“Paul’s Song”Damascus Road

Well it was on the third day when Ananias touched me, I could finally  see again, and oh what a light.

I could feel the wind blowing, though all the walls were battened down, heard the  sound of fluttering wings go by.   


It was such a strange feeling, looking back,  how blind I’ve been, could only see when my Lord covered my eyes.

Oh my God, Stephen, what have I done, I should have  run and just taken my own life.

(interlude)> But … oh,… oh,…    Damascus road.

I could not stop preaching, Jesus is the son of God, and His Glory on Damascus  road  I  saw.

I could feel their anger growing, my words had them confused, to avoid the wrath of  rabbinical Jews,  they lowered me down a wall.

He has shown me great suffering, and what I must lose, should I choose, His precious name and beckoning call.

I said my Lord, you know it’s true, I will do anything for you, lay down my life, as you died for us all.

Cause,  I was Born, Again…on Damascus road…

Chorus> ( And I thank God for you Timothy, and Luke for staying behind with me, Tim please come and visit me, before they end my life. And please bring my manuscripts, on the parchments that I wrote, and…oh by the way…bring my coat?  For Winter Is Nigh…

Acoustic gets heavy :> Electric Jams:> stanza 3> Now the Copper-Smith was ruthless, but Nero was a beast, A Small Still Voice said, they’re coming down the hall…

First they took my chains loose,then they beat my head till my soul was bruised, and rammed me into my own blood stained wall.

I don’t recall seeing a judge, I guess Satan still had a villainous grudge,

when they swung the sword that took my head…..off…  ( Apregio )   Orchestra!!! ..~~~~~^609ISWK E_____——–@^@

(Wisper) but I just stared into heaven above, saw the Glory of  God, and the Angels above… and heard Stephen’s  sweet voice…say

..Welcome Home Paul… ( take it home boys….Jam)

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  1. You know, lyrics writing has always been a strange process for me. Most often, the composition of the music and the lyrics will come together at the same time, feeding off of one another.

    Which is odd, because our very first songs were somehow, magically converted into lyrics by my very talented vocalist, who took a bunch of my poems, never intended for that purpose, and turned them into music.

    But that’s not me, that’s not how I do it, I can’t… you know. Write the words and then find the song… very rarely has it ever worked that way for me. It’s always together, or the song comes first (but even then, adding lyrics later often feels unnatural).

    The point I’m getting towards, in my lumbering fashion is… do you have these set to music? If so, where can I find them? If not, have you considered doing so?

    Love, hope, and all that. I’ll be seeing you.


    • I am like you, I write them together. Problem is, due to losing my home in Hurricane Floyd back in 99, I no longer have anything on tape, and I play by ear…and only own a cheap acoustic at the moment. Have really not been very active as far as public playing for about 6 years.

      Point is, and if you look @ the SONGS static page you will see that any of the songs and poems etc…are available for use of any interested party…at no initial cost. I of course do have stipulations of course, in the event that the song begins to earn the parties any royalties.

      As far as the music, best I could do, and I think you would probably like the music that they were written to, I could work something …probably just give you the basic chord progression. If someone was serious enough, I could maybe put down a little rough rendition on a micro-cassette tape…which, to be honest, is the closest thing I own anymore resembling a recorder. Had a 16 track, but, as everything else, it all washed down the Cape Fear to the ocean I guess.

      Still, as far as the Lyrics go, should we agree to allow usage the music would make no difference in the event of recording, and the song making money. I of course would actually prefer to have the original music matched with the lyrics, but, as things stand, that would not be an issue.

      Basing my agreement on a Sony Record Guild of writers, who offer Lyrics only, OR WITH Original music @ the same agreement: with a simple online form filled out and returned, the songs are free to use either way, with a 70/30 percent agreement upon the event that the song…whether with your music or mine…makes you any money.

      You, or the recording artist, of course, would receive 70% of anything the song ever produced.


      • That’s a real tragedy about your home. I wonder if you find something poetic in the idea that your music has been given to the sea. I doubt you’d find anything poetic in all the rest that went with it.

        Mostly, I just want to listen to your songs. Also, call me old fashioned, but I have a leaning towards the acoustic and your lyrics seem to fit into that sphere as well.

        If ever you manage to record them (you know, DIY home recordings with a mic plugged into your soundcard works – or failing that, have someone shoot a video of your next family cookout!) be sure to put them somewhere where a bird (namely me) might get a peek.


  2. I’m so old and out of touch I’m not even familiar with a DIV, or soundcard for that matter. I would like to learn a little more about it. As far as me singing and playing anything…wow Like I said, I only have a cheap acoustic, and pick it up maybe once a day to riff out a few blues bends etc… to feed the fingers their need. If I were to try and put anything down, believe me, you would be the ONLY bird to hear it.

    After 6 or 7 years of not doing something that you once did as involuntarily as breathing, well, it sort of takes on the semblance of motility.

    Not that I am afraid of a little work mind you, but, on top of all of that, I never was the greatest singer -to say the least- Not well versed in Musical Theory either.

    I have made a few bucks while doing some one man shows in a few biker dives, and three dollar cafe’s in my time. Though,even then, I was no more than a poet with a guitar, and enough scotch in me to think I was David Crosby or somebody.

    These day’s, as you probably noticed by the words in the songs, my hero’s have changed quite a bit, and the scotch is rare. Well, not like aged 12 years, single malt kind of rare…lol

    You realize, I’m sure, that I am sitting here,torn at this moment from the right brained musings of how to get this thing going again, and the left brain’s apathetic jeering…

    Okay, no online Psycho-analysis here; I rather think that the constant ping^pong game taking place in my head most of the time, is just the result of being born with a right brained hardrive the size of a ping pong ball…that’s it, nothing else going here. Or up there, in my head either for that matter…hey , are you laughing at me? LOL

    I’m just messing with ya man… wow… Music, oh how I do so miss it.


    • Now that’s a story worth writing.

      And yes, I can see you’ve shifted gears, gone in a different direction, but that’s okay too.

      DIY = Do It Yourself. That’s an old timer term, damnit!

      Soundcard = The thing at the back of your computer where you plug in your speakers/headset. It has another slot where you can plug in your mic.

      What follows is slightly more complicated, you need a mixing/recording software (I recommend Cubase) that’ll record your guitar track, then your vocal track, then mix them together. Hit the render button, and presto, you have yourself a genuine spit-in-the-eye, real-as-the-warts-on-grampa’s-ass mp3.

      Of course, it’s not exactly err, cd quality (or any quality for that matter) but it works, and I have a knack for being able to ignore the rumble and tumble that comes with home recordings and actually still be able to listen to and enjoy the song.

      As for singing… before we ever performed anywhere, my bandmates got together, and with the greatest of kindness, told me that under no circumstances would I ever be let within five feet of a microphone. That was fine with me. That having been said, on a GOOD (really, really good) day, I can manage just fine.

      My vocalist is a genius at that too: He can take my discordant wailing and see the melody I’m TRYING to sing, emulate it perfectly.

      Also: Music theory is overrated, I have only a passing acquaintance with it, and the only real loss I’ve felt for lack of it is wondering what I’m missing.

      Everything else, I taught myself.


  3. Since the three per comment thread option is now exhausted, I’ll just leave a new one!

    Re: Musicality. We’re post grunge, nominally anyway. It’s hard (at times) to define music. Peal Jam meets Stone Temple Pilots meets Soundgarden meets Rainbow meets a whole other bunch of things.

    Basically, it’s based on powerful vocal melodies, backed up by some decent instrumentality and yours truly on lead guitar.

    That aside, my tastes in music are as varied as the seasons. I’m into everything from classic metal (Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc) to hard rock (Aerosmith, AC/DC) to things that I’d rather not define (Chris Isaak, Led Zeppelin) to folk and semi folk (Dylan, The Byrds) to, very recently, some instrumentals (Bear McCreary), and… well, I could go on forever.

    I have a deep, deep fondness for a soulful vocal melody accompanied by acoustic guitar. Which is actually how all of our songs start out, regardless of how they end up after production.

    And yes, we’re in the studios, on and off, depending on when we can take out time from families (the other two are married and have a pair of toddlers each), and our businesses.


    • What three thread limit? It shouldn’t be set to that…by the way, did you read this post that you just commented on? LOL, it’s sort of about you…and linked to your site…
      Hope it gets you a little extra traffic. Not that they are busting the doors in here to read my christian country rock lyrics or anything. Yeah, I couldn’t sleep past 5 am this morning, so , I just finished watching (Cadillac Records) for the 12th time I think. The Muddy Waters story…
      Or pretty much the Chicago Blues story…
      Muddy Waters,Little Walter, Etta James, Howlin Wolf, Willie Dixon, Chuck Berry, …yeah a lot of connections there, to Zeppelin and the Stones etc.


    • Hey Clarion, Or, didnt catch your name…and not sure if you will even get this..But, if you and get a little time to chat live, I have a few little chat sites.. you can come to either one, but, the only one that I usually have turned on, at the time that I amy be at the computer, is this one: http://jerusable.webs.com/WEBPROTECT-christchat.htm if that link doesn’t work, I think I have it linked on the Chapters, or index of the wordpress site..

      Not a lot of people come to the chat.. though, if you didnt feel comfortable there are like I said several other ones we could chat in.. I just had a few things I wanted to chat with you about,and always seem to forget what they are…or, don’t seem appropriate for the thread etc…Nothing too personal I assure you…lol see ya


    • I would really love to. I mean, best I could probably do is a rough Micro cassette @ the moment…lol and to be honest, I haven’t played that song in quite a while…only have a cheap flat-top altruistic at the moment. But, hey, I’ve done worse. I thank you for your gracious comment. By the way, it’s written in a soft, or slow rock style music wise, but, sort of kicks in toward the middle. Of course, he is welcome to write his own music, as, if he ever recorded it, and it did by some chance begin to generate any revenue, the terms would be the same,with or without my music.


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