Who’s the real Pawn Star here? (Polldaddy-Vote box @ bottom of post)

Ah yes, Chumlee. He’s Corey’s, the real village idiot of the show’s, childhood buddy, and was a behind the scenes test and stock boy at the Gold and Silver pawn shop on the Vegas strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. That is, he was a behind the scenes stock and test employee prior to the shops fast track to fame, after airing as a reality show, on national television almost a year ago. As the first episode on July 26th, of 2009, revealed to America, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Especially if you happened to go bust at the tables, and wound up

pawning something of great value, which, you were unable to redeem before you left town.

This is not your average pawn business by any means, as, those who view just one episode of the show aired weekly on the History Channel quickly recognize. The items sold or pawned in the Pawn Stars pawn shop daily, range from super-bowl rings, to thousands of dollars worth of documented, recovered treasures from ancient ship wrecks, and sunken Spanish Galleons. One week of turn-over, across the glass cased counter tops on this show, puts one in mind of Antique Road show, meets Wall street central.

But, who is the true Pawn Star in this weekly televised rating buster? First of all there’s the “Old Man“. Richard Harrison, an ex Navy guy, who opened the shop with his son Rick Harrison, in 1988, portraying the silent partner, ( who not so quietly reminds Rick that he is the old

man) who owns 51% of control and interest of the business, almost every time that the two butt heads over any issue on the show. The old man certainly brings a much deserved, personality of successful entrepreneurship, with a twist of dry vermouth humor to the show.

Then there is Rick Harrison. Rick is the smooth talking, quick thinking poised front man, whose knowledge, and personal lust for collectible, one of a kind rarities, often cause him to over spend the shops money to acquire them. Rick is no stranger when it comes to recognizing counterfeit items of many types, as according to the History Channel sources, he made enough money to buy his partnership end of the business from the old man, by selling counterfeit Gucci handbags until the age of 23. Gambling 911 (Source Document)

Ricks lively personality, and deep soled laughter, keeps the tempo of the show on an even rhythm, while, also helping to make smooth film cut transitions fluent. Undoubtedly, though very knowledgeable in and of his own well-studied ability, and memory recall, much googling is done by Rick, either prior to, or during many of the more exquisite Art, and Artifact transactions.

Next, just below Rick, on the Pawn Stars Totem pole, is “Big Hoss” Harrison’s son, and the Old Mans grandson. Corey, who is supposedly being groomed to one day take over the business, is the epitome of the disrespectful rich kid, who has no respect for his elders, and no idea how big of an operation he stands to inherit, nor what pains taking, hard-working sacrifices it may have cost his grandfather to open and set up over the years.

Still, Corey is next in line to assume the rightful ownership, and managerial position from his dad, one day when, ( judging by the old mans comments) will take place just after pigs fly, or the Old Man dies, as truth be known, Rick himself, will not assume complete responsibility until then, let alone a carefree wise-guy kid, who’d rather be playing video games than working at the shop.

Though the shop employs many other employees not always seen on the show, as it is a 24 hour a day operation, those are the three main characters of the show, and of the shop, for that matter. Oh but, wait, who is the real Pawn Star ?

While taking all the ribbing, and butt-ended jokes in stride, and usually with a witty, comical come back line, Chumlee is without a doubt the true star of this weekly History Channel television series. From the first episode viewed, I knew that Chumlee would be stealing the lime light, and putting a smile in the hearts of all those who would soon be after the show, and now that I am researching the issue to write this review, my first impressions are solidified.

To say that Chumlee, the naïve, not so bright, over weight, butt of all the jokes, fall guy, of this show, is not acting, but actually embracing the character in which truly personifies the real Chum, is probably an under statement. Nonetheless, those same characters, (though I strongly suspect that Chumlee is at least downplaying his own intelligence a bit to fit the role), are the same alluring characteristics, and charm that keep folks coming back each week to see what the lovable poo-bear kid might be getting in to. Seems, my first impression of who would be who, during the first episode that I viewed of this series, have well been realized as being accurate also, in the fact that while studying it further, to write this article, I find that Chumlee, receives more email, fan mail, and even Chain mail than any of the cast on the show.

Simply put, in response to the question, of who is the real Pawn Star on this weekly TV series, by the same name ? I vote Chumlee, hands down. In fact I for one anticipate, eagerly some form of a Chumlee show, in the not so distant future to spring-board from this weekly History Channel reality show. Chumlee personifies everything that a lovable, magnetizing, super-simple-star hero could ever need to exude, to capture the hearts, and draw the ratings from American television viewers, as has been exemplified through out the 70 years of Television history.

In my humble opinion Chumlee rates right up at the top of the list of TV greats, in the whimsical arena. There was howdy doody, who was long before my time, and the little rascals. Then Barney Fife, and Gomer Pile, Granny Clampet, and Yogi bear. Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Under-Dawg, That Girl, and Lucille Ball. I dream of Jeannie, and Barney Rubble, many, many more, including last but not least, Gilligans Island, and then, there is Chumlee.

Be sure to cast your vote, for the real Pawn Star in the Comment section: Also, if you look forward to the season premier of Top Chef, or Real Housewives, both airing from Washington D.C. this time around, check Mirella’s bubbly blog out. (Cast Vote Below)

Be sure to cast your vote of who the real pawn star is in the comment section.


  1. I never thought I would like this show, but I’m pretty hooked! I like the combination of the silliness with learning about and seeing the historical items…it’s a winner! And you are right, Chumlee is a riot!


  2. I voted for Chumlee, not because of your review, but because he just tugs at the heart strings. In reality, it is Rick who is the star of the show, as everything pretty much revolves around him.

    While I give Chumlee my heart vote, I give Rick my head vote.

    I have been told the show would have never aired if Rick hadn’t gone after the network tooth and nail, and that it was Rick who initially presented the idea to the History Channel. I can believe it; he knows how to push.

    A great review.


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    • Sure. I have personally not searched the mechanics of linking and pings as much as I should have probably…the nearest thing I have done is to mention another wordpress site integral a link-back. You are more than welcome to link to this site. As long as you do not try to flood my comment section with a lot of links, or key word advertising gimmicks as a way to sell your products or information as a lot of commentators do, you’ll be fine, and I appreciate it. Most of them never make it through my spam slammer, as even your comment wound up there. But, ( and I only had time to read one) I found your useful information blog entry to be quite …useful. If you link in let me know, and I will certainly take the time to get back to your site and READ and comment on your entries. I have been really busy in other areas of the internet…of late, as I am recently unemployed, and therefore marketing on a personal level has become imperative. I would never resort to using another persons blog site for my personal marketing venues though, as I am sure that you as a blogger can respect, and understand. Have a good one.


    • Thanks for stopping in Cindy. Yeah, I have to admit I am an avid pawn star subscriber. Mostly because of the antiques, and archeological items that cross the counter, but, those guys really do have a way of adding entertainment value.Monday night finds me in heaven beginning at 8 eastern time, with Antique Roadshow, my all time favorite, followed by American Pickers, and then Pawn Stars. My other television interest,are discovery and history channel docs, and all the Top Chef’s of every network available.Though Mirella and I share common entertainment values,(as do you it seems judging from your great food post)in the Top Chef department,I just can’t bring myself to sit through a “Real Housewife” show… of course, I might, if in her case, they were airing from my town. I was relieved to hear from her that her husband shares my interest in Pawn Stars. Anyway, thanks again for stopping in, and I look forward to reading more from you.
      God Bless you


  4. Just thought I would let everyone know that because of this blog entry, Rick Harrison is now following me on Twitter. Ya’ll vote for your favorite Pawn Star…and follow Rick Harrison(Gold and Silver Pawn) @ Twitter @GoldSilverPawn and tell Rick to let me do the interview.

    Follow Chumlee too cause, don’t tell Rick but, Chums the real Pawn Star.
    Oh yeah, too late Rick read my blog entry…lol


  5. Chum has some great lines. On the episode where Rick is looking at an old copy of Dante’s Inferno, Chumlee asks what it is and Rick tells him it’s a book about where he (Chumlee)will be going some day. Without missing a beat Chumlee says oh, you mean Hawaii? Great stuff!


  6. Happy to see that they finally brought the shows to your town. As far as my expertise. lol, I love Antiques Road Show, American Pickers, and Pawn Stars. Next to that, I like Top Chef, Chopped, what ever that one is on FoodNetworks(next chef)or something like that…and Gunsmoke. As far as my favorite TV housewife, she was probably BeWitched….But, I’ll stick to Miss Kitty, and not be watching the Real House wives. God Bless thanks for the participation and friendship.


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  8. I love Chumlee! I guess I’m always drawn to the underdog. He’s a refreshing character amidst all the testosterone head-butting going on in that store. Corey looks like he’s going to end up being a dead-ringer for the Old Man, doesn’t look much like his father.


  9. Very clever analysis!! You are right about Chumlee, he must be playing it… Like Kramer in Seinfeld!
    My husband watch the show and loves it, me not so much but I feel sorry for Chumlee when they make fun of him:( poor Chumlee, or shall I say poor us for believing it?
    Nice blog!!!
    Thank you for writing:)


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