Say End Time In Time

When the ” End Time ” topic comes up, several things usually take place.   One of which, unfortunately in my opinion delivers a punishing blow to the advancement of Gods Kingdom.

One: Deep eschatology debates arise as two or more prophecy scholars rarely agree totally on interpretation and time lines.

Two: A non believer becomes totally offended and either leaves the room, or begins debating the existence, or the motives of an all loving God, who in their opinion is unjustly destroying what He allegedly created .

Or, three:  A believer who is unstudied in the area of end time prophecy, ( for reasons ranging from fear that it might take them out of their personal comfort zone of salvation, to the ignorance of it’s importance to Kingdom advancement will interject that the world has been in the end times for the past 2000 years.

As far as the first reference of what usually happens when the topic of the End Times comes up, I will admit that eschatology debates can be harmful to the great commission of spreading the good news, when the parties turn it in to a battle of bull-wits before unfamiliar peers of the teachings.

Albeit, when done with the proper motive of iron sharpening iron, then it can be very helpful, for both parties, Christianity, and ultimately to the world.

Of course many Christians will say that the End Time message is not needed, not a matter of salvation, and that they will be flown to safety when it all goes down anyway.

And, I’ll just leave those Christians to the Atheist to debate, as even well studied Atheist know that Christianity is not supposed to be about self. In fact, salvation is not supposed to be hoarded, but given away as a gift, just as God gave it to us.

Not that we can save anyone ourselves, but, if we know enough about   prophetic end time events, to be aware of the shortness of time that we have left to minister His word, then we may be able to change the heart, and understanding of at least one none believer.

And speaking of none believers, that brings us to the second occurrence which many times comes about upon the mention of the ” End Times ”  and that one being the unbelievers becoming offended, or indifferent and spouting off to a Christian, why they don’t believe in Christ, or God. But, I really can’t see where that does the testimony of

Christ any great harm, either.  After all, if we are secure enough in our own salvation to know that we are going to survive the great tribulation, either by Pre -Tribulation Rapture, or Pre-Wrath Rapture, (depending on ones view of eschatology) then, how’s that hurting the Kingdom advancement ?

No, unfortunately, the latter example of what many times takes place at the mention of the End Times, (though certainly true, in that once Jesus was risen to life, the plan of salvation through His atoning death, went into effect 2000 years ago) is the thing that I see as the most harmful of the three things that most generally take place at the mention of the End Times.

Why harmful ? Many ask. Quite frankly, for a Christian believer to profess that the end times are only vaguely mentioned in the word of God, or irrelevant to the believer, and a world that is following a false hope of pluralism, in my opinion, they haven’t done their homework.

It really only goes to show that they haven’t taken Gods instructions, through Paul, in the book of Timothy, seriously when Paul admonished:

2 Timothy 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not  to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

This reprove, in my opinion, went out to not only Timothy in the first century, but to all Christians even until this very day, which, by the way if you haven’t discerned by now, I vehemently profess to be the ” EndTimes.”

Why would we be instructed to study to show ourselves approved unto a God who already approves of us through His Son Jeshua, who He sent to die on a cross for us ? You may ask. Because we are to be workmen, and work-women, to spread the good news of Christ, and the Kingdom of God. Workmen to help those who do not know Him, or what the  “end of the age ” as Jesus puts it in Matthew 24, among other places in the Bible, is truly all about.

It’s about life, not death. Not about destruction, but, of restoration, and completeness. The “End Time ”  is the new beginning. A breath of fresh air, new life, new heaven , new earth.

Don’t we as Christians even get it ourselves enough to get into His word, and off our pews, and into the streets ? To shine light into darkened hurt filled  hearts out there who need desperately to hear the Good News of Christ? Don’t we get it?          “The End
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