“Once Upon a Tree”

Someone wished Christmas was over,  never to c0me again;   Never could afford gifts for those  I  love;    felt  I  never fit in.

Someone wished Christmas was over,  never again to be;  hard to see  sadness in the eyes of those you  give, who seem too proud to receive.

Someone wished Christmas was over,  never to have been a day;  They never  understood the reason for the season, much less a holiday.

Someone wished Christmas was over, they had rather just be alone;   It will never be the way it once was,  now with the old folks  gone.

Someone wished Christmas was over,   they could just go back home;  Too many people around with


happy smiles  and giving hearts;   can’t one just be left alone?

Someone wished Christmas was over,  they say take down all those silly lights;   If  I want  to feel  cheer and  see stars,  I’ll  just get drunk and start a  fight.

Someone wishes they had Christmas over,   in a country far away;   never saw a Nativity scene,  instead of giving, everything’s been taken away.

And someone wishes they had Christmas over,  in a country where there is no love;  The only decorations they’ve ever seen, are the stars in the heavens above.

Someone had Christmas over,  in the church where they worship Christ ;  Heaven  knows  we have the best Christmas here,  dinner, a play,   oh,  and  the  hope for the big door prize.

Yes, someone wished Christmas was over,  in the Church that they all gather so glee ;  Gee I wonder what that preacher meant?  Do you think he was talking about me?

And someone wished Christmas was a day of rest, not one to pay for all year ;  Peace on earth and good will toward  men…awaiting the day when in the hearts of all,    We See!!!

Jesus really does live here.



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