September Fall


  I Once  

Had A Chill

  One  September  Night.

     Granny’s Poultice Rub Took the

    Wheezing Away,Though It Was Still an

    Eighty Degree Dog Night, With Crops Still In

      The Barn.  I  Needed Rest, But Pa Forewarns.  Bank’s

  Taking The Farm, If  Something Isn’t Soon done…  Get Up

    He Said! Let’s Take Out This Barn. I Said I Would If  I could,

   But The Heat Hurts My Head. He Said if  Sherman’s Army

    Gets  Here,  We May All  Wind Up  DEAD ! So I Pulled

    Myself Upward, Staggering, I Fell Out Of The Bed.

     I Pulled All The Tobacco Out Of the Barn By

Sunup, And Rested Beneath The Old

Appletree. Sherman’s Army Took

 Another Path, And When Pa

        Came Looking The Only         

 Things Found Dieing

Were The Tree,

                                                                And Me                                                                                     joyceinumass

Paul Willis-2011       GlorymomGeneralSherman                            


  1. Love this too, Paul – such a creative layout and evocative apple tree image. I was caught simultaneously between the morbid and humorous options at the end, so was interested to read these other interpretations, as well as your intention. Either way, full credit to your natural abundance of wit :-D


    • I try to stay current day to day, but, usually a post a week anyway. I used to post every day, but let it go for a while when I started spending too much time on another site; you know where. I am really tired of that place now that it has gone with the new set-up. God Bless You Peter, I’ll be visiting, and sending your post out to Twitter, and facebook etc. Did you have a “Share” button? I didn’t see one.


  2. What a great blog you have. The recipes are excellent and this poem, well it’s outstanding. You have captured such an authentic voice. I like the inclusion of the tree at the end. It is very effective. Very well done!


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