A few of my songs for you…like em or not

Here’s a few of my songs. These are very rough drafted, as I haven’t mastered, nor taken the time to master the art of Audio Files… and have been out of the recording arena since I quit playing other styles in bars, and biker dives, at least 10 years ago.

Though I was never all that recording savvy, I did have, at least some decent 4 track recordings at one time. These are just me sitting down with my acoustic guitar though, after 7 years of not really playing or singing anything, and certainly not the same songs I did in the bars and biker dives.

I hope you enjoy them. But more importantly, I really hope you are able to hear beyond the lack of professional audio perfection,  and hear the truth, and message that is for you.

God Bless You  

paul…                                      God and me tunes !!!



    • Thanks Pren,
      Actually even these recordings were, or are a little better, on the tape they are on, as I recorded them on a 4 track recorder. All the songs you hear actually have 3 accompanying tracks blended; ie my lead guitar parts, keyboard, and electric rhythm, but only when played with a 4 track. The problem is I never “Mixed” them together, and no longer have the 4 track recorder.Only the original cassette tape I have plays all four tracks, and then only on a four track player/recorder, so when I play it here on my stereo player, I hear “Two” of the tracks…

      Thus far I haven’t figured out how to load them on a computer file to where it actually mixes, and plays all 4 tracks at once. Mostly because I am tired and lazy, probably…heck, back when I was actually playing music on stage or in public, I was running on enough Scotch Whiskey,and stupidity to be 10 feet tall and bullet proof…in my mind of course. Now, with no real outlet to play the songs, I rarely play a complete song anymore ( and of course Never play the songs I wrote back then)…I’m so old and clumsy now, I would probably be tripping over my (Cordless) Mic. But, you’re right, one day I may actually sit down and figure out one of these audio file programs and clean it up again,Or Better Yet, find a “12” year old..they could do it in 5 minutes for me. I’m just in it for the message within these days. God Bless


  1. Wow, you certainly have talent, Paul. I have no musical training AT all, but just from a catchy point of view I enjoyed Prodigal Son and my absolute favourite was Proverbial Hickory Stick. This is just personal though, only the ones which appealed to my senses the most… Very well done, friend! Bless you for sharing.


    • Thank You Baby Girl…I actually wrote the “Strawbuggy” Jam just for you..lol, just kidding, it was just an experiment with me and my fender telecaster guitar and a few electric foot switch sound effects.. though, as I was telling pren… three dubbed in parts…ie lead work are missing from what you actually hear…good thing probably though, unless you are longing for a flashback from the “Moody Blues” mixed with “Lynard Skynard…Bye
      Bless You


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