“Sons of Enoch” Chapter 3

Okay,  so the present-day Mayans,  who live in and around the Yucatán  peninsula  say that the  ( 4 )  Prophets  (who the ancient Mayan tradition  claims  gave them all this information about how in 2012 …“the sun will die.” .. unless the entire world comes together as  “One”  ) when asked from where they came,  pointed  to  a

Star of Bethlehem, 'Said to be Saturn, while breaching the "Aries " constellation"

constellation in the sky and said… from within that group of stars.   Well, who’s to say that what they meant wasn’t  from… the group of  “Peoples” represented by that constellation ?   Aries, in example,  is  known to have been the constellation in which Saturn eclipsed in 6 B.C. over  Bethlehem,  as a super-natural beacon  illuminating for the “Wise Men” as  a natural G.P.S. system which led them to the baby Jesus.  Aries,  the Ram, is also customarily accepted as the Constellation which represents the chosen people of God, the Jews. ( Coins issued circa  AD 5-11)

My writings  in  these areas,  or subjects,  to some may  get a little further into the “Mystical” realm of religion,  or world view of things than they care to accept, or even be exposed to.  Evangelical Christians,  as such,  may not care to approach anything that is not already out-and-out explained in the modern “Canonized” version of the Holy Bible. Nonetheless,  there are other books and manuscripts that can help to link together some Biblical stories,  and or doctrinal beliefs, and even tell us much more about life past,  present,  and of our life to come in eternity.  For whatever reasons  many of these books and writings  were not included in the “Council of Laodicea.”

I will not try to convince anyone as  to whether they should read any of these books, nor will I try to force any form of  belief on anyone throughout these writings.   I will,  however,  be referring to, and using some of those extra Biblical writings to try to shed a little more light on the subject at hand and that being, “The Sons of Enoch” and the “Precess of the Equinoxes” or,  the predicted time of the Sun’s disappearing,  and whatever else may befall the Earth on,  and after that coming day of   “December 21, 2012.”

The first place that  I would like to refer to in this area will be a book that though was not included in the “Council of Laodicea’s”  Canon of  Scripture,   Was  Canon Scripture in the Early Christian church Bibles,  and is still included in some,  such as the Church of Christ in Ethiopia .   The book of  Enoch,  which  is not  needed  in my opinion in regards to ones salvation,  (as  I agree with those who see the Holy Bible that we use today in the Protestant belief of Christianity to be the inerrant Word of  God,)   is still one of those books or writings that in my opinion is absolutely  inspired by God and is also part of Gods inerrant Word.    By inerrant,  I mean that just as God tells us in His Word, that His word will not return to Him void, and that  it will carry out what ever He spoke it  to carry out, wherever, and to whom ever it was intended by Him to befall.

That all being said, let me also just say that I do not find anywhere in the Bible that says that we are absolutely NOT to use other writings, though some are certainly NOT in my opinion inspired by God,  and therefore should probably not be included in our daily reading by any means.  The book of Enoch,  however,  was not only “Quoted”  from in the Holy Bible by  “Jude” but, parts of the manuscripts of the book of  Enoch were also found along with the “Dead Sea Scrolls” discovered in the caves of Qumran in 1947-1956.  As far as what the Bible does tell us about Enoch nonetheless is very interesting, and therefore  such as in “Genesis 5:24”Genesis 5:22
And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:
certainly can raise our curiosity to learn more about the man.  Parenthetically, Genesis 5:22 raises another interesting point:

Methuselah,  the Bible,  ( Depending on the  manuscript used )  tells us,  as the oldest recorded person to ever live on  earth @ 969    years…  lived up to the time of the building of the Ark,  yet, died in the very year of the flood.  That’s according to the oldest manuscript that we have, the Masoretic manuscript. Others, including the “Vaticanus” Septuagint report Methuselah to have lived 14 years “After” the flood… Hmmm,  now there is an interesting take on things as far as looking into who the ” Sons of  Enoch,”  who many say Ancient Egypt accredited to the design and supervision of the  “Great Pyramid” are.

In reality though,  many do  indeed ascribe the time line of  Methuselah,  according to the Vaticanus  Septuagint as living 14 years after the flood.  They attribute this possibility to Methuselah being with his father,  Enoch,  in doing  what we will later see the book of  Enoch to  show as  being taken to heaven and  shown all the wisdom,  and the secrets of the Earth,  Sun, and  the Solar system,  as well as many other secrets of  God and Earths creation. ( Including how to build an Earthly structure that could withstand the elements for thousands of years. )   I find  Methuselah living past the day of the  great deluge  a stretch, although,  I consider that those who adhere to that belief only have knowledge of the Vaticanus Septuagint to  base their opinions on.

However,  in light of this fact, now would be a good time to reiterate and expound on the point that I was trying to make earlier, which was that if we completely rely on “Mans” interpretation, in one book that was written in at least 5 different languages before it ever made it to the “King James Gang,” then we certainly are not going to get the full story.  Of course,  for those who are not worried in the slightest about any of the heightened awareness of the  “2012” prophecies because they are “resting secure in Jesus’ finished works for them at the cross” then, the Holy Bible certainly holds all the secrets that they will ever need to learn of.   Regardless, there are still those out there who do not know the Lord Jesus yet as their Lord, or their Savior, and if  one finds themselves included among that group of people then this book is for you.

Once again, the previous paragraphs bring up many interesting points about the  “Great Pyramid,”  that  I should probably  make note of  before moving on to another area of resource and study.  For one,  I feel that I  should mention here that Enoch lived 365 years.  That’s  the same amount of  days which make up the modern Solar year for us today… Coincidence…?  Check this out.   According to the book of Enoch, we find that Enoch lived three hundred and sixty-five years, and eighty-eight days and nine hours.   Okay, now you’ve done it folks…I had originally intended for this to only be another 5-6 part Blog entry…but,  as God would have it,  apparently, this is getting deeper than even I had anticipated,  and believe me, that was deep enough.  Still, strap on your seat belt’s cause… here we go.

There is  a thing recognized in a certain circle, or, in a certain  in-depth studied area of  the wisdom of  the ‘Earth”  and it’s creation and existence called the  “Enoch Circle.”   Pardon the pun This “Enoch’s circle” depicts the life of Enoch, as compared to everyone else ‘s life, which can pretty much be illustrated in view as a straight line,  like this:

Birth——–Life ——–death

Enoch on the other hand, or at least if we go by the ” book of Enoch ‘s ” depiction of  said life,  was a complete cycle, and not just a straight line.  Enoch, as we see in Genesis walked with God and was not;  for God took him… yet in the book of Enoch, we get a much deeper, more complete explanation of   “Where God took him”   and why.  And,  within the mathematical, universal language given to us within the construction of the “Great Pyramid” we can see this all written in the universal language of numbers.  You see deep within the Pyramids interior is what is known as the “Map” room,  or the “Key” of  interpretation of the overall message written within the mathematical message of the construction, and astrological aligning of the pyramid,  and the star light that was used to build it at the time of its design. In other words, when we calculate the age of Enoch, from 365 years, 88 days and 9 hours into numerical significance,  we get 365.242… the precise number that we find on the walls of the Great Pyramid, not in Hieroglyphics or a written numerical  equation, but,  on a time line, ( Graph )  etched on the walls which is only highlighted, and recognized in integrals and digits as  star, or sunlight aligns above it during certain timely moments throughout the day.   Speaking of circles though,  I wonder what those weird crop circles could have ever really meant anyway ?  Do you think they were all just some high-school or college kid pranks ? I am sure that some of them were made by those two guys who stepped forward and took the credit, but, if one looks into the intricacies, and design of all of the ones found around the world…Think again.

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