” Roll Away the Stone ” Chapter 2

This burden of love was born in direct result of a sincere personal relationship with God, and the careful study of Gods Word, desperately seeking Gods peace that exceeds all understanding to ease the trembling malaise of my own fear struck mind. Thankfully, just as He said He would, God removed the guilt shackled clutches the lying little devil put into my heart, and replaced it with the love filled, forgiving knowledge of the sweetest man who ever lived, Jesus the son of God. Jesus, who was completely innocent of any sin was condemned to bear all sin of all mankind from the beginning of the world to that faithful day on the Cross at Calvary, and even until this very moment in time. Jesus was condemned to death in the natural world after living a completely sinless life on earth for thirty-three and a half  years, while teaching the true ways of God for the last three of those years under much religious persecution. Yet, He was risen from the dead by our omnipotent, supernatural Father.

I suppose it is easy to see why Satan is so peeved over God’s plan of salvation, as he thought he had destroyed Jesus, the Savior of the world on the cross, only to find out later that God had it all planned from before the foundation of the earth anyway. Still apparently confused, Satan tries to keep others from entering into God’s rest, thinking he will somehow show God that he was not unlike all of Gods created beings, and given the chance, all would refuse to submit to God their creator, just as he has done. Of course, he is wrong.

Although the Gospel of Christ is simplistic in its atoning and redemptive plan, many do not grasp it as such, as it has been so overly complicated by those who either don’t accept the simplicity of its complete redemptive value, or they just quite simply believe a lie. What ever the reasons, even in the church world there are conflicting doctrinal beliefs, and differences of opinions  continuing to confuse many who haven’t learned the importance of reading and learning the message God sent them for themselves, rather than to take someone Else’s word for it. And for that reason, this book is for you.

I do realize that everyone can read any given scripture and get an entirely different meaning than someone else. This is precisely why I ask that you pray to not be misled by this, or any other interpretation, or explanation of the Word of God.  Instead, that you pray, and follow along in the Bible as you read this book.  I don’t claim any exclusive divine revelation, or superior Biblical knowledge above, or beyond the grasp of any other Bible reader. In fact, I only have an unshakeable peace within me as assurance that I have been led to understand the one true meaning given from God through His Word. I firmly believe this peace is the assurance God wants all His children to know, and to rest in. Thus, my reason for writing the book.

Notwithstanding the reality that there are infinite applications to each verse or message in the Word of God to each of our lives, and circumstances, there is still but one absolute meaning to each chapter and verse. There again is why I am writing this entry, and exactly why I am placing each and every verse address used within its confines there on the page. I pray that you will take the time to go to the Bible verses themselves, and read from the place where the subject has begun, and follow it through, seeing the ultimate meaning of the verse, or verses in context, just as God intended for us to do to get the absolute truth He intended each of us to receive. I truly hope the readers of this work will use its few scriptural outlined verses to their own benefit, as a study guide to the spiritual freedom that has so many times throughout scripture been the covering promise of God. Once we become grounded in His irrevocable truth, standing firm in trusting Him becomes our norm, beyond second nature if you will, into first Spirit assurance where we must walk to unequivocally worship in truth the one true loving God.  Hebrews 4:10
For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.


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  1. Good work, connecting the dots between confusion and accepting false accusations from the enemy of our soul. I’d never thought of it that way before – I’d just thought confusion was, well, just being confused, but looking at it this way makes it clearer that it’s more harmful than that.

    Reading Part 1, I began thinking of Heb. 4:10, and then I saw that you concluded Part 2 with it. The church needs to hear this more.


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