What Time Is It ?

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“Does anybody really know what time it is…? Does anybody really care…? Those were the words written and sung by Robert Lamm of


the rock band “Chicago”  on their first album in late 1969.  No truer words  could be spoken today when it comes to  our world, with it’s hustle bustled, live and let live ideology and indifferent existence.  Does anybody REALLY know what time it is? Or, does anybody REALLY care?

The ancient Mayans seemed to know what time it is.  The ancient builders of the Great Pyramids,  Stonehenge, and many other sites which continue to baffle modern architectural, and scientific minds, seemed to know what time it is.

In fact, most of those ancient structures were built aligned with the stars, which would have not made a lot of sense to them as to what time it may have (Ultimately) been then, yet, now that those heavenly bodies have made their 6,000 year cycles around our solar system, and back into the brackets of those ancient time piece windows, even our most intellectual inquiring minds are asking the question…”What time is it“?  What’s really going on ? And why did those ancient civilizations, most of whom are no longer even with us, keep and build such accurate time pieces, and map out calenders that would have been of no use to them personally, as a people, yet perfectly tell of things that are about to take place in the heavens and on earth today?

No one of course really knows what effect the  36,000 year cycle of the equinoxes, ( Cross of the Equinoxes) in the skies will have on the sun, and  planet earth. Yet, everyone in the scientific world seem to agree that something big is about to take place between the years of 2010, and 2017. Most of whom,  N.A.S.A. included,  are predicting Solar Flares, and many other catastrophic possibilities, and yet who’s really listening to the predictions?  Of course they, like myself  do not want to come out sounding the ultimate “Panic” alert sirens.  But,(except for certain alarmist’s capitalizing on global warming)


they are not keeping the truth of the matter ( or what they believe) a secret either. N.A.S.A. has released many updates, and scientific modeled scenarios to the press, and numerous publications accessible to the inquiring general public, yet, who REALLY cares…what time it is?

Recently I watched the new movie AVATAR, and was put in the mind of several things pertaining to life here on earth both historically accepted as fact, and some of  fiction. The movie seemed to be a reversed  spoof  from the pseudo-scientific books by Zechariah Sitchin.

In his books, Sitchin asserts that ancient Sumerian mythology reflects that they, and the human race, were created, or at least seeded by an ancient race of ” Alien Astronauts” who came down to earth from a planet called” Nibiru“, located somewhere beyond the planet Neptune.

Like the movie Avatar, the aliens came from another planet to harvest a precious, priceless, metal, namely gold. However, in the movie Avatar, we, the earthlings are the invading race, and the people on a distant, yet, verdant moon of another planet are the unsuspecting prey.

The Na’vi, or people located on the fictional moon, called Pandora in the movie, were unmistakably fashioned after the Native American tribal people, who worshiped nature gods, balance of all things, and truth. The people of  Pandora were much larger than humans, had blue skin, with cat like features and characteristics. They also wore feathers in their hair, put on war paint, and spoke in an unmistakably fashioned dialect to the Native American tongue.

Of course one of our own, a once valiant, fierce fighting machine of a U.S. Marine, now restrained to a wheel chair due to a spinal injury suffered in a battle in Venezuela, ( a futuristic account not too hard to imagine) comes to save the day.

By entering a suit which scientist have developed, as more of a ‘Virtual Reality Vehicle” to mingle among the natives as one of their own, the actor, ( Sam Worthington)  falls in love with the daughter of the moons leader, played by, (Zoe Saldana) and of course, fights the


earthlings with their own methods of warfare and wins the battle.

Unlike the books by Zechariah Sitchin, however, the mineral deposit was not gold, but, a priceless mineral called “Unobtanium” ? Yeah, you would think that the seekers of such a metal would maybe have gotten a clue from the name alone.

But, then what can we expect from a bunch of disagreeing industrialist, supported by a blood thirsty military leader, who went flying off together into never, never, land to open up a can of who knows what on a planet that they themselves named:   Pandora?

Once again I ask . Does anybody really know what time it is ? Does our society today remind anyone other than me, of the movie;  AVATAR ?

Every past example of a country switching to Socialism, in which the United States, and the rest of the world witnessed first hand in the latter part of the last century,  led those countries into total bankruptcy, dis-array, and in the U.S.S.R.’s case, to no  longer existing as  a country.  It’s not that it isn’t already foretold, however, and written for us to know that when these things  start taking place in a global proportion,  we can know what time it is.

This is just one more of the many BIG hand, LITTLE hand, aligning points on the prophetic clock of time, just as it was written for us to recognize when it all unfolds.

Seriously, it doesn’t take a lot of mathematical calculations, or rocket science to see that the leaders, (from all Administrations, at least for the past thirty years have played a part in conditioning America for this coming point in time) know how to dissolve a country, if they want it rather to fuse in with a global economic and religious system,  instead of  remaining one of the few countries left in the world to stand against the Global Socialist takeover.

Sadly, much like the movie Avatar, where a select group of industrialist, scientist, both military and civilian follow what they can surely see as a bad situation, straight into their untimely demise, the majority of the  passive American public, who are content as long as they have at least one more pay check coming, are also participating in the disintegration of  their own country, under the guise of an entirely different agenda.

Just as a people in rout to an alien moon awakened from a complacent  frame of  conditionally induced soporifics to find their own lives being destroyed, Americans will soon awaken to the realization that they no longer live in an independent nation, but rather a part of the overall, much larger machine, of the World System. And it’s not that we haven’t been forewarned about this time eminent to world history. We have many time pieces, predictions, prophetic clocks and warning systems just in our reach, in fact, closer than many realize.

As I stated earlier, I don’t mean to come off as an alarmist, but only to try and show where there are not only ancient time clocks still among us on PHOTO @ PHOTOBUCKETthis earth today, but, also that some of them are right up on many of our library shelves, and as close as the coffee table in the living rooms of most of us today.

Unfortunately, too many people  would rather just let them sit on a shelf and collect dust, while they relax in the fallacious comfort, and false security of their own easy chair, watching a fantasized version of what they always dreamed would come true, and that being some hero stepping into the picture, when all else fails to save the day.

The fact is, all else has failed.  Still, one book, has passed the test of time, many times over, and the predictions, and prophecies within it concerning what time it is align so perfectly with the things taking place on the stage of the World around us today, as well as the scientific scenarios, that one could almost set their clocks to it.

Oh, and by the way, this book also has a  hero, the one and only true Hero ever.  He will  step into the scene to save the day, as this book also has a very good ending to the world stage, at least, for those who will be looking for the return of that hero.

But, how many have even taken the time to look into what NASA has been saying under the radar screen of the mass hysterical media. How many have gotten out from under their false security blankets to really even ask,”What time is it“?   I am not afraid to ask you.    What time is it?



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  2. Hi, I’m just now getting back to some of the people who took the time to visit my site to see my photo challenge picture. I am so impressed with all the work you’ve put into this site. I am also very much in agreement with what you’re saying here about the ‘time.’ I constantly feel the urgency of getting the pure Word of God into people everywhere I meet them. I’ve been in ministry for about 40 years, and I am still learning new ways to get that Word into people’s lives and hearts. Hence the blogs. My very first blog is called “Hangin’ Out With God,” and I established it purely for the purpose of ministry. But hopefully, through this author’s blog, I can also reach people who will never stop and spend time on one that is obviously “preaching” to them.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I agree also about Jesus being the REAL hero. I have written about exactly that, making the point that the human race’s entire literary history proves that they have this desperate need and longing for a hero who will save them from their enemies and even from themselves. Every form of literature produced has story after story of one kind of “hero” or another, and all of them represent that need in each one of us for a savior. I just want to help people see that there really is only ONE hero and ONE SAVIOR, and that’s Jesus Christ. Thank you for doing the same thing.


    • Thank You Sandra…for somehow finding “This Post” out of many on the site that do not even mention what I really am trying to say…and feel free to post your link here…anywhere anytime, on any post… I for one will be visiting your site… and hope others will as well. I too had a site for 3 years that attempted to preach straight out truth to those who might settle in long enough to read an article.. and had probably one percent of the traffic I have here. I am careful, at least I certainly hope and pray I am to not compromise God’s word, and or my belief in Christ and His Salvation Plan…Yet, as you have somewhat pointed out… Seems Paul was on to something when he said he was all things to all people at whatever situation was handed him…Still, and I’m sure it will be of no surprise to you…There are countless members, or followers of my writings that suddenly disappear after following religiously for some time…at the first mention of Jesus and His Word…We must stick together here on this earth, as much as humanly possible, and as long as heavenly led…Bless You


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