Graceful  Arrogant

Clumsy,  as kittens, Fashioned

when grown it is You they have Smitten

More than lazy full day is written

Alternative thoughts












  1. Actually, I didn’t resurrect this one, nor are they my animals…though I do have maybe 40 cats outside you can choose from…lol, they are rescued, but now I need rescuing from the food cost. Oh, well, somebodies gotta do it.
    Bless You too


    • I’m really a dog man myself, but after rescuing a pregnant cat 6 years ago, and now having over 30, I am told I’m lucky to be a live to support them, and if I am …very careful and continue to pay the mortgage, and food bill…I am welcome to stay.. they never let me forget that they were once worshiped in ancient Egypt. So now.. I just …Walk like an Egyptian.. but, much as I have tried they have refused my request to have a pet named Dawg!!!!


    • Yeah like they say…they used to worship cats in ancient Egypt…and mine never let me forget it…but, I only have them by mistake, and I can certainly send you some. I am sad though :( My Siamese had 4 kittens ( only two were Siamese) and one of those has some sort of spinal problem and has to belly crawl everywhere around the house, and the other one has a hernia.But, If the one who has the spinal problem lives, he’s fortunate to be the only one staying.Unfortunately, he and the other Siamese were the only two that could have possibly brought me in enough money to possibly pay for just a weeks worth of food for this brood around here. I made the mistake of rescuing A CAT 4 years ago, and though finding good homes for FREE kittens wasn’t a problem at all at first, now it has gotten out of hand for me, so I really will have to do something soon. But, the little fellow who is crawling around my house with all the might he can grab, dragging his back legs behind him…he’s not going ANYWHERE, Lord willing…cause I wuv him…I really do… how can ya not? God Bless ya


      • Isn’t the will to live AMAZING??

        You can’t help but be reminded of it in the Animal Kingdom.

        We are such Spoiled Brats, you know…We get one “Bump in the road” and we start complaining, wallowing, not wanting to live…and here you have an example, a Vivid, Inspiring example of true Hardship and yet the Will is Unbroken!

        I Also hope he stays around for a while :) He’ll bring you much joy, love – when he’s in the mood of course, after all, he is a cat ;) – and Inspiration! Just imagine, anytime you feel frustrated, down, miserable….One look at him and you’ll be reminded of how good you’ve got it ;)

        Bless You for your Kindness and Love!!


      • Here is a link to a poem I wrote about one of our dear kitties, “Forrest Gump.”


        He was mentally retarded (really), however, he managed to survive for 15 years. He was something else – both wonderful and annoying! He went into kidney failure, and was suffering, so we had to have him put down. There is a photo with the poem that we took of him the day he died. He looks pretty healthy – and his eyes, btw, were really that green – but he was suffering. When that photo was taken he weighed about 3 pounds ( less). He never weighed more than 5 throughout his life, so he was a little guy. He still “visits” us occasionally – just checking in I guess, to let us know that God is taking care of him – of which we have no doubt!

        Pets with disabilites such as your sweet kitten have been aided by using a two-wheele cart apparatus. there are, I’m pretty sure, places online where you can look up designs for them, or you can check with your local animal shelter or Vet for suggestions. I don’t know how expensive they are, but i’m quite certain you could make one yourself using “found” items around the house. Ive seen these things in use, and it’s amazing how well the animals adapt to them, and get along so well. The cart puts them on a “level playing field,” and increases their mobility exponentially! Is the kitten mentioned in your reply above still with you? If so, how is he doing?

        I wish you enough. . .


    • Thank you Mirella,
      You know I almost lost that little poem. Not that it’s any great achievement or anything. But, I had written it last year, while surfing the web on poetry sites, and found what looked like a BRAND new site. There were only a few of the home poets post on it, and it offered a monthly poetry contest, just to have somewhere to post a poem I figured. Anyway, it was apparently a site by someone who had studied poetic “Form’ and prose,(something I obviously never learned in school)So anyway, there were parameters or “Form” steps that one had to go by. So I gave it a shot and strangely won that months contest(but of course there were only 3 other entries)So,long story short I go into that site throughout that month, and never see any other poems added, and saw that I had won. The next time I went in the site, maybe two months later it looked just like the first time I was there,only the site owners post on one page, and another page for the previous posters and winners showcased.So another month or so went by, and I went back, and the page that had everyone but the owners poems on it was no longer accessible. So I sent her an Email asking if she was closing the site. I didn’t hear from her, and assumed so. A year later I stumbled upon that site again, and it looked open as always offering folks to enter there poems, and all of them even from the first time that I was there were on the accessible page…all but my little kitty poem. Like i said, it’s by far in my opinion no great achievement,as I wrote it on the spot when I read the grammatical rules of writing a “Diamond” poem,(Which is why I didn’t make a copy of it or anything). Anyway, when finding it no longer there, and everyone else’s who had written poems in the same contest that I did… were there, I admit I became a little perturbed. Especially when I re-read the person who owned the sites intro-spill of how…”No One has the right to steal someone else’s work” yadi yada…and not that I thought they could do much with it, but, as a song writer who has had more than their share of content thieves to deal with in my life…the principle kicked me in the head. So, I wrote her several other emails last year, none of which I received an answer from. After the first one however, I went back and saw no change…and left a sweet little note on her “Forum” page…(and I was polite) really I was…but, ended by mentioning that all of my work was copyrighted.So,after almost a year, I had pretty much wrote it off as a dead site, which, some how just happened to lose my little kitty cat poem? But,just last week… in the same month as I wrote it …a year later…it came crawling back to me, when I happened to stumble on the same site…which mysteriously now has ALL the past winners of the poem contest listed along with their poems …in the same section of the site that for at least 6 months was none existent. I was like yeah whatever…just give me back my wittle kitty cat woman…I have somewhere to post it anyway.

      Didn’t mean to talk your ear off…bye


  2. lol yeah, you’re right on there…Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t been around your place lately. Wheew, I’m about to fall asleep right now. I have spent so much time on this computer the past few days chasing domain registrations, and Email crashes, and password after password…I have built several web sites in my time, but if anyone thinks that setting up a Web Store on a new site which needs the domain transfered, pay-pal implemented, google verification, web hosting,and all the rest …that takes place to work against you while you are trying to accomplish it all is not taxing….wheew, well, I think even as long as that sentence I just wrote was…that was the longest deepest breath I have taken in two days. See you around their more soon though hopefully.
    God Bless you


    • he he, no wonder the grandkids have been able to put the run around on the old grandad, you’ve been passed out druling in your office chair. :-) he he.

      It’s ok.
      Yeah… websites are getting to be like cars html is like the old carburator, anyone could work on the old html but now with perl,jave,javascript,python, html5, css, asp, asp.net, .net, i’m calling for help before I get passed “” any more. :-)

      It took me a couple of weeks just to get this blog set up and it’s simple choice click and chose and type words into sentences.


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