Where Are You ?

You wonder sometimes why no one ever shows;

You’ve created such wonders, a place for them all to go.

Hard to imagine, what else they expect to find out there;

When you’ve given all they’ll ever need, in one place for all of them to share.

There’s devotional time, insight, forums and news;

Yet the flock remains scattered, as words in a library, among books too numerous to choose.

There’s    creation,    drama,    action   and   love;

sea shores, mountain tops , even fire from above.

There’s conquest,  chivalry,  sermons and prayer;

Yet, still I am alone it seems, for in my quiet time, I alone am there.

Now, this may seem selfish, to those of you reading;

But,  fear not,  and do not think that it is just I pleading.

For this is not a letter from me  to  intrigue you;

But from  my own  daily forgetfulness to spend time with God;

These are the words that I hear, Softly, lovingly:    My son, ? ” Where are you” ?

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    • Thank you,
      That was very kind of you to share my poem with your site visitors. Unfortunately, I was recently unemployed, and have been spending all of my time building another web site…hopefully to set up as mostly a Web Store…But, as I had much trouble in the getting it going, and was limited on technical support I also set up a few online auction, and etsy site…wish it were as easy to get them shared and viewed around the web as a poem or blog entry…Oh well, the Lord will open the doors and windows that He knows need opening, I rest secure in that .
      God Bless


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