“Sons of Enoch” chapter 11

After seeing what the Book of Enoch has to say about the “Watchers”, or “Fallen Angels”, it is clear who the writer believed the Sons of God in Genesis 6:2-4  refers to. The Book of  Enoch, is not the only ancient writing  that named the “Watchers” as being the ones who had relations with the Daughters of  Men,  thereby giving birth to a whole new race, and a whole new way of  life on Earth. 

As we posted in an earlier chapter, the Genesis Apocryphon, found in the Qumran caves, (The Dead Sea Scrolls) gives credence to the second theory also. The Book of Enoch is not the only book that credits the “Sons of God” allusion in Genesis 6 to the Fallen Angels, and the term Nephilim, to the Giants. The  “Book of Jubilees,”  known to have existed as early as the 2nd century B.C., And as it was  in Ethiopian Canon, can easily be assumed to have been a part of the  Jewish religious studies earlier than the Second Temple Era.Sumerian Giant King

R.H. Charles, a translator of  both the “Book of Enoch” and the “Book of Jubilees” proclaimed the Book of Jubilees a version of the Hebrew Pentateuch, and has been found in large fragments in the languages of  Greek, Latin, and Syriac, though the only complete version known until now is  in the Ethiopian language. Much of the Book of Jubilees became incorporated into the first Greek Version of the Jewish Bible known as the Septuagint. The Book of  Jubilees, by many, including R.H. Charles, the renowned Bible Scholar of the 18th century, was believed an  important Jewish festival, and Calender  go – to  book.

Though it sticks much in sync with the Genesis narrative,  just as the Book of  Enoch,  it gives many more details, such as the names of the daughters of Adam and Eve. For our purposes at this time, however, we will only focus, and post what it has to say along the lines of Genesis 6:2-4.

Jubilees V-1 And it came to pass when the children of men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them, that “the angels of God” saw them on a certain year of this jubilee, that they were  beautiful to look upon; and they took themselves wives of all whom they chose, and they bare unto them sons and they were giants.

Here again we find the second theory interpretation of the Genesis 6 account  the accepted belief, at least by some Jewish sects, if not all the Second Temple Era Jewish community. 

However, there is yet one other interpretation that is in question, and is gaining in popularity among many scholars today.  That one alludes that those who found the “Daughters of Men” beautiful, and took them as there wives, were of the Noble/Kingly line of antiquity. Let’s now take a look into that theory and see where it may lead us.

Although recent archaeological finds are said to have been discovered linking the term: Son of God to Royalty and Kings,  I have yet  to unearth the documentation.  I would assume, so don’t quote me on it, but, as almost ALL Royalty of the Antediluvian World would have attributed the birth, and reign of their King as being of the godly line, i.e. son of the gods, or as the later Romans, and Greeks claimed even to be gods, that most written Archaeological finds of  Royalty would have some references to “Sons of the gods“.  Regardless, this is still,  for what ever reason, a 3rd theory of who the Bible may have referred to when it stated ( Sons of God ) in Genesis 6, and therefore, we will take a  look into the possibility.

Here, I will just place the three theories into the proverbial hat of the three main manuscripts that most ( Conservative Bible Believers ) would decipher information from, and in summary, let the chips fall where they may on the subject. Quite frankly, without using the Book of Enoch,  and, or, other Apocryphal material such as the Book of Jubilees, or the Genesis Apocryphon, any conclusion on the subject of choosing one out of the three theories as a basis for absolute belief would still be based on sheer speculation. (Had Flavious Josephus not also specifically said they were fallen Angels)..

1.   In the Masoretic  ( Hebrew ) text, where from, the (James gang)  deciphered the King James Bible, we find this account:

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God (benei ha-elohim) saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. There were giants(ha-nephilim) in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God (benei ha-elohim) came unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men (ha-gibborim) which were of old, men of renown.

2. From the LXX manuscript ( Greek ) From where we get  the Septuagint:

And it came to pass, when men began to be numerous upon the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God (hoi huioi tou Theou) having seen the daughters of men that they were beautiful took to themselves wives of all whom they chose. And the Lord God said, My spirit shall certainly not remain among these men forever, because they are flesh, but their days shall be an hundred and twenty years. Now the giants (gigantes) were upon the earth in those days; and after that when the sons of God (hoi huioi tou Theou) were wont to go in to the daughters of men, they bore children to them, those were the giants (gigantes) of old, the men of renown.

Note that the  LXX  manuscript specifies that the off-spring were the Giants, where the Masoretic only states that they were men of renown-mighty men.

3. From the Syrian, or St.Ephraims Commentary:

And it came to pass that when men increased and daughters were born to them, and the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they took to wife such of them as they chose. Then the Lord said, “My spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh, but his days shall be one hundred and twenty years. There were mighty men in those days, and also afterward, because    (judges) went into the daughters of men, they bore the mighty men who were of old, the mighty men of renown.

As you see, no two of these manuscripts agree totally, at least not in a discernible dialect. All three agree that the Sons of God found the Daughters of Men favorable, and consummated with them as their wives. However, only the LXX makes mention of the daughters giving birth to Giants, though they all mention mighty men of  renown. Then, there is of course the  sudden shift from what the previous two accounts call ( Sons of God ) to the Syriac Manuscripts wording of  (Judges), which of course would give credence to the third theory, that the(sons of God ) might be referring to Kings.  It is important to point out that the first theory, ( That the Sons of Seth mated with the Daughters of Cain ) has most likely gained much of  it’s  popularity from the Syriac Manuscripts as well, as we find  in St Ephraim’s Commentary on Genesis :

From John Bockman, Tokyo, Japan, of the : Holy Orthodox Church of North America:

“When I read St. Ephraim the Syrian’s “Commentary on Genesis,” which endorses the ( Seth – Cain) theory above, I was relieved that my three minutes of irksome thought had been rendered unnecessary. According to St. Ephraim, the line of Cain ceased to be productive, and rather than bearing male offspring, it produced only female offspring. The line of Seth, on the other hand, continued to produce robust males who, though they were “the righteous people of God,” were at any rate “stirred to a frenzy” over the women in the line of Cain.”

“For this reason the “tribe of Seth” declined and the “house of Cain” waxed strong with “mighty men.” Therefore, God gave mankind 120 years in which to repent or bear the consequences, i.e., the flood (pp. 134–137). This explanation seemed so neat until I found that the Codex Alexandrinus of the LXX refers to hoi angeloi tou Theou (the angels of God) and not to hoi huioi tou Theou (the sons of God). Oops! Back to square one!”

I  would have to agree with John Bockman in his further assertion, after a well thought out and reviewed analysis of all the evidences available to him on the subject, which can be found here :


In this article, I have considered the three theories expounded in the Word Study OT; compared the terminologies of M, LXX and P versions of Gen. 6:1–4; and then used the Qumran scrolls to show that the “nephilim” were indeed giants and not just “mighty men,” and not the “tribe of Seth” which is nowhere mentioned in Genesis. This is the viewpoint held by Second Temple era Jews, and it was subsequent speculation that muddied the waters. Anyway, I hope you have found these more than three minutes of irksome thought entertaining and instructive after all.

In summary,  I will interject my own speculation of the possibility that the Syriac wording ( Judges ) could easily be applied to what all three of the Books that we have relied on which were found among the Dead Sea Scrollsthe “Book of  Enoch”,  “Book of Jubilees”, and the “Genesis Apocryphon”, call  “Watchers”  the “Holy Ones” and the Angels of God.   With that being said, I will now leave off until the next chapter by saying  that we will find in this study, that Kings were most probably involved in the building of the Great Pyramid,  Shepherd Kings in fact!!! ©


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