“Sons of Enoch” Chapter 13

It would seem that I have come full circle in my studies, and investigation as to whom may have built the great pyramid of Giza.  That’s not to say that there are not many other areas of study, as well as many other possible venues of study, and peoples who could have been behind the massive undertaking. There are the Mayans, who no one alive today can truly say from whence came, before their empire dispersed, leaving small groups of descendants scattered throughout the Yucatan peninsula area, between lower Mexico, and Guatemala.  Of course,  as I have stated that no one can really say where the Mayans came from originally, there are certainly some strikingly close resemblances of  the Mayan beliefs, and gods to the Greco-Roman, and Hindu goddess,  ( Maya ) and her son, who is said to have been the earth god.  More will be disclosed on this as I continue this chapter at a later time.  Until then, though I am not concluding, or asserting that the Mayans were the ones who built the great Pyramid of Giza, still, keep in mind that the Pharaoh Khufu, or Cheops, as was the Greek name for him, who is accredited to building the Pyramid, is said to have been of a foreign race, than that of Egyptian.  And consider the name of the great Mayan ruins in Mexico, Chiapas, Mexico, in fact.

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