Honey, Lime, Super-Chicken

I started this one by searing both sides of the “Monster” sized leg quarters I found bagged at the market last week. They must be feeding these guys way too many steroids  ( not that any amount is less than too many) as one leg alone was as big as Foghorn Leghorn,spread eagle on a family vacation beach trip. I'm talking Serious Super Chickens !!! But,though,

I don't recall the exact per pound price,I do know it was one sweet chic of a deal. 

I first accommodated old Leghorn with a rub down of garlic infused extra virgin olive oil suntan lotion, and seduced  him with a nice lime toddy squeeze.

He, already basking in the saliferous, nebula of sun, and sea salt, was none the reluctant. By now the cracked black pepper, thyme, and cilantro rub-down went un-squawked. I slowly pulled the skin above his thigh, and stuck a chubby clove of garlic between the fleshy fold. Instantly, Foghorns breathing winged rapid. His succulent pores opened, and closed, as his gasping vesicles sucked savory, zephyrous, Vidalia …      SNAP OUT OF IT Cindythis is Foghorn Leghorn I’m talking about, NOT Gordon Ramsay!!!!!

So there I was…

Just me  ,.. a stainless steel stew pan, and foghorn leghorn…I seared him, speared him, and stuck him in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven…And Voila … ( Incidentally, Any Pan Straight From the Stove Top Is Safe to Penetrate the Oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, though I don’t recommend Teflon Coated Pans)  30 minutes later I slathered him in a honey, thyme baste, and laid him back into the oven, 15 minutes before I ate him like a starving  pigmy from New Guinea-chickenville. The whole thing lasted about an hour.







  1. I don’t know Gordon Ramsey, but I do know a great lookin’ chicken when I see one! This was a sinful thing to see before I have even had breakfast…somehow my toast and jam looks no where close to appealing as it did before stopping in here for a read. A fun read and good food.. what a great way to start the day!


  2. Thank You Cindy,
    The Cindy mentioned in the post was “The Only Cin” who attended a cooking show hosted by Gordon Ramsay…and after a year or so of telling us all how repulsive he was to her, apparently became quite smitten with him in person…lol…all in fun. Thank you for the complement on the chicken, it was pretty good, if I must say so myself…heck, I even click my own Like Buttons. God Bless



  3. Baby Red? Either way, I know it was delicious.. Back when I was growing up, and the family farms, including my grandparent’s were still self sufficient I looked more forward to those little red potatoes more than anything else from the garden. They, of course coming from the rich earth of your own area, had a flavor I have not tasted in years. They were also fantastic unpeeled, and deep fried whole, till golden brown… But, it’s hard to find the small red ones like those anymore, at least it has been for me.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing …mmm Rosemary Lemon, oh yeah.


  4. now you’ve resulted to poultry porn to gain readers?? for shame! ;) i will be trying my hand at an exotic dish tomorrow for hubby’s birthday. i’m not an adventurous cook. but he saw a recipe for beer-braised sausages and apples. when i write about it i will leave out references to beer as some of my friends would be offended. we found some Guinness Black Lager locally, it’s new, and i thought i’d give it a try. hope it turns out, after all, this is his birthday meal. i’m not sure he even realizes it’s his birthday tomorrow… he doesn’t pay attention to dates.


  5. LOL, yeah, I’m bad with dates myself. Luckily I no longer have a need to date. Actually, the Chicken Porn, and write up was for Cindy @: “The Only Cin” who attended a cooking show hosted by Gordon Ramsay…and after a year or so of telling us all how repulsive he was to her, apparently became quite smitten with him in person…lol…all in fun.
    Bless You


  6. Thank you…hehe,
    I was a wittle naughty, but
    was inspired by “Cindy” @ http://theonlycin.wordpress.com/
    on that particular writing.
    Was sort of a “Dig” on her
    after she attended a show
    hosted by Gordon Ramsay
    who she has told us all for
    several years how she dis
    liked him so much…but, was
    apparently smitten by him
    in person, according to one
    of her post called ( New Crush)
    It was all in fun…tell her paul
    sent ya, and he said: Duh Huh
    She’ll know what you mean.
    Now, I’ll be navigating over
    to your site and see how
    bad you have reviewed my
    panthers, and dale junior!!!
    Bless You


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