Heart Of Every Storm


    Some days are powerful dark chocolate, blowing more than your hair astray.
      Other days calm, lack negative ions, just vanilla diddly, and plain blasé.
        Drizzly rain days I pray to stay away. However, the weather will change.
          100 plus degrees in Summertime, as hurricanes, and tornado’s, squall.
            Winter drops to early teens. Gale, forces Summer into late fall.
              Same weather? Day after day, and from me my mind estranges.
              I love hearing wind blow strong, and feel its powerful forces.
            Wishing no harm, or malice, upon anyone else of course.
            A  plain-Jane, cloudy day rain just hurts me to the  bone.
           Same with sweat, humidity, and cooking dinner on a stone.
            Thunderclouds welcome, unless lightning grounds my spot.
           Anyway, would be senseless to twitch, whine and moan.
           Even when, the dreaded Nor-Easter, freezes my face.
          Thank God for Winter, hearth, fireplace, and home.
         Yes, I prefer cold days, until  need it to be hotter.
       More over,  I can’t always make up my mind.
A new Winters day feels the same old sunshine.
Though, Winter, certainly brings too much rain.
 Absolutely, I admit there are days I prefer it sunny.
  But, some days are just naturally, perfectly warm.
    I suppose, the thing I am really trying to say, is.
       Whether rain, sleet, or shine, it’s a beautiful day.
            Can’t change the  weather …     anyway.
               Even as frightful ones do often form.
                 Best breathe easy, and stay cozily warm.
                    For, even in these, there is solace.
                            Undeniable , peace, and rest.
                                 Malignant?  Ill intending?
                                       Peace?  In a raging evil
                                           tempest? Destruction at
                                                it’s corm? Yes, always
                                                       I find love, peace,
                                                           and rest, at the
                                                              heart of every

paul willis – 2011 – ©



    • Heh, yeah, it’s like that all over I suppose, I started to put a line saying something to that effect, but, then I realized… I have no idea how the weather changes, or NOT in say… Greenland…But, I’m assuming if Al Gore and his Cronies keep blowing enough hot air around about global warming…it too shall change…or melt.
      Bless You Pren


  1. Hi Paul! :)

    To answer your questions: #1 Horlicks is a malted bedtime drink made with hot milk.

    #2 Not really, but I’ve sworn off the hard stuff as my neighbour is alcoholic and that’s enough to put anyone off!

    #3 My Bank gives its customers free Kaspersky keys to encourage safe internet Banking.

    Max Secure sounds good – Kaspersky may not be as good, but the customer service is excellent and even my dipshit stepfather has been gotten out of trouble by them when he wandered the porn pages and picked up Malware, computer viruses, etc. because he shouldn’t be allowed out without a leash!

    Hard to believe he used to be a cop.

    Oh well…

    God Bless!



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