Song from Cindy ( Reposted For the One Who Inspired It)

Awesome prose. I find myself re-reading, and hearing a different cantata. Music from my inner self, watching me listening to another, instead of being led by the directive rudder… Which leaves me angling wangle, only to discover…The inner meaning, that someone writes from their song.

Sing pretty butterfly…sing Cindy sing                           

For a wonderful friend, and beautiful soul, Cindy Taylor
© – 2010 [tweetmeme source=”sonsothunder” only_single=false]

Special thanks to Mirella McCraken, and Jamie Dedes.        


  1. Thank you Jamie,
    You may not have noticed the link at the bottom to your site, but, you helped inspire me to get back writing poetry again, July of 2010, which is when this was written, and the link was posted to your site.
    God Bless You


  2. LOL!!!!!!!

    I Thought So ;)

    I LOVE that although the medium is limited, every so often, one can still FEEL the Humanity (GOOD HUMANITY) through the cold glass, plastic and metal…

    And, YUP! You got it! I Is a Catholic Christian :)

    I gotta tell ya, I was ECSTATIC to have someone like Dcn. Scott read my humble Blog.

    Heck, I AM ELATED that ANYONE reads my gibberish =oP

    Thank you for your Kind Words, Paul!
    You make one feel very UN-Alone ;)


    • Thank you Mirella,
      Actually, she gave it to me…well, I mean the words of her poem,(Autumn Smoke Signal) and something she said elsewhere, that her uncle said to her once, reverberated through my head. I had already read the poem once, and when I read it the second time, the words of her uncle proved themselves true in my own mind.(I can’t recall which poem she mentioned her uncle in the comment discussion) They are all so good, I read them all.
      God Bless Mirella, oh by the way, was happy to hear that your hubby likes Chumlee, and Pawn Stars too. Maybe he , or you could drop in on the post Who’s the real Pawn Star, sometime, and cast a vote in the vote box. Bye for now.


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