“Sons of Enoch” chapter 16

As mentioned in an earlier chapter,   Maya, is not only the name of the people of the ancient empire in and around the Yucatan Peninsula, but is also the name of the Greco-Roman, and Hindu goddess, who’s son  Hermes, was known as the god of the earth. Moreover, Hermes is revered as the messenger of the gods. He was believed by the ancient Greco-Roman earth dwellers to have invented musical instruments, astronomy, and many other mystical arts, and language skills. 

In Chiapas, Mexico, there lies the ancient ruins of the Mayan City, Palenque, which houses  among many other Temples, and buildings, what is known as the Temple of Inscriptions.

Within the walls of this ancient Temple, are many pictures, carvings, statues and the like of  Pacal the Great. Pacal was the Mayan King, from 615 A.D., until 683 A.D. This would also put Pacal the Great, as living during the time that the Tortuguero monument, which reveals the prophecy of the precess of the equinoxes, and  the  2012 alignment of the Sun with the dark rift of the Milky Way is said to have been constructed, and that being 670 A.D. 

Pacal is also accredited for the influence of Arts,  Architectural design , and buildings which Archaeologist still find throughout the Yucatan today, revealing much about the knowledge that the Mayans apparently had concerning future events of the Earth, Sun , Moon and Stars. 

Could this possibly imply to us that Pacal was the one behind all of this knowledge of calenders, dates, times and future events, leaving them written out for us to find 1300 years later ? 

We can only surmise on such a scenario, of course.  It is interesting, however that the name Pacal means: Sun Shield.  Aside from the obvious fact, that a man who stood eight feet tall, (as Pacal is said to have stood), would certainly cast a large shadow.

We can only surmise on what the name infers that he was shielding from the Sun, and whom he was shielding for that matter.  At any rate, eight feet tall is not your average Mayan height, nor the average height of  anyone living today.  In fact, eight feet tall is not the average height by any means of someone living in Pacal’s era either, unless of course, we consider where this giant of a man may have gotten all of this astronomical knowledge.  And, just who were the giants spoken of in the Bibles Genesis 6 account  again ? Well, actually, the Bible itself is a little vague on the details, though does mention as we have seen, that there were Giants on the earth in those days, and after that, mighty men of renown…

Genesis 6:4
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.



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