“Sons of Enoch” chapter 14

 Just as anyone who has done as little as a Google search, or as much as an in depth study of just one area of  the incalculable possibilities of what can be unearthed for our enlightenment in these  studies,  I  myself  could  become  overwhelmed, and bewildered on which way to go in the continuation of this book.  Still, I believe, for the most part, we are all as intrigued by the same interesting, and mysterious historical data, or lack thereof, on the pages or stone tablets throughout  history, as those before us were leaving their marks on those pages and stones, etched, albeit, in  somewhat elusive terms.  There’s no doubt that these groups of people, all of which seem to have been driven, or at least embarked in the search and observances of many of the same mythical names, titles and or religious entities, shared some common, yet not necessarily exact interest.  Regardless of world wide separating distances of many of these civilizations, and in many cases, with no more connecting traces than the now deluged land bridges, said to have existed thousands of years earlier, many ancient civilizations have left us evidences that at one time in history, they were either all endued with much of the same information on how to calculate time and space, by means of either the heavenly alignments, visiting heavenly entities, or, were indeed, as the Bible account tells us,  from the same two original parents, before being dispersed all over the world by an angered creator, upon their attempt to build the tower of  Babel. Of course, that is also, according to the Bible account, the time in which the one world language which was spoken at the time of the building of the tower of  Babel became diversified. This is certainly one very possible scenario to consider when asking one’s self how dozens of ancient cultures, all seemingly as different as day and night in every other aspect of life, and separated from one another, somewhere beyond the seas, can share so many similar beliefs, and expectations from their own personal gods.  Particularly, when those gods, though thousands of miles away from all of the other gods, people, and their mythological, and , or , religious beliefs,  seem to share such common similarities,  names, and personalities. How could this ever be just a coincidence, or figments of  imaginative, created, hope of  so many diverse cultures ?   It’s certainly no secret that we all  are more alike in this world than we are different, though, we do not share the exact beliefs of who, or what put us here. I personally believe  God cares enough about His creation, His children, to have taken the time to interact with us in many ways, but, more importantly, I believe that He wrote us a letter. Still, that’s not how everyone believes yet…   So, taking all of this scattered, yet commonly threaded information into consideration, a recap on an earlier chapter, where I briefly presented more than one historian, and archeologist’s  accounts,  which offer evidence that the spawning of the human race was  not precisely where science, and tradition once believed it to be, is where I think I will begin this next section of the book.  In doing so, we will also be looking into the possibility that the originally believed place of the birth of civilization is correct, and from there take a look into who, or what the first people on earth looked to for inspiration, salvation, and solace. After all,what better place to search for the meaning of  life in a time when so many rumors of  the immanent end of the world  are as rampant as today, than the place where all life is said to have begun ?


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