“How Do You Rest”

I believe the first thing that a Christian must learn to do to enable Gods gifts within us to produce noticeable fruit is to learn to rest secure in “The Finished Works of Jesus” for us on the cross as individuals. I believe also according to scripture, (Many examples including Moses) that one can be saved and live a life of struggles and never reach the “Kingdom of God” until the day of Jesus’ return, although He has already given us life and Life more abundantly for the here and now. In other words, the Kingdom is at hand, and we must seek what ever it takes to receive and walk in that promise from Him. What is it that we must seek? How do we rest? For me it is to seek His face, which may sound cliche to many, so I’ll put it this way. It is basically impossible to think of Jesus and the things He went through for us, while thinking of Sinning at the same time. This of course is not to say that I am perfect or have reached the place of a completely sinless life. But the way I rest is in what He has already done for me. How do you rest?

Hebrews 4:10

For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.




Would you like to accept Jesus’ finished works on the cross for you, unto eternal life and internal peace?(polling)



  1. Hey Lineman,
    I have heard of Mr. Chambers of course, but no, I’ve never actually read any of his work. I had a friend who used his devotional daily years ago, something like”My Utmost for His Utmost”? Anyway, I read a few lines from it and decided that it was a little over my head.
    By the way, I apparently haven’t read enough “About” you to know for sure, but as your uniform bares a strange resemblance to the “Giant’s” I’m going out on a limb here to assume you saw the way they took the ball from my Panthers 2nd line team at the last minute to win that pre-season game last night. Didn’t really help me rest very easily . GOD BLESS


    • Big Secret(well, not any more, chuckle, chuckle): I’m not really a football fan. When I was finally getting down to starting my blog, I tried to think of some way of stating its focus, and that metaphor jumped up in front of me & I couldn’t get around it. I did play a little when I was college age, and I did play blocker, and I was effective, but I didn’t play much, and I’ve never kept up on the sport. I’ll still watch it from time to time, but I’m not at all up to date.

      But I am a big My Utmost for His Highest fan, although he’s sometimes a little bit past me too. I think he appeals more to seasoned veteran believers, and although I haven’t known you long, it looks like you’re headed in that direction.


      • Actually,
        I have been walking with the Lord for over twenty years.
        Well, ok, some of that was running from the Lord, but you know what I mean I am sure.
        I am 50 years old, but I am new to the blogging arena for no doubt.
        Always felt as I had some natural writing ability, though I certainly do not have the composition back ground to know what I am doing, and that has never been more apparent before reading and seeing your well composed word paintings.
        I was probably only 10 years into supping with the Lord when I looked at Oswald Chambers book, and, as I said a friend was devoted religiously to it in his morning quiet time. I was of course, looking for my own nitch, or “Original” choice of devotional writer to awaken to each morning, which I pretty much just went with “Paul” of Tarsus more than any modern writer.
        It wasn’t Mr. Chambers ensights into the Word that I felt were so much over my head, as his composition ostensibilty. (Is that a word?) LOL
        God Bless


      • You know, I am sure that you have enough on your plate than to try and take on anything that someone else has dreamed up. However, I do not feel that this idea was really something that I dreamed up as much as it were given to me. But, after pondering the details in research that it would take to be to write it, I have come to the conclusion that it was not for me at all. I do feel that it could be a story of award winning possibilities when put into the eloquence and detail that it deserves, which, of course would afford it favorable exposure.
        After reading your post I feel strongly that should it spark an interest at all in your spirit, that you are the perfect one to write the story. Here’s what it’s about; Yesterday. though I did not get all of the details by any means, I over heard the nbc nightly news to say that they closed Chicago down..as a means to try and recoop much of their lost revinue. It sounded , if I am not mistaken that it takes like 8 million bucks to keep the fans blowing in the “Windy City” each day.
        Anyway, should someone care to take the time to research all of the “Obama” and the rest of the political fallout from the past till the present day of hot Air that it took to fill that city, before this paramount moment of inflated deflation, I believe a great story could come from:
        “The Day they Closed Chicago Down”
        Just a thought.
        GOD BLESS


  2. Hi, again. I don’t know whether to be wearing my football helmet or my parson’s hat! Though, since I’m neither a player nor a parson, it shouldn’t matter.

    It’s getting hard to keep up with you, young fella! Ok, so I’m off a little on the age thing.

    I hadn’t seen the Deepak article, nor had I seen anything about the Chicago shut-down. Although it might not be a bad idea… Can you feed me a URL? It sounds interesting, although I’m really not the guy to pursue it, even if I did want to prove the NWO takeover.

    Without meaning too, you’ve been exposing me more and more – I’m neither a seasoned journalist, nor a true football fan, nor as well studied as the next guy… I wonder what else I’m not. :)

    I should give your URL to my NWO friend. He’s been busy, too, but I think he’d enjoy what you have to say.

    By the way, today’s Utmost for Highest was all about resting – Matthew 11:26.

    I’ve probably missed answering some of the things you’ve asked; I’m thinking that blog-comment-reply-comment-reply is not nearly as good a way of sharing thoughts as fellowshipping over a cup of coffee.

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask, why do you call your ministry Jerusable? I’ve gone to your page, but it takes a long time to load; I’m on dialup, believe it or not.

    Shalom, my friend.


    • Yeah, sorry about all the questions and imposing my interest into your already busy, and well meaning blog agenda. From what I have read I really think God is more into your cause than you may even know. I don’t mean that as to say you are not a Godly person by any means. I can tell that you certainly are, and I know that you have a deeper reason for standing in for the Nation of Israel than I could possibly pretend to fathom as of yet. And, to speak of the Nation of Israel, wow, what a Godly tenacity those folks have as a nation.
      I really love that you focus on establishing by worldly and historical means of representation, the rights merited by Israel to be where they are.
      Well, not where some of them are, because some should never have been forced to agree to give up their homes on the west bank pending an election for peace that ultimately elected the terrorist into office, and strategic positioning. Ok, thats an area I really don’t know anything about either so I will not digress further.
      Just as your cause is to show without the use of the Bible, the humane as well as historical reasons that Israel should exist, (Which the world should see without you having to point it out)I also feel burdened to enlighten a very blind, very oblivious (much like the world in that respect) body of Christ the urgency of spreading the Gospel like never before.
      It is a sad reality that most of the body of Christ really seem to prefer to not know what is taking place around them today prophetically. Many of them would rather spend time inside four walls of brick and mortar, taste testing one another’s casseroles and pot lucks than to walk out their part in the great commission that they were given by Jesus. They tend to think that debating issues in so called Christian chat rooms, like when the Rapture will rescue them from the world will take place is all that God meant when He said occupy till I come back.
      Sorry, didn’t mean to get so carried away again.. LOL, This is my burden, my agenda. I intend to help to open the eyes of the hearts of those who have fallen into complacency within the four walls of the Church, and to hopefully help tear those walls down (metaphorically of course ) so that they will get out and spread the Gospel.
      By the way, our missions, as I am seeing were not intersected by chance either, as the Bible is clear in it’s revelation that Israel is the most un-evangelized area in these last days, which are “Marked” pardon the pun, by the coming of the Beast(Political/Religious Regime.) Israel for the most part is still waiting for their Messiah (Hebrew: מָשִׁיחַ) Micchna, to return for the first time. God has said that Israel will be saved and it is partly up to me as commissioned by the same said Messiah Savior to spread the word that He is on His way for the final time for His children.
      It all began with the Children of Israel, and that’s where it will all unfold.
      God Bless you

      Oh, almost forgot, I don’t really know why I named it Jerusable. I was praying for the name, and the theme of the Bible played into my mind as the “Original Tale of Two Cities” those being Jerusalem , or Salem in the beginning, and that of Babylon, or Babel. As I have mentioned before God calls Jerusalem both “City of Peace” as well as Sodom and Gomorrah in different places in the Bible. Which is another mystery to be unraveled about the returning Jews from the Babylonian Captivity in 586 A.D. As spoken of in Jeremiah. (Parable of the two baskets of figs) Also, I think the final reason for going with Jerusable was .. It stuck in my mind as in to say.. “You’re Usable” By God..


      • That table at Starbucks is looking better all the time. You and I are seeing the most vital matters in the same light, apparently, but there are other things that I’m still not quite getting, like the Bible calling Jerusalem Rome or Babylon. I went looking for it but couldn’t find it. That doesn’t mean it’s not there; it just means I’m not finding it. And you are obviously perceiving things I hadn’t. And I can’t help but wonder how much of what you and I see together is overlooked by a great many believers. Like that “rapture” hogwash that so much of the church swallows without searching the Scriptures. I still say it would be great to sit down at a table with you, open the Book, and compare notes.

        Just like you’re right about the absolute necessity for believers to start *doing* Matt. 28:19 & Acts 1:8, I’m really thinking that there is a big need for the church to discover the depth of John 16:13. Not to mention the verse right before that. We need to understand; I don’t think there’s much time left. Rev. 3:6 & all that.

        As for Israel’s centrality in what God wants to do at this time, there has been much said and written that is unfortunately not yet well received in the church. But that’s changing. I recently read a remark that the Temple Mount “could be called Spiritual Testing Ground Zero” for the entire world. If we’re not seeing that yet, be very certain that it will be the biggest thing we’ve ever seen, as the time we’re in unfolds.

        As for keeping my focus on the political elements, rather than the spiritual, in Lineman, that’s just a choice I’m making for the somewhat narrow purpose of that blog. That’s not where my head, let alone my heart, is really at. Maybe that’s also partly why it took me so long to actually start that blog – because geopolitics and presenting the case for the State of Israel never was my starting point.

        But there are ditches – or trenches – to be dug, so off we go!

        I see you also replied to the make-believe football guy again; I’d better go over there & see.

        Shalom l’cha, v’shalom al-Yisrael.


      • Sorry, I can’t really expound on any of it at the moment, nor even find all the places that I have seen where He calls the City of Jerusalem Sodom, although, I have seen it. Here’s a few places that will give you a place to start looking though.

        Revelation 11:8
        And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.
        Also, strangy enough, for what ever reason Peter (Being Thought to be in Either Jerusalem or Rome) at the time of this letter, writes: 1 Peter 5:13
        (The church that is at Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you; and so doth Marcus my son.)(Some Manuscripts add the Church, Here in Babylon)
        All I can find about the origin of “1ST Peter” is that it is (Uncertain) but perhaps Rome, circa A.D. 63-64..and was written to Christians who lived in “Asia Minor” Modern day Turkey of course, and therefore, some speculate that he was writting (Babylon) as some sort of protective code? This could be possible, as the 1st Peter letter was written to try and encourage those new Christians, who were apparently thinking of returning to Judaism to avoid persecution, to remain solid in the faith , and that the furthering of Gods Kingdom was what was important, even though it may cost many of them their lives, He goes on to express how the sufferings they would face, were nothing compared to what Jesus faced, and they would be heavenly rewarded.

        Anyway, Peace and Love in Christ to you my brother,,
        GOD BLESS


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