Sourdough Bread Pudding

Certainly not going to win any glamor awards. And you wont see it in next months “Healthy Living” issue, but I thought you might be interested in what became of the little turtle loaf of sourdough bread from last night.

Well, I mean what was left of it today after I toasted slices of it for lunch with tuna salad, green peppers, onions, arugula, dill pickle, crushed fennel, smoked paprika and parsley.

Sorry, no pictures of that. I know you would have loved to of seen them though, they were pretty little sandwich’s for about 10 minutes.

Anyway, Yeah I really didn’t need to win any awards for the dish I made with the remainder of the Sourdough bread, as I received a “Michelin Star” for it last night; turns out the tire was one of theirs.

After the Tuna Salad lunch was over, I decided to recycle the little turtle into something he would be proud of, and so I made up what I’m calling:  Turtle Track Bread Pudding.

I had about four slices left, so I crumbled it into a baking dish, in quarter, to half-dollar size pieces, and got my mixing bowl out.

This is the recipe for “Turtle Track Bread Pudding” if I can recall everything:

“Turtle Track Bread Pudding”

(Preheat oven to 350 degrees,..or, 175 Celsius).

4 slices day old sourdough bread that once resembled a turtle (optional )

(any day old bread will do)

1-1/2  Tb-spoon melted butter

1/8 cup raisins

1/8 cup walnuts

1/8 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

1/8 cup coconut

2 eggs, beaten ( Though I only used 2 yolks I  had in the fridge from something I already used the whites for )

1-1/4 cup milk

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix all the raisins, nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips, or whatever you are using in with the dry bread by hand.

“Pour melted butter over the bread crumbs”

In separate bowl mix, eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Pour mixture over bread and push the bread down so that it is all covered with the liquid. Place into oven on top rack for 45 minutes, or until the top is dry and springy. There ya have it:

Now please excuse me while I go take an insulin shot.

Till next time, this is the “Throw Together Gourmet ” saying good-bye on behalf of myself, my sourdough starter, “Bubbly Child ” and the turtle:



  1. That looks simply divine. I can just imagine what it was like with all of the delicious fillings you described. Finding good bread has become quite the mission for me here in the US. Good bread has never been this impressive haha. That pudding also looks divine! I have a sweet tooth and I love baked puddings! (with custard – do you know what custard is? That would depend on where in the world you live…)


    • Yes, that is true, there are many different ways to make different things and still call it custard depending on which region of the world we are in.
      Which is the same with “Pudding” comparatively speaking.

      Took me a while to figure out how Yorkshire pudding, was “Pudding” at all… and when I finally figured it out…then they tell me…it wasn’t even originated in Yorkshire…Oh well, live and learn…all I know, is I love cooking it as much as eating it.
      Thanks for stopping by,
      God Bless You


  2. Thank you for dropping by. And thanks for the wonderful peach upside down cake recipe. I did just as I said I was. Soon as I posted the comment on your site I baked one. Didn’t turn out nearly as pretty as yours by any means…But, I didn’t have the springform pan that you recommended. ( Next on list ) It was delicious though, or , still is. Thanks for the inspiration.
    God Bless You


  3. Oh, I hadn’t gotten this far until today! I LOVE bread; I LOVE chocolate; I LOVE nuts; and I’m pretty fond of coconut. I definitely have to try this. I don’t cook as much as I used to, but this sounds as though it’s not too time-consuming. But I wouldn’t dare cut back on the amounts, as you suggested in an earlier comment — to make them 1/16 cup instead of 1/8. In fact, I was thinking about enlarging the amount of chocolate chips myself. Well, as I say:
    I LOVE chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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