From just outside of time

For Time and Seasons, Each Moment, and Every day.   

For Reasons Of Rhyme, When Words Aren’t Enough To Say.

For A Baby’s Laughter That Causes the World To Smile.

For Purple Prairie Flowers That Grow For Miles And Miles.

For Canyons, And Caves, For Cradles And Graves.

For Jasmine, Juniper, Wisteria,And Sage.

For Annals Of  Yore, And Comforting  Presage.

For, Honey, Persimmons, Lemons and Lime.

I Thank You God, Who Created It All;

From Just Outside  Of  Time.

From Just Outside  Of  Time.

I Thank You God Who Created It All;

The Desert Sands, And Waterfalls.

Honey Bees, Mountains, And Summers Breeze.

Dead End Canyons, And Endless Seas.

Pyramids Of  Giza, And Giants Causeway.

Changing Of The Guard, Faithfully, Night Into Day.

Great Barrier Reefs, Victoria Falls, An Everest To Climb.

I Thank You God Who Created It All.

From Just Outside Of  Time.

 Purplecalalilies Image

Paul Willis-2011 ©


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