Braille writing 2020

I should begin by giving thanks to a fellow blogger who inadvertently inspired me to write this entry as his subtle style of writing often does. In fact, I  just left his site, where I caught myself  floundering out a comment twice as long as one of his profound post.


As my style of writing often does.

As I was saying, however, I caught myself, writing a comment longer than the post which I was responding to, and yes, caught is the operative word here.

Hmm ? I asked myself.  Why am I wasting all these words on his site when I myself am in dire need of a fresh post on my own site? Just between us, I’m being  facetious, as he always keeps the threads going with friendly, yet, well-informed replies.  Nonetheless, I really did need a fresh post, and here it is: 

Upon reading one of his intriguing post on how his emotions, mood, and demeanor never seemed to affect his writing ability and style when he was younger, but have been creeping up and whispering sweet nothings in his ear while he is trying to construct a  sentence of late, I  began to reflect on my own state of mind, while writing, and pondered the questions his article raised.

Of course, I am not sure of the age difference between my fellow blogger, and myself, but,   I think it’s probably substantial; even leaning toward my being older than he’ll have become by the time I drop-kick the bucket. But, he may be catching up fast, judging by the apparent ping^pong game going on in his head while he’s writing these days. 

Why, I can remember walking 32 miles, to the nearest highway, barefooted—uphill, in the snow, — and did  I  mention it was uphill? Oh yeah. And then rolling down the other side of the hill, becoming en-wrapped in an ever-accumulating abominable snowball the size of  Cleveland, before crashing into the school bus, that would then shuttle me and my 14 brothers off to the nearest school house two states away! And  all of this, before the Butt-Crack of Dawn!

 No, wait, that was a different story… My Mother’s story actually. I don’t even know how it ends.  I’m not quite that old.

Okay, that’s probably enough of my feeble attempts at being funny at the expense of my younger friend, whom, as you will see, had a much more serious look at the face of his inquisitive blog entry than this one does. And, I really doubt he’s getting old at all. So, don’t mention the tiny little crow’s feet beginning to spider their way out from the edges of the dotted little- i (s)- in his post.

No, and he shouldn’t be too worried about that little ping^pong game of the left brains sardonic jeering, at his right brained musings —I’ve had that for years. 

Okay, all you online psycho-analyzers, No, I Will NOT LIE ON YOUR CASTING COUCH TODAY! This is my time to dig on the young guy who, probably isn’t, but, may believe himself to be getting a little old

Besides, just as I told him, as far as the constant ping^pong game taking place in my head- I rather attribute that to just being born with a right minded hard-drive, the size of a ping pong ball, without the left brained sense of realizing that it takes two to play ping pong, so, you might say, it gets a little abused. And, that’s all there is to it. So to all you psycho-analyzers, there’s nothing else going on here…

Or, up there for that matter, just a little friendly competition between two conflicting parts of my head. But, I digress… Where was I? Um..Oh yeah…

I was about to respond to my  younger,( but catching up fast ) better looking fellow blogger’s inquisitive post, which, somewhat begs the question — does this happen to every writer? Why, yes, it does—I think. I mean, just because I started off this way doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to everyone else. Does it? Never mind. Don’t answer that …

So, my new found, dashingly, young, writer friend, ( with more dark hair on his head than Fabio) Yes, I  find it more difficult to write at times also. There are times I find that my thought process seems hindered, or distracted to the point of having to stop and think a paragraph ahead of myself. Like when I am tired, (or jealous) almost seems as if  I am another person, having to write things in my head three different ways before typing it three different times, where otherwise, the words would flow through me like the warmth of a 12-year-old single-malt scotch once did. Hey, now that sounds like a good idea, does anyone have a — Oh, never mind.

Depending on what I am writing, however, I’ve noticed this can add to the cadence of my words.

I recall, just recently, an instance when I was exhausted before even beginning a post, in which I was determined to publish before retiring for the night. As I  sat there, and struggled, and  fidgeted, and typed and deleted, to the point that I thought, wow, I have really had to put a lot of  extra thought into such a  menial topic;  what’s up with that?

I remember thinking, well I guess that’s a good thing; It certainly should  be a good read once I finish, seeing as I anatomized every other word, and over analyzed the next three, all the way through it.  Then, of course, came the final word and then the editorial assessment reading, which had the continuity and flow of  a flashing airport arrival/departure sign.

Okay, yes, that was the sign that sent me off to bed, after hitting -Save Draft- instead of the publish key. And a good thing it was too, as, upon reading it the next morning I found that It was an Email addressed to the white house asking the price of the cheapest rental car on the lot. No, Actually, I found the next morning that it took only changing a few words to put it back on the runway ready for a smooth take off – if  I do say so myself – and, I do. Hey, this is my story and I’m sticking to it. Or, when I catch myself I’m sticking to it anyway.

Nonetheless, as I see it —Just as a  seasoned journalist with a national   

headline agenda to meet, possessing- even on a bad hair day- a much more disciplined approach, and better-stocked tool box between their ears than someone like say — okay than someone like me, must depend on and yet harness their emotions. They must meet a deadline and deliver the news in a non-opinionated way— the same as I do, of course — I mean — in more of an abstract creative kind of way. Shouldn’t I also use my emotions, or sometimes, let my emotions use me. Without different personalities, there would be no originality.

Ergo, as the content and character of our writings, embody a large  part of our individual spirit, and personalities, I believe we can more than assume they evince our emotional demeanor at the time we are writing them, and of course, once they are painted onto the canvas.

So, just as our reactions to emotions affect our social life and well-being, we also have that realization, and responsibility, to help shape the article into what we want it to deliver to the readers. After all, a large part of our soul is used to try to manifest what our spirit is saying, in any creative writing. At least…that’s what the voices in my head are telling me…

Okay, here’s a Link to a Real Writer, and a good blog pal…Tell him the old man sent you, but, don’t tell him that I said he’s a wild-eyed guitar playing traveling musician, who better never come near my daughter. Okay, you can tell him that…just don’t tell him that I spoke well of him in any way, shape or form!



  1. Since it appears that, at least on this post, it’s okay to be crazy–I have to say something so “on a separate tangent” that you’re sure to go “huh??” As I was flipping through the pages of your blog, I came onto one where your little picture was bigger than I’d seen before–and my thought was, “wow–you’re not in your twenties after all”. So, it’s possible that if I AM your elder sister, it’s not by so much as I’d previously thought…. Now you can say, “huh??” and laugh at me. (See there? sometimes I’m neurotic in an entertaining, rather than totally annoying manner–) God bless you, brother!


  2. “Why am I wasting all these words on his site, when I myself am in dire need of a fresh post on my own site?”. What a selfish person you are. lol

    I know the feeling. All too often I start answering to a thread and then the idea of a new post emerges.
    Yes, writing requires a lot of energy and I have always said that when I write and publish my articles, I’m giving away a little bit of my soul.

    To be honest, I’m not sure what your post was all about but I loved it.
    I think you are crazy but that’s okay because I feel the same way about myself. Writing has become an obsession for me. Even becoming a “blogger”, I already had too many thoughts and I would wake up during the night just to pour my soul on paper.

    Now that I’m finding more and more weirdos like me, I feel content with myself. Being a geek is cool, I’m in style bloggers!


    • Thanks for checking us out Jaune. Yeah, well, this particular post was more or less just digging on a blogger friend, and myself of course. He and I had quite the threads going back and forth on each others site, and I thought it was time for me to push a fresh post out there.
      Can’t really tell you other than that…and whatever clarification you could draw from the post itself..ah, what the chuckEcheese it was really about. Which, is pretty much where the name came from…(Braille Writing 20/20) because I pretty much was just shooting from the hip. Well, okay, that and the fact that though I have 20/20 vision, I was about half blind when I wrote it. Okay that was a joke. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I’ll get back over and do some more reading and commenting on some of your post also, as soon as I finish watching this Cadillac Records movie again…Not so much for the Beyonc’e roll as Etta James, but, just because I love the blues mostly.Oh, and I still waste words all over the blogoshperesm and the main reason for writing that one about another persons blog was so that I could include a link to his site,which, I believe helps us all in the long run. So…Yeah, you were right to begin with…I am crazy..Aydios Amiga


  3. My personal experiences and events in the world become subjects for my writings of course, but how I respond to the events definitely inform the style.

    I currently have a folder of what I call miscellaneous, the graveyard for my half finished posts. which I will dip into and finish one day. Fortunately, they’re not time specific, so unlike the news items that inspire some of my posts, I can finish them anytime. I also like to sleep on some of the things I write about, because like you, I find it looks very different in the cold light of day and it enables me to make it better. Sometimes, though, I just shoot from the hip and I find those posts equally satisfying.

    Finally, in my experience, if something I write feels like pure fun and it makes me laugh out loud, or I find I am incandescent with rage about a subject and can’t contain myself, I know that post will be a winner.


    • The time specific topic you bring up reminded me of one of the songs that I have posted on the site , called, Shannons song. It’s is a little dated, even for the American readers, or listeners, as I wrote it, maybe back in 2002, at the latest. Of course, I don’t know if you English folk even recognize the TV shows that were mentioned, Maurie Povich, and Jerry Springer, but, even to an American, old enough to remember those as regular, daily TV shows, the song is dated. Still, the little girl that it was inspired by, who I saw the parents of on a Maurie show one day (and I never watched Jerry)…anyway, I mulled over whether to post the song or not, as it is rather time specific. But, as you can see, posting it came out on top, in honor of little Shannon, (true story inspiration) as well, as I believe the songs, though, a little out of time, speaks volumes to the time in which we are living today.
      God Bless Pie, thanks for coming by.


  4. My problem is actually the opposite, really. It isn’t just that writing becomes more DIFFICULT, though that’s certainly the case. It isn’t just that I’m my own worst critic (which actually, isn’t the case, I’ve learned to live with my flaws – it’s the lazy way out, and I’m the King of Lazy. Clarion will confirm this).

    Right from the start, when I was hormonally challenged teen and I started off on the strange journey of writing (poetry, and 500 pages into a novel that was only a third of the way done, and ultimately got thrown away because in the intermediary years between starting it and the point where it got junked… I grew up and realized it was trash), I’d always been drawn to themes of loss, regret, and the darker side of the human experience.

    I don’t see that as a problem, I think that only through our travesties can we find our ultimate triumphs, and there’s nothing more boring than a Gary Stu that’s never had anything horrible happen to him in his life.

    But here’s the trouble… back in the good ol’ days, I’d write and write and write, and I’d walk away from it just the same as I’d started. While these days the writing comes more troubled, again, that isn’t the problem.

    The problem is that of late, increasingly, these dark, troubled themes of which I’m so fond seem to affect me in ways that they previously didn’t. It’s not so much being able to harness my emotions to write, it’s being able to get them back under control when I’m DONE writing that seems to be the problem.

    Genesis, case in point, is a post rife with deep tragedies, and the state of being of the PoV character is FAR from a happy one. Writing the piece left me so low that it took me several hours after I’d finished writing it before I felt my usual self again.

    Completely drained, emotionally and mentally, during and AFTER the writing of the post.

    What’s the prescription, doc?

    PS. Somewhere between 25 and 30, I do suspect I’ve a lot of catching up to do if we’re comparing prospective pension dates. Your daughter is lovely, I promise to maintain a safe radius. And IRL, many people (some of whom wouldn’t even recognize me by any other name) refer to me by the name of your favorite person. I’ll let you guess! Also, completely random statement: I regret never having busked professionally. Also, not so random statement: You’re more than welcome (in fact, may consider yourself encouraged) to leave nine-footer comments on any of my posts.


    • LOL, well, to be honest, yeah, I should have read the genesis thing before I wrote this I guess…Though, this post was really just as the lady posting on it just before you, ( I shot from the hip) I wasn’t trying to be serious at all really. I’m the first to realize that I am NOT a writer, though, have always been aware of having a little RAW talent potential. And, yeah, other than songs, and poems before that…I never even gave it much of a try at all till now…That I am Lazy, and forgot every little bit of spelling I ever knew. Thank God and wordpress for the spell check. My punctuation, as I am sure is obvious to you and any other true writer, is probably hideous. But, I hope I didn’t say anything offensive to you in this post, It was really just a futile attempt, to dig-a-laugh, and hopefully gather a little patronage to both our sites. The one I was poking the “mental” jabs at was myself. Which, well, be that as it may, I have enjoyed our equal patronage of each others sites, and knew that others should see your writing. Hope it gets a little extra traffic.Thanks for dropping in.


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