Oceans At Night

In the distance
I see an ocean;
and a ship on
the horizon wall.
I really am intrigued. 


Of sun,  sweat, and
gritty sand, though,
I can na bear the thought.
I dip into a pavilion,
out to the edge of
the pier. So much
cooler here this

time of day, and

eyes are sweaty

The sounds
of video and pinball
are music to my soul,
but the smell of
cotton candy, and
popcorn, send me
seeking a corner bistro.
The time just seemed
to disappear as I look
out or’e the bay. An
empty beach, and no
hot sun, I think it’s nice
that way. As I walk out
on the cooler strand,
the receding wave tickling
my toes with sand,
I am awed by the extent
and sight, and reminded
that there is nothing more
beautiful, or satisfying than
an empty beach at night.

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      • I said that because of your comment that you rarely wrote anything yourself any more – and you write so well. By the way, I know nothing about form, or poetry, it just comes sometimes in five minutes flat but often I struggle with the endings. And I have only been writing poetry (if you can call it that) since some time in April – inspired by reading The Only Cin!


        • You are naturally poetic girl…just remember the ending is where you began… and that’s where you will begin…where you were going all along…and that’s where you will take us…the readers…I could see where your mountain poem sort of left us hanging on the edge of a cliff…but? Was that not where the question began? Nailed it…


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    • Thanks Trapper,
      Sorry I’ve not been around your post lately,
      been busy trying find employment, and set up a few gift shop sites to hopefully subsidize a little till I do find one. Building the sites are easy, trying to get them noticed on this vast media web world we are in…is another thing all together. Shipping is a pain too..God Bless


  2. there is nothing more
    beautiful, or satisfying than
    an empty beach at night.
    Unless perhaps, it is the moon’s reflection on the rippled waves… and those varying shades of blue; what a beautiful photo to accompany your poetry.


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