Seven Links, Seven Post, Seven Blogs

I found a link back in one of my comment sections yesterday simply stating; ” You’ve Been Tagged” The link was from, Jamie Anne, @ Dash of Domestic.   I’m not sure that it is required, though as it not only is a great way to showcase, and spread a little exposure to some otherwise, all but forgotten post, and provides for a rather quick and interesting “New Post” in these busy times, I’m passing the challenge on to 7 other people in thebloggerhood.

Oh, I just re-read the challenge  standard at Dash of Domestic, and there are only 5 suggested recipients for me to “Tag”. But, I like the number 7… So, 7 Post, 7 Links, and 7 of you will soon be tagged to do the following:

List and showcase 1 post for each of these categories, and then pass the challenge on to 5 …or 7 other bloggers:

  • #1 Your Most Beautiful Post (in your opinion)
  • #2 Your Most Popular Post ( per stat views)
  • #3 Your Most Controversial Post ( per reality)
  • #4 Your Most Helpful, or “How To” Post
  • #5 Your Most Surprisingly Popular  Post
  • #6 Your Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Merited.
  • #7 Your Magnum Opus ( post you are most proud of  )

Here are my selections:

#1 Most Beautiful Post= “Shannon’s Song A song I wrote based on a true story of a little girl who’s mother and  father were on the Maury Povich Show, back in 2001. The little girl sadly, was in the hospital in dire need of a specific chromosome that only her biological father could produce to save her life. The man Shannon, knew as her daddy since she was born was tested on the Povich show, and along with the Mother, Maury, Me, and I am sure Millions of other viewers, was shattered, and melted into a puddle of disbelief and tears, at Maury’s words;” Joe, you are Not the father“. I never heard anything more of what became of poor little “Shannon“, but, as the mother, who admittedly had been so promiscuous prior to settling down with Joe, had no idea of how many men she had been with, nor how to contact any of them, the prognosis was not good by the end of the program. How? You are probably asking, can I possibly choose this as my “Most Beautiful” post. Simply, by the time I prayerfully finished writing “Shannon’s Song” I had the most beautiful feeling of peace, in that, if the identity of Shannon’s real daddy was not discovered, I know, Shannon’s real Father, and Creator, took her home to be with Him.

#2 Most Popular Post= “Who’s the Real Pawn Star Here”?

Based on what turned out to be the “History Channel’s” most popular TV series to date.

#3 Most Controversial Post= “What Time Is It“?

#4 Most Helpful Post= Roll the Stone Away  (Actually an 8 part series

# 5 Surprisingly Successful Post =”Victory met defeat though her discovery promises a victorious sweep“.   A Nautical Tale of the English, 1737 shipwreck of the HMS Victory:   with 247 views within hours after posting it.

# 6 Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved=   RECIPE: 2 cps Buster Keaton, 2 cps Bill Nye, 3 cps Joel Robuchon: 1.blend, 2.roll onto pan, 3. bake: ‘”Voila’” 1 “Alton Brown”


# 7 Post You Are Most Proud Of = Okay, I Have To Break The Rules And Post 2 Here:

 History=Colony Lost From The Start 

Poem= From Just Outside  Of Time

And Now The Seven Lucky Bloggers Are:


Kate Shrewsday

Bodhirose’s Blog

Nurse Myra


Selma in the City

The Hook

Make that 8!!!

The Water Witches Daughter

Number 9 Number 9 Number 9

Laughing Housewife

10 is a good number!!!

Baking With Sibella

11 is almost heaven…at least, it’s dancing with the stars


What the heck I can’t leave Cindy Out, even if she is rushed with traffic, let alone Gordo Rambo. Number 12 is the perfect Governing Number of the Universe!!

The Only Cin

Thirteen was always my lucky number…

From the Pews

14 is 7 x 2 =   KitchensGarden

15? = Take a Picture…it’ll last longer….


God Is So Good!!!

This Is Not My Home

#17 A great place to learn new South of the boarder, and Panamanian recipes: and a new blogger friend ( Blue Jelly Beans )

#18, the more the merrier… fostercitynewblog

#19 Trapperhoney from West By God Virginia ( currently known as Ink Yarn and Tears)


  1. WOW!!!

    You went from 5 to 7 to 18?!?! =D

    I Like being Lucky 13, btw…I think it suits me, if I do say so myself ;)

    Hmmm…now I have to make the time and think….If you see smoke up North, you’ll know it’s me ;)

    God Love You♥♥


  2. I have to come back to read these. I’m already late for a get together to raise money for a fellow blogger with a dreadful condition that necessitates a wheelchair that is almost a full life-support system. he only had the use of part of one hand now, yet is always positive, taking an interest in the world outside and he NEVER complains.


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  4. This is so nice, I loved your post Paul. I will visit all other blogs too. Thank you so much for putting me into this great fun. I am so glad to meet with you, and I wll read your poems too. This is so exciting, to meet with new bloggers. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia


  5. I’m glad you participated in this challenge because most of the posts you linked to are new to me.

    Shannon’s song stuck with me. It breaks my heart when children become the casualty of parents’ poor choices. We think that it’s our life and our decisions are our own, but that changes when children are involved.


    • Thank you,
      I had to model it step by step by your post, and for some reason after WordPress changed the Administrators Bar the other night, my editing page is not working correctly..Oh well, I struggled through it…but had to make a few a amendments to my original plan… Or still be here tomorrow trying to get the images where I wanted them.
      Bless You, and thanks again.
      “whoops Just Noticed I spelled your name wrong” I’ll fix it.


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