Cindy Taylor Meets Gordo Ramrod!!!

Who cares whether she conned you or not!
I have heard so many people worry about “what happens to the money you give the beggar on the street, after you have given it?” Who cares! YOU did your good deed. It is no longer your concern. God sees that you have given with an open heart, and he will keep you in his space for that. He will continue to bless you. When God gives to us, do you think he sits and worries whether we will do the right thing with it. Whether we have lied to get it? Whether we actually do need it! He leaves it up to us. We need to do that.
I would much rather go to bed knowing that I have done my bit to help, than be plagued by the feeling that I could have helped- but I didn’t!
On a different note- well done for shaving your head! I cant wait to see a pic. Both my grandparents have died in the last decade from Cancer! I found myself actually talking away to my gran this morning, I miss her. It is a disease that has hit every single one of us. I take my hat off to you.  By Mynakedbokkie        ( SEE ORIGINAL POST )



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