“Sons of Enoch” 7 “Book of Enoch

Many look at the Biblical account of Enoch in  Genesis 5:24 ( And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.)  as conclusive in the 365 year life of the Patriarch. (or according to the Book of Enoch 365 years 88 days and 9 hours, which calculate to 365.242 years, the exact amount of days in a year…365.242)  If this truly were all God, or the Bible writers wanted  known about this mysterious Enoch character, then the Bible would probably  be silent from that point in scripture about the man. The Bible, however, is not reserved from that point in scripture about Enoch, in fact the Bible speaks of Enoch again in several places, all which seem as importantly positioned in scripture as the lineage description of which the man was from:    Genesis 5:18 And Jared lived an hundred sixty and two years, and he begat Enoch: to Genesis 5:24 where the Word of God tells us that Enoch was taken away with God.

There are of course, all too many debates on whether Jude was actually quoting from Enoch in Jude 1:14, or quoting from some other writing,  as there are all too many debates on most anything that we can bring to our minds these days. Somehow, I find it a little humorous to see entire books and websites contenting that Jude was not quoting from the Book of Enoch, when Jude himself makes it perfectly clear in the same verse that he was.  Are people really arguing and writing books and web sites about literature, whether inspired of God or not, without having a personal understanding, or even reading the excerpts that they are arguing about?  Okay,  yeah that was a rhetorical question.  Yet, I somehow feel that I should post the written evidence here and now and just let the readers decide:  Here is what we find in Enoch 1: 3-4,   as a prelude to the proverbial Enoch 1:9 :

Enoch 1:3-4

3. Concerning the elect I said, and took up my parable concerning them: The Holy Great One will come forth from His dwelling,
4. And the eternal God will tread upon the earth, (even) on Mount Sinai,

Enoch 1: 9

9. And behold! He cometh with ten thousands of His holy ones
To execute judgement upon all,
And to destroy all the ungodly:

And to convict all flesh
Of all the works of their ungodliness which they have ungodly committed,
And of all the hard things which ungodly sinners  have spoken against Him.

Now, lets take a look at what Jude actually wrote, which, some how is in debate…Really?

Jude 1:14
And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,15To execute judgment upon all, and to convince (convict) all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

Okay, let me reiterate that my purpose for writing this work is not as an alarmist. I am sure that Holly-weird and the countless secular fear factor books, and movies about ( 2012 ) being produced faster than I can look up a scripture will suffice in that area of mass hysteria and confusion.  My mission here, should I choose to accept it ... and obviously,  I have… is   “Just the facts Maam” And the fact is … God is not a mass murdering old dictator sitting in heaven laughing hysterically while He jerks a lever that opens a trap door beneath the massive group of sinners on the platform below him, dumping them all screaming into an abyss of  everlasting fire and brimstone. God is love, and His Word, when revealed through His spirit to our spirit affirms this truth.  When men take Words from the Holy Scripture to try to form their own religion, albeit, well-meaning or not, it dilutes truth. In fact, I believe that is precisely what God was telling us when He allowed the  ” Now Accepted ” as the complete Holy Bible to be divided vicariously by mans numbering of the verses between the shortest chapter of the Bible, Psalm 117, and the longest chapter in the Bible Psalm 119. The fact is,   from Genesis 1:1,  to  Psalm 118:8,  there are 594 verses.  From Psalm 118:8 to Revelation 22:21, there are 594 verses as well.       (594=Another significant number found within the “Enoch Circle” or within the walls of the Great Pyramid which we will discuss at a later time in this work ) Now, what does Psalm 118:8 … the numerical center point of the now accepted as Canon Holy Bible have to say?

Psalm 118:8
It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

That is why it is so very important in my studied opinion to have more than just “Part” of  Gods Word as our study, though, as I have stated earlier in this book, the Holy Word of God, or the now accepted canon provides all the information one will ever really need unto Salvation…  However,  in the original Hebrew Language there are mysteries, and nuggets of gold within every jot and tittle that have been either overlooked, left out, or misunderstood, ( lost in translation. )  When the Holy Scriptures were translated,  and unfortunately,  often, transliterated into one of the languages that it had been transposed into before the King James Gang ever got their hands on it, much time and tradition had already been lost. The King James Gang, (54 men, though only 47 remained to undertake the task of transposing the Masoretic manuscript 600A.D. into the King James Version completed in 1611) were hand-picked as Christian or …  at least members of the Anglican Church during that time though King James himself was not a Christian at the time. The New Testament was translated from the (Textus Receptus) which, as we have already seen connects the missing dots to the Book of Enoch, and from what I have read in the Masoretic manuscript there were many revealing passages, and phrases that certainly denoted other sources that could have, and in many cases may very well should have been included in our modern Bible reading.

In light of the above applications, I think you probably get my point. We should let the Holy Spirit of God guide us in our studying, reading, or even listening to Gods Word.  Many preach every Sunday from a Bible that they believe is the ONLY resource that we  should ever use for any reason, while at the same time many of them will use words, facts, or traditional sayings that they have heard throughout there lives to emphasize or augment the impact of the Sermon to their congregation. But those beliefs are not literal concepts, or words from the Canonized Bible itself. Where did those beliefs come from?

Traditional spoken truths in which many who use them would be surprised to find are already also written truths in Gods inspired Word, just maybe not in the one version that they use.

I am not judging those who believe that the Protestant Holy Bible, King James or otherwise is the only source of divine information that we as Christians will ever need.  In fact,  I,  as a studied Christian could not agree more. I love my King James Bible.  I  read another version once in a while if sleep is what I am seeking and not study, but the point that I am trying to make is that I agree, the Holy Bible is all that a  Christian will ever need…

But, what about those who are listening to the T.V. news depictions of what is about to take place on earth?  What about those who do not find their way into that particular Bible preaching, precept, upon precept, teaching preachers church every Sunday. What of those who are trapped in a world without knowledge of Gods love and forgiveness as Hollywood rolls disaster after disaster movie onto the silver screen with the latest Bruce Willis, or Mel Gibson as the only hope for keeping the sunshine pumped from 94 million miles away  Those who only have the Discovery Channel, or the History Channel’s many scientific possible scenarios of what’s going on in the heavens, and or on earth,  as science agrees, and the ancient Mayan Calender predicts destruction in (2012) ?

For me, the Bible does offer the only answer. The Bible also does tell of the coming destruction but only in vague terms … but , with a little falsely called, “Extra Biblical” study of  traditional Jewish signs, festivals and historical documentation, we can see very plainly what was being said in the Words of the Bible in many places that otherwise many believe too vague to be prophetic truth. Those people need answers too, and if opening the sealed books, or what ever one prefers to call them can help to open the eyes of just one lost lamb to Gods truth, then how can we not offer it too them?  ©

  1. Daniel 12:4
    But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.
    Daniel 12:3-5 (in Context) Daniel 12 (Whole Chapter)


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