know a lot of folks only want to share that Jesus is all love, and all tolerant, therefore, they do not want to be reminded of the hate and hurt in the world in which we live. Unfortunately, there is a dieing world around us out here, and if we do not share the reality of the current events, and the  pertinence of making the best of what time we have left, then who will?  I  heard a very profound statement once concerning going to heaven, although, I do not know who to credit for the words, but they do hold a sobering truth to them:   “We can not help to save anyone after we are in heaven”  Oh, and I feel I need to add also here, that Jesus, or God is not at all tolerant, in the worldly sense of the word, not when it comes to unrepentant  immorality anyway.    His love many times is tough love, and rarely the touchy feely, live and let live sort of love that the world thinks of love as being. This by no means is to say that He does not want us to feel securely loved by Him.  In fact the more I learn to appreciate His tough love that keeps causing me to grow, the more secure and loved I feel. And of course He does reach down and give us that occasional spiritual hug as well.   So, basicly  I am saying  as God has said, “My people suffer for a lack of knowledge.”  Spiritual wisdom comes from Gods word, and for those who do not want to read Revelation because they think it is all about Gods Wrath and not Gods love are only missing the entire point and message. It is the Revelation of  Jesus Christ, and therefore much about the “Wrath of the Lamb” which by the way, we as Christians are supposed to be warning the rest of the world about, and not hiding behind a theocratic belief that He will come and sweep us away from all harm and danger in a so called pre-trib rapture, which parenthetically, should we really study His word rather than take other peoples interpretation of as salt we will find to be more of a “Pre-Wrath” rapture, than a Pre-Tribulation rapture, (reference: see  “Pre-Wrath” rapture on this site )

I encourage all Christians to try and see beyond the political parties that seem to be the dividing factor of many of the laws and current world events today enough to compare the news to the Prophetic words God has sent for us to know what takes place next. Politics has a lot to do with it, but, as we all are soon to realize, (or at least those who haven’t already figured it out)   the political/religious regime that will soon rule the world ,  until  Jesus returns, is, and has been ONE party, infiltrating both sides of the political arena, working behind the scenes, and making it’s way to this point and time  in History since the Tower of Babel written about in Genesis 11.

In closing I would like to say that I do not believe that making a stance against those who pervert Gods laws and principles of morality will change one thing in the over all world stage and final curtain  draw as it  has already been written as to how it will all end.  However, if we as the children of God would take a closer look at the”Program” we have been given to enlighten us to the epic chronological events on the stage before us,  I know , that it will make a difference in the thing that we have been commissioned to do to begin with, and that making all the difference in the world, even if it changes the direction of but one lost soul.

End Time means Beginning Again, a GOOD thing, not doom and gloom.

paul willis



  1. Hi. Sorry it took me so long to get here. But I really wanted to read all of your posts first, and sort of get my bearings. And I’m actually a slow reader.

    You have some wonderful insights that I hadn’t heard or seen in very many places. ‘Rupturing the rapture,’ so to speak, in Matt 24, for instance. I’d been taught that by another ministry many moons ago, and still hold to it, but it sounds like the Lord showed it to you without outside help.

    I get this visual of you being inside the Word exploring, rather than outside looking in at it. If that sounds like an odd way to put it, well, I’m a little different. Or so they say.

    I’m not trying to butter you up. I don’t suppose you’d like that, anyway. I also should say there are some things that I don’t see the same way. Like I don’t think there’s going to be a rapture at all – notice in 1 Thess 4:14 that we meet the Lord in the air, not in heaven. And Jesus says we should pray for the kingdom of God to come on the earth, as it is in heaven, not the other way around. Stuff like that.

    And some of the things you write I still have to chew on, but that’s a good thing. And I still don’t know about all that Babylon stuff – maybe you’re on to something I’ve never seen. But I’ll throw this out – I don’t believe that the church is modern day Israel; I believe Israel is modern day Israel, but that the institution of the kingdom of Messiah the Son of David can only happen when the church comes into her fullness. Romans 11; Ephesians 2, and so on.

    I agree with what I think you’re saying about keeping current events in perspective of Scripture prophecy, which is why I prefer to talk about spiritual things here, rather than on my other blog.

    Talk at y’all some more, hopefully.



  2. Hey Lineman,
    No need to apologize for not getting back around.
    In fact, there’s no need to apologize to me about anything..LOL,
    Good to have you posting here.
    As far as our doctrinal diferences, well, I don’t see that you and I actually have any, at least not many if that. Mostly a matter of wording. The Pre-Wrath Rapture, as you have said not really a rapture at all as the “Fly Away” to save our souls” Pre-Tribulation believers are expecting to take place. I believe it is the “Second Coming of Jesus Christ” and we therefore will be saved from “Gods Wrath” against the ungodly world.
    Secondly, I only see the “Physical” Israelites in Old Testament stories as potential mirrored Images of “We” as all of Gods children. I, like you do not believe as some believe, that God is through with Israel Propheticaly as a Nation. I do however, see that we “ALL” Gods Children are Jews, in the Adoptive sense, “Grafted Into the Vine” as we can see that Paul makes clear that the promised seed though given as a promise from God to Abraham, only took root with Isaac.. Following the blood line from there we see that it is the line that produces the “Lion/Lamb” of Judah, or in the begining as Issac Begat Jacob.. Who’s name was changed to Israel and so on…and yes, I agree with you on the “Gentiles” Romans 11 the church etc..You will also find a good Prophetic verse , or a few in Revelation 5.5 concerning The Throne of David. As far as we as the Church being “Spiritual” Israel, no , we are not, part of the “Spiritual” tribe of Judah, yes, I believe so, however, it has not been an indepth area of my personal studies, “Yet” and to be honest, I don’t even claim to understand all I do know about it.
    Here’s all I can tell you about the “Mystery Babylon” Religious system that I believe the word of God tells us will be a big part of the Political/Religios reigning government of the World just before, JESUS comes back.
    Or, at least, all I can tell you in one “Comment” sitting. lol, It all began of course when Satan was cast out of Heaven, references can be given later. In Genesis 11 we find that the “Anti-Christ spirit, or Satan was already at work trying to “Kick” God out of the school systems so to speak, it did not only start recently as I am sure you already know. The Tower of Babel/ Nimrod, who was a “Great” Hunter, many scholars agree from the historical accounts that they have come accross on him from the Bible as well as through other sacred writings etc.. that the “Great Hunter Refers” to hunter of men, and relate it to the Devil who said he was (roaming the earth going to and fro seeking whomever he may devour.)
    Anyway, there are many traditional; writtings that you can google to find out about Nimrod, but I will tell you that he was one of Noahs grandsons, and that he became the first King on the earth known as “Sargon the 1st”
    Nimrod means “Tyrant” by the way, and as he was very warlike he also wore a helmet with a horn protruding out of the front. He also built the Tower of Babel,(Babylon) and Ninevah, and many other cities that you can read about in the Bible. He lead the Sumerians into “Sun, Moon, stars and planet worship” etc.. and sacrificed their young to their gods. So, anyway, as tradition and recorded history go on about him, and believe me there is much about him. Because Nimrod was so evil Shem, his uncle kills him, and Nimrods mother “Semiramis” who was with child claims it to be an Imaculate conception and tells everyone that Nimrod was reborn through her, they even built a statue to worship him etc.. So, time marches on,. and as the story goes, Semiramis dies, and tradition carries her on to be not only a goddes, but the “Queen of Heaven” which the worship of travled over even into Juda and Israel in later years as we see much mention of her in the Bible: (Jeremiah 44:19
    And when we burned incense to the queen of heaven, and poured out drink offerings unto her, did we make her cakes to worship her, and pour out drink offerings unto her, without our men?) Strangly enough it was said that her religion became very large, had only “Women as Priest” and they all dressed in long dark gowns, and wore habits on their heads? I’m just saying!!
    LOL, so, we can then find much about the religious system that is to come, “Though” was always here, in the end time Prophetic writings of the Bible: ie (Revelation 17:5)


    • Wow – yes, quite a bit in one sitting! And I start to see what you mean about our not disagreeing, although I am kind of sensitized to the replacement theology stuff. You have obviously spent more time than I have in examining the connections between the earliest events in human history and what are approaching as, in a sense, the last events in human history. I gather that you’re perhaps a young fellow (from my perspective, anyway – if you only knew), and I’m noticing that many of what I consider the younger generation have been on a sort of fast track in life, cramming it all in for the last days that appear to be just around the corner, if not sooner.

      I’m kind of sensing that we could have some good discussions at a table in Starbucks or someplace. One thing amusing that I’ll mention about the “Queen of Heaven:” in the course of a developing relationship with a Roman Catholic believer (and no, that’s not an oxymoron), I pointed out the Jeremiah Scriptures, and she had a hard time with that for a while. But God opens our eyes as we follow on to know Him. He knows when we have sincere hearts – often better than we know ourselves.

      Nice fellowshipping with you. Talk to you later,



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