Miniature Madness, or I’m just old…

Solo-flex, micro-text, google sex, spoodle, and noob..?  Well, yeah I’m an old hippy, not a total goob.

Can’t see to text,  google  is my gym, and as far as sex, Nunya, but, I still cuddle and watch the tube.

Seems everything these days, must be used constantly to retain to memory, cause I sure can’t see to app;

Memory is one thing I still facilitate in a snap, just don’t have the need to text, makes me want a nap.

Even the instructions on the instant food boxes, have shrunken in size;

I have trouble reading them, with four bi-focal-ed  eyes.

My camera is smaller than my wallet, and the controls are microscopic;

If you are bored with the convo, mention Micro-Blog and I’ll quickly change the topic.

How’s the weather where you are? Well, I can’t see the dash apps radar in my car;

Micro-Age accessories are  nice, but, as for GPS, I’ll be safer, to just navigate the stars.

Well, at least everyone else on the road will be safer, unless it happens to be during the  day;

And what’s with all these extra buttons on my TV remote, I can’t see them anyway.


Speaking of which, why has the TV grown to be the size of an I-Max?

Yet,  I have to have a microscope, to find a station before I can relax.

Have a Billiard board now, sitting on my coffee table, love to shoot you a game; 

But, bring a Cue Stick, or won’t be able, actually a tooth-pick,  be about the same.

I probably owe my entire life, and my daughters first born to some internet germs;

Cause who can read the fine print, or has  a year to read the terms?

Smashed a bug on my desk, or at first, it looked that way;


Only to discover it was the escape button on my lap-top trying to get away.

I realize I couldn’t post this, without the ingenious of nanotechnology;

When my fingers go from lap, to desk top, they’ll type you a  Doxology.

Never thought I would live to see the day when everything got smaller;

When I was coming up, big was the dig, and small was well, even the smaller was taller.

Just all seems like madness when you have to squint to pay your  bills;

And heaven knows, if not for color codes,  I’d be taking the wrong pills.

I  know it sounds gripey, like a grumpier-old man;

But the fact is, I’m really not that old, just apparently have large hands.


This rant could go on forever,  And I could really get long and tough;

But, since the world has gone Micro-Blog, I’m sure you’ve had enough.



  1. Yeah, you and I seem to be on one another’s site reading at the same times…They are a couple of rescued flee-busses, lol Those two sort of fell through the cracks of adoption thus far though, they are 9, maybe ten weeks old now, and getting big, so, if I don’t find them a home soon, they will probably still rent me a room out here…in their house??? Seems that way around here. lol
    Thanks for the reading/comments here, yeah, I added one of those retweet buttons to a couple of my song lyrics, if you ever get a chance to read those, I would really appreciate some exposure there. I have written lot’s of those over the years. But, I have only a few on here.
    Hey, check out my friend Ali…on the (Songs for Clarion) site some time…tell him I sent you if you like.
    I sent a few folks to your site,last night, Trapperhoney, and I forget whom else. I told trapper that you were great people, and would probably reciprocate to her comments @ her site, and that you had a post about adding the (Tweetmeme) Bye, thanks again.


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