Five Day Old Curly Bits

There are curly bits on my treble clefs, and curly bits on eighth notes too; There are curly bits on my tuning pegs, and on 16th notes there are two.
I wish I had some indication, of what all this means in musical variations;
But I wont fret it, not one curly bit, for when it comes to reading music, my curly ears don’t have a clue.    
                                                                                A few Songs For You                     

paul willis-2011 

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!
    I especially relate because the biggest aggravation for me when writing music is actually WRITING the music. I’m thrilled when the Holy Spirit gives me the beautiful words. I’m enthralled with the melody and harmony. But when I have to sit down to the manuscript paper and actually write down all the notes (with every little curly bit in its proper place), I want to put it off as long as possible! Of course, there are pianos now so computerized that you can sit down and play the music, and they will print out the notated version. They’re just out of my price range. Besides, I wouldn’t feel I had accomplished nearly as much if I hadn’t had to do one “curly bit” of work myself on the curly bits.
    Nice job, Paul!


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