“Sons of Enoch” chapter 23

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“City of Enoch”
In the last chapter, we left off  looking for the river, Pison, the river in which the Bible says encompasses the whole land of  Havila, where there is gold.  The most obvious thing for us to do therefore, would be to look  for where the land of  Havila was located. If  you are like me,  however,  and have searched through dozens of documented studies, professions, guesses and possibilities as to where the land of  Havila was located, you may throw your hands in the air and say…yeah, fat chance of that.  Well, I admit that was my initial response anyway.  Nonetheless, though it may still call for some speculation, I believe that you will have to agree with me after I point out what I have found on the matter, that Havila, was right there under our noses all along. At least, if  in fact the Holy Bible is one of the places  you were looking while you searched through countless hypotheses, theories, maps, and of course, the occasional “Ancient Alien” paper chase flight to planet  X.  Yeah, that does seem to be one of the more overly published areas of  interest on the subject of who may have built the great Pyramid of  Giza.  Not that I totally discount the possibility of  a 12th  planet out there somewhere, or deny that there are some intriguing works of ancient art  found on the walls of many caves, mountain tops and deserted islands. It’s  just that I  have found much more concrete evidences aligning with what the Word of God has said on the subject of  who created me, than  I  have seen in any of the theories of  ancient  Nibirbian  space  pilots, coming to alter the DNA of  Neanderthal  for the purpose of creating  a work force to harvest the abundant surplus of  gold here on planet earth.

Okay,  I  apologize.  Once again I  have allowed my frustrations of  being side tracked from my  research  by some crazy alien astronaut

story to keep me from focusing on the subject at hand. And  I apologize again. But, you know those stories are a little captivating once you begin to read  them,  and …wow,  I  wonder how they were able to find a bird with a head as big as a human to create those ..?Oh, sorry,  there I go again… so…where was  I…? Oh yeah, harvesting gold…

Genesis 2:11

The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;

Where could the land of Havila be…? And the river Pison, wow, I’m off track here.



  1. Cheers mate! I’m dzarovit, with the blog Beerwax. You offered help to me, and I just wanted to post something to you to say thanks! I appreciate the help. I’ll try to familiarize myself with everything a bit more, but I want to thank you for putting yourself out there to help me! Thanks again! I may (or may not, if I can figure everything out) hit you up with some questions in the near future. Thanks for the comments and the praise!


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