Prodigal Son of the South (song lyrics)

(Stanza 1)

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I was a prodigal son, and away I did run,

With the money and my own free-will.

But it didn’t take long to spend, or  to kick myself again;

In the face, when the truth became real.

But my Father who made me, knew what it took to break me,

To give me a contrite  heart, now I’m down on my knees,

And I’m begging Father please,  give this boy just one more start.


(1/2 stanza 2 )

My friend Sam wrote a song, and it haunted me so long;

how a minister so strong could go to pot.

But then I went down through there, now his testimony, I share;

It’s a long, dark road back to God.


Because  my own free-will was my Achilles heel;

Keeping my foot in my mouth.

Oh Father I pray, please take me back today;

I’m just a prodigal son of the south.

(stanza 3)

Thought I was spiritually sound, but I let my guard down;

Let Satan take me down through there again.

Thought I could fill my empty dreams, with material things;

And heaven would just open up and let me in.

But my Father above me,  let me know how much  He loved me;

took away the false guilt and endless doubt, Now I know His love is real;

Wish to tell you how it feels,   when He opened the gates of  my hell and let me out.

(chorus) repeat

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