“Roll Away the Stone” Chapter 8

It ‘s funny how the Lord works, as this new post gives evidence to.  For though  I had only intended for there to be seven parts to the roll the stone away series, and never really meant to get into any of the “Numerical Significances” within Gods Word,  I now find myself writing part eight of the series after re-reading part seven and trying unsuccessfully to get some sleep.  I say funny, but amazing is a more accurate term when it comes with an ironic play of words smacking on the reality that after completing a seven part series on “Rest” I now find myself wide awake, unable to do just that.  Thankfully, this  is not the type of  “Rest”  in which the series was written about. Although, it seems to play into a God delivered paradigmatic scenario in which from my resting in Him comes the inability to fall asleep because of something that keeps ringing the spiritual alarm clock in my mind, and that being the number eight.  I know of course that it is God telling me to get up and start some research in this area, because apparently He has something more to show me before  I get any sleep tonight.

First of all, let me recap a little on part seven of  roll the stone away.   Because no other number in the Holy Bible is used with more significance, in as many compounds and unmistakable variables and equations as the number seven, (Spiritual Perfection),  and the  fact that the last area, and last word that we looked at in the previous section of the series was about entering His ” Rest” (which is also exemplified by the number seven )   the entire previous writings on the subject of this series therefore rest, if you will, on the number seven.       7=“God’s Rest”.

Hebrews 4:10
For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

So, this being understood, where do we go from here, once we have learned to “Trust God”, thereby entering  into His rest?  To the  number eight, of course.  To a “New Beginning”.  To do so however, or at least for me to be able to take us there on paper,  I suppose a quick digression for those who do not know what the number six represents in Gods Word may be neccesary.  First of all, it is the number that represents Man, and even more descriptive of mans imperfections, and also mans enmity toward God. Six, is the number of  days in which God worked to create all things, including man, and is therefore equated to  “Works “ as well.  We see it used over and again when addressing   “Mans”  laboring to try and save himself throughout the Bible, rather than accepting and resting in Gods freely given  “Grace”, which is always symbolized numerically by the number “Five”. ( Or a product of the number five )

Now, bare with me here. It doesn’t take a degree in mathematics to see the added confirmation of Gods word through the veritable enumerations and carefully arranged analogies and symbols does it?  If  indeed it did, I  for one,  would be at a complete loss.  Albeit, probably not at a loss for words. 

Still, there is no way I would try and explain, or even begin to pretend to know all of the significances of the numbers in the Bible. There are many who are greatly more studied in that area than I am. Not to mention, much more intelligent than I, who have dedicated much time and research to offer some very informative books and web pages for our education and enlightenment.  Most of which are very detailed, easily accessible, and understood. That being said,  I’ll continue with what little knowledge in this area that God has allowed me to see, to use in this section in the way of articulating the message at hand.

As earlier stated God’s Grace is signified by the number five. Therefore if we add “One” of anything to  His  Grace, we then have the number ” six” again meaning  (Works). In the same manner, should we take any ONE thing away from “His Grace” we wind up back at the number FOUR”, which (Imagine That) represents “Created Materials “, or, in this case,  let’s just call it “Worldly Things”. Now, in terms of Salvation, which God tells us in many places, and in no uncertain terms throughout His Word can only be realized by having  “Faith” in Jesus Christ the righteousness of God,  (and His Finished Works), Well, even to a mathematically challenged believer like myself it’s apparent that “Our works” just do not add up to a hill of beans. Accepting ” His Free Gift of Salvation by His Grace” on the other hand, will fill our bellies, and lives with Spiritual Food, whereby we shall never hunger, or thirst again.               

Genesis 12:1
Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee:

2And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

The rest of the story of Abram’s life and the lives of his offspring is, well, let’s just say that it took the entire Holy Bible to contain just a small part of its physical genealogy and blessings.  Not to mention the infinite wealth of spiritual revelations.  But, now I ask you, what did Abraham do to be called out?  What did Abraham ever do to be saved once he was called out for that matter?

Romans 4:3
For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.

As we already know that God is no respecter of persons, we should not find it surprising that prior to God telling Abram to come out of the “World or from the land of his family and home,  ( Which was the land of the Chaldean’s by the way)  ( Babylonia ) we do not see God speaking to Abram at all.  So what is the difference in God telling Abram to “Walk” by faith and He would take care of his every need, and Him telling us to come out of the “World” and trust in Him unto Salvation?  Personally, the only difference that I see is really the most remarkable, and loving “Gift” that one could ever think of receiving and that is the Holy Spirit living in our hearts from what Jesus laid down His life to afford us to have.

Some accuse this, the belief that I have of “Resting” In His Finished Works @ the Cross as being an ” Easy Belief ” Salvation. That’s not what I have found in my studies and walk with the Lord, at all.  What I have found from the all too many voices, and views,  which try to impute  “Our” works as the thing that “Keeps” us saved, however,  is that it imposes  a not only difficult means of salvation, but an impossible one according to Gods Word. In fact those all too many voices, and views, were the  precise things that kept me confused for so long,  and were the exact things that kept me from Resting in Christ, and the salvation that He died to give me.

Recently, I  had a friend who believes that we must perform good works to retain our salvation tell me that one can never rest, until they have reached Salvation, which to him, means a perfect sinless life, here and now.  Though, from having many discussions with this friend  I feel that most of our discussions and our belief’s differ only in semantics,  I could only answer his remark by the one thing that I know in my heart from my own experience, and that being:

One can never be saved, until they “Rest” in His Finished Works for us at the Cross.

Now let me expound on that statement.  I believe that we can be saved, but for us to continue unto “Good Works”, which are only an emulation, or actually “His” Fruits being produced through us, we must “First” Rest Secure in the Salvation, JESUS  died for us to have.

Now? Where was I?  Though I will not try and even scratch the surface of  Gods infinite numerical confirmations of His inerrant Word, I will point out “One” of them here, and it can be seen in the changing of Abrams name to Abraham by placing the 5th letter of the alphabet into Abram, or Mrb, making it Abraham, or Mhrb.  The number five in the  Hebrew alphabet  has a symbol, and its no coincidence of what that symbol is:  It is  “h”  Unmerited Grace also has a numerical symbol: Surprise Again!!! It’s the   (#5 )

 I think I have covered enough of the related Biblical numbers to get a pretty good idea of their added confirmation in Gods Word, so before I move on to the number eight’s significance, I will just add that the numerical significances we see throughout Gods word, could have never been a result of happenstance, and certainly not the cleverness of  “Man”.  God wrote the Bible through His Holy Spirit inspired writers. All of whom I might add, would fall under the “Gematria” of the number “Eight”. To just touch on what this means,  I will only say that all of Gods people throughout the Bible fall under that same “Gematria”. Those who rebelled, or were still under the curse of the Law of  Sin and Death, or in any way presented in His Word as to be of apostasy, or perdition fall under the number  “thirteen”.  We can see this beginning  as early in His Word as Genesis.  The numerical value of all the names in the line of  Seth are in multiples of the number “Eight”, wherein all those in Cain’s line are in multiples of  “Thirteen“.  Also, it is interesting that Adam, who lived 930 years, lived 130 of those years during Cain’s life, and lived 800 (New Beginning) years after Seth was born. Also, the Gematria of the names;  Seth, Noah, and Japheth, collectively is 888, but when Ham is added into the equation, it is  936,  while  still a multiple of  8, it changes the Gematria to being also a multiple of the number 13, as well as the number 9, which is the number for Judgment. It may be of interest to note also, that …The Figure 8, is also thought of as the symbol for eternity.

Well, as you can see, this is an endless area of study, and certainly not to be absorbed in the minds of any of us at least in a complete and exhaustive capacity without a more careful personal study.  So, I will just “Rest” it here, for the time being, and let you do your own study in your own time and capacity. God Bless, oh by the way… the Gematria of the name JESUS equates to 888, I pray that you “Rest” in Him, therefore, going on to become like Him, in the provided power that He died to afford you.  We can live a victorious life through Jesus, who has given us a “New Beginning”.

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