“What’s Life Anyway?”

Looney Tunes

I’ve never seen the sun sinking, over a west coast horizon sea ,  but,  rising over a Carolina shoreline ,  many times I’ve seen.

Never been to another country,  or  flown a shuttle  to the moon, though I have seen wonders in the sky at night, and one  noon high moon.

Been fishing with  a 7 -up can in the Gulf of  Mexico, trying to catch fish for the pan,   caught a shark,   oh yeah,  quickly  let  him go.

The mountains of West Virginia, are as close to God as I’ve been,  shot  the rapids on the New river, and ready to do it again.

Jumped out of a  perfectly good airplane once,  a six second static  line,  felt like  shear air-gazm,  family and friends felt  I’d lost my mind.

Never gone eight seconds, on a live bucking   Bull,     but,    I have been thrown off of a few,       have the scars to show for it to.

Rode Harleys,  Hodakas,  and one Kawasaki off  of  a cliff,  crossed the mouth of the Cape fear at high tide in nothing but a 12 foot skiff.

Never did make  it  to  Bermuda,      but,   once   swam a  lagoon unaware till  I  made it to the  middle that it was filled with Barracuda.

I must have looked a sight standing on that little island,     when a man on the shore from where I had swam, yelled, Yeah!!  now how are you getting back to the dryland?

My life story could go on for days,     or,   at least, as best as  memory serves,   I know I must sound as I’ve lived in a maze,  while speeding up in all the curves.

I’m not trying to sound like super-man,  God  knows, without Him,  I’d be dead,  I’m just trying to remember all that  I can, and put on paper what is still in my head.

Though I’d  never change some things I’ve done,   there unfortunately is much that I would,   But,    with God  in my life… I surely know…   no thrills can fill the void inside, and   “LIFE” itself

“IS”     very very … GOOD!!!!

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  1. Your life sounds like a perfect one. perfect does include all the things we regret doing too. 😝 but that us what life is all about. Everything happening at a good pace and deep inside our hearts we still have a strong desire to witness miracles :)


  2. I love this too, Paul – all the action and the lovely sense of humour. When we’re young we are invincible (to ourselves)we only really learn how vulnerable we are as we get older. I have always had God in my life, but have grown closer to Him as time has gone by.


  3. Thanks, I edited my poem a little since you read it though, was in too big of a hurry to post it the first night, as a friend on chat wanted to read it…and the Preview URL, Apparently only works for the blogger. Anyway, yeah thanks, and keep up the great reading material.


  4. Hey!…good stuff…nice theme too. Just caught your post on my blog. Yes, I will be finishing the story, will add to what I have already written, not as a new post. Have a raging headcold at the moment, and my brain is lost for words in the fog…:) Will be back on board in a few days with the finished product. Keep up the good work!


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