“Sons of Enoch” Chapter 20

” City of Enoch “

As you may recall from the previous  chapter, the city of Enoch spoken of here, was according to the book of Genesis, the first city ever built on earth.   According to the scriptures,  Cain built this city  and  named  it  Enoch,  in honor of his son, who was also  named Enoch. This  Enoch, However,  as we stipulated in an earlier chapter was not the same Enoch which the Genesis account tells us walked with God, and was taken into heaven. Here we will show where we believe the first city was  located,  based on Biblical information,  geographical, and archeological reasoning, as well as information found on tablets of  Sumerian cuneiform languages and lore.

"Adam and Eve Expelled From Paradise"

Mesopotamia writing in cuneiform

For centuries secular,  and religious,  philosophers, both scientific and theological, have debated the validity of the Genesis writer’s depiction of the Garden of  Eden, and the birth place of civilization. The allegorical significances of the stories throughout the book of Genesis, as well as the Bible itself, are undeniable to say the least. Today, however, with the unearthing of archeological evidences, languages, and ancient cities throughout the regions where the Bible tells us all of this took place circa 5000 years ago,  many of the most skeptical of  historical thinkers astonishingly admit an undeniable realization, that at least some historical significance and validity lies within the Biblical  account of  the birthplace of  humankind.  I feel it is important to point out that the writer of Genesis definitely put forth much effort in his writings, to descriptively locate for the reader,  many detailed  geographical points of references, and landmarks. These places of reference are with us yet today, and for that reason alone, I feel that there was an absolute , definitive and historical purpose in the mind of the writer of Genesis.  Allegories, and fairy tales rarely use actual geographical locations, let alone give such a detailed and  traceable layout for the readers, either presently alive,  or to possibly exist thousands of years later. Albeit, there are still at least two views of what the writings are all about, and the one of the more liberal acceptance would be of just a location  where a mythical tale unfolds.   Nonetheless, the reality that the actual location existed,  and does still today,  has become more and more difficult for anyone to ignore or contradict.  The ensuing study therefore, will be offered to the reader with the authors embracing  of the Genesis account at  face value,  and as a literal,  and historical narrative.  After all,  if it was good enough for the writers of the New Testament, and Jesus himself  to validate for us as an actual historical account, then it is good enough for me.  I base  this  belief not only by faith,  but also on  much study into the validity and historical evidence of  the existence of Yeshua,  (Jesus, ) and his followers.


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