Out Of The Blue

paul willis – 2011

This is how I wasted my day off, or at least… a good part of it… let me know which you like best, or, if you have a different color scheme  you think will work better, I’m all washed up…


  1. Wow, these are amazing! Okay, my favorites:

    1. Blue is my favorite color, so naturally I love the blue one. But since part of what I do for a living is create book covers and greeting cards, I have had to learn a good deal about people’s response to colors. There has been a good deal of research that has proven that blue and yellow are the two most positive colors as far as response from human beings is concerned. Unless there is some serious aberration in a person’s make-up, he has the most positive response to blue, second most positive to yellow, and best response of all when they are used together. So, right out of the gate, this one’s a winner.

    2. All that being said, I think I really do like the first two the best. Both of those color combinations allow the subject of the work to have some personality, and that gives people so much more to connect with than the blue does. While I like the blue, I do not “connect” with it. I do connect with the first two.

    Good work either way.


  2. WOW!!! Check you out!!!

    I LOVE the Blue One…I may be a bit biased, I Love BLUE ♥♥

    However, the First one has a certain “Darkness” about it that evokes many emotions!

    And isn’t that one of the most powerful and sought after effects from Art??

    Nice to see you’re back ♥

    You were SORELY Missed, believe it or not :P


  3. Hi Paul! :)

    Thanks for the kind thoughts – church is a problem because the local taxi firm Diamond apparently sees it as a low cost trip and so not worth doing.

    The local taxi firms are battling rocketing fuel costs and are unable to put their prices up because of cut-throat competition, so despite being a regular customer for over 20 years I’m getting pressure not to order a car from them to go to church by the drivers and I have bad joints so walking is out of the question.

    I know Faluki or Janice would take me, but Janice doesn’t do the evening service which I normally go to.

    All I can do is pay 1/3 more for the trip and hope a driver takes me…

    God Bless my friend!



  4. Hardly a waste of time, from my POV! Wonderful. I like them all, but if I were to choose, I would take one of the first two. I like the color combos. The only change I would make – esp. to the first one (my fave) is to add to the gray wash around the top some more blue, perhaps in graduated hues, yet retaining, at the center, the other soft pastel shades of the other colors. It would fit in with the title a bit better, to have the figure in the midst of several shades of blue, as though it were emerging from, well, “out of the blue!”

    What is the medium you used? Was it all CG, or is it watercolor? I’d love to know, and also to see what you decide on for the final!

    (I’m going to send you a link, btw, to a couple of my songs – the lyrics, anyway. I have not recorded them. I have recently purchased the software to do it, but am still trying to master it before i release any of the recordings. MANY years ago, I had made a good demo recording of three of my songs. My talented singer-husband sang with me, and we had some decent back-up vocalists and insrumentalists.)

    Thanks again for visiting my site. I look forward to frequent visits here, as I have subscribed, at last – I thought I already had! :oops:

    I wish you enough. . .


    • Thank you,
      It is just computer graphics. I like both the first one and the last one most… the last ( blue ) one brought the whale up out of the blue much more prevalent, at least to me it does.

      Yeah. I don’t have any hardware for filing audio other than the free programs such as goldwave, etc… and really have a failing sound card on this computer…so only 1 of the 4 tracks that are actually on the tape came through. I’m not trying to impress anyone with the music these days, just wanted an outlet for the message within.
      Bless You


      • I got a special deal on some NCH software – “RecordPad,” and “AudioPad.” So far I am very pleased with them – they are user friendly, and reasonably intuitive to use.

        God blesses us whenever we use the gifts s/he has given us to God’s glory. When you sing to God, we are all automatically impressed – mainly because that is not your intention! God is like that. . .How blessed to be in God’s presence.

        I wish you enough. . .

        P.S. Hope you can get another sound card! :lol:


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    • Me too.. but then.. the out of the blue sort of came alive with an actual “Whale” or some sort of …oh, man, no ones ever going to believe this whale of a fisherman’s tale…story of my life..heh
      God Bless You…
      I hope a dadnabit hawk or some even bigger bird ( giving where you live ) didn’t swoop-nab poor wittle Charlotte…makes me madder than an Elmer Fud THAT FINALLY caught what he thought he was hunting!!! Just to think of it.. My step father and step brother always tried to make me a hunter.. till I outshot both of them and cried all the way home….


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