What On Earth Is This World Coming To?

What is the world coming to? We’ve all heard this question asked rhetorically,


 or in trepidation to  recent news briefs containing tragic, or, absurd events in our society. Most of us, in fact, have asked the question, “What is the world coming to”  either in jest, or as a humorous; “Matter of  fact “, up in arms reprisal,  professing…I don’t have a clue!
As one who believes  God of the Bible is the creator of all things, (and for the most part ), the Holy Bible as His inerrant Word, I rest in personal peace of knowing the answer to this question.
According to my God’s word, the “World” as we now know it is coming to an end.
The word, “World” in the Bible, however, usually refers to the unsaved, or lost sheep. In light of this reality, the world is not coming to an end, but the future of those who choose not to be a child of God, sadly, is not a pretty picture.  Though in my studied opinion of His word, this means either life or death, and  not eternal torture, and torment from the loving God who created us all to begin with. Regardless of what one believes will ultimately happen to the physical world in the future, our larger, more prevalent concern has to be what is taking place in the world around us now, at this precise moment.
Many say there aren’t any places left on earth which have not heard the Gospel of Christ, and therefore, the need for missionary trips is a thing of the past. Some of these same people say there are hardships enough here at home,   (wherever you call home) to attend to.
It is possible that all countries have heard the Gospel, ie (Good News) but the need for Christian missionaries world-wide is not a thing of the past.
People need love. And people need to give love.
When the average American Christian thinks, or hears about the persecuted church, their immediate thoughts are of  how their peers, and or, the world judges them personally as an individual with the audacity to claim themselves a born again Christian. ( I did say the Average American Christian. Not all! )
Unfortunately the truth of the matter could not be more alarming when one realizes what is really taking place in other parts of the world.
One of many examples would be North Korea.
Well ? ! .  You may say. There aren’t any Christians in North Korea anyway.
Wrong. They are there…  If they haven’t already been tortured to death, or rotting away on some freezing cold dirt prison floor, they are still there.
These are people who seek their creator, and savior, from the tyrannical pits  of real persecution .  Psalm 107, you may find YOUR SELF somewhere in this scripture passage, I know I have both in reading, and personification.
Thankfully, there are secret missionary programs taking place in areas such as these, where missionaries are without a doubt knowingly, and willingly, putting their own lives at risk of death every day.
Of course the conglomerated global media rarely, if ever, show us what is really taking place in such areas, but, God is at work in many third world countries where people are sadly suffering situations that we as Americans, and other western countries have yet to experience. ( At least most of us alive today) there are reliable news sources however.

If we truly realized the God-given privilege to have Bibles on our shelves, out in the open, collecting dust for all who enter our homes to see, including non Christians, whom, of course, in this country rarely raise an eyebrow to, or notice lying there, I wonder if it would cause us to want to pick it up and actually read it?
If we realized the sheer agony being inflicted on Innocent people, in some of these places?  Would we at least read a little from the pages of what many of them are voluntarily dieing to read?   ( Naked Truth ) 
Suffice it to say, rarely, on invitation would the most outspoken Atheistic God hater take notice of, or offense to a family heirloom, of what they presume, sadly correct in many cases, an ornamental Bible laying on the table of American homes today.
This is partly due to the Bible having been a part of the American culture so long, and all too often, “now-days“, having become nothing more than a generational diary, or a hand me down family who’s who?, from grandma, or mom, without any spiritual significance of who “Father ” is in regard to the history of the country and the world.
I ask you now to take a moment and think of yourselves being in the worst situation you can imagine . For instance, if you were put in prison, ( for whatever reason) where, being alienated, frightened, and lonely most of the time, you began to ask, “what is truth”?  Do you think there’s even the slightest  possibility you would ask for a Bible to read?
Another sad reality is, even in America, a country built on the principles of the Bible, the rights of a prisoner to ask for a Holy Bible are taken away daily.
What if you lost a love one? The loved one you can’t conceive of living  without. Would you possibly seek answers from the Bible? (the best-selling book in the history of the world) And if  you did entertain the possibility, and reached for it to read, and were told…NO!!! you can’t have it, what lengths do you think you would go to to acquire one? Considering even slightly, that within one book, which many proclaim  “a love letter  from God” may rest your only hope for coping, and getting through bereavement of your loss, wouldn’t you at least expect the right to read it?
With this right quickly becoming a thing of the past in America’s penal systems,  (a place the principles of such a book are so needed as much if not more than anywhere) what on earth is this world coming to?And if that right is taken away there? Where, and what right will be taken away next? And from whom? While we are pondering that question, we should probably ask ourselves why this whole thing is taking place. Why the “World”  is so intent on closing the cover of the best-selling book of all times, yet, not restricting anyone from reading the Ekhart Tolle’s, and other humanistic gurus of today’s societies books. Or the Qur’an?  Why are certain cities in America honoring Sharia Law, by allowing one religion (another way home) have three prayer time breaks throughout the day in the workplace, and not allowing a prisoner to have a bible? Okay, that’s a rabbit hole for another Alice, on another day.

What if you became stranded on a deserted Island alone? An Island where noises from the dark of night kept you awake, frightened, not knowing what may happen next. You probably would be on edge constantly. You may even  find yourself asking..”What Is Truth”? Or, at least seeking to know if something, or someone out there really cares. Wouldn’t you want the consolation of Gods word ? Or even a book largely presumed as being the word of God…thereby, at least having something to base a possibility to drawl your own conclusions on the matter from?
Now, think about living in a country, secluded from the mainstream of religion, news, or outside contact, and meeting Jesus in your heart. ( I know for many readers this last part is a stretch from the realm of your wildest dreams and possibilities, at least, for the moment )  You would want to learn and know more and more about Him. Would you not?  You would want a Bible!
Knowing it could mean imprisonment, and in many cases  imprisonment of three generations of their immediate family members, loss of limbs, or death upon being found in possession of, or reading a Bible on any given day in countries like India, North Korea, and even parts of the Philippines, the “Persecuted Church” is still seeking to read Gods word.
I don’t know about you, but, when this cold hard truth hit me I could not let my Bible stay dormant, covered in shelf dust for another moment without feeling guilt for not at least exercising my right to read it.  While helping others to have the right to see what God says He wrote and sent for them would be a greater thing to do, where would we begin knowing how to help, if not from the book they are so willingly giving up every other right they have, including life to read.

Yes there are people right here in America who need our love and help, and if we are giving it, then we can maybe find a little peace in our soul for being the arms and the legs of Jesus to a hurting world. (Or for just doing what is right)

So, whether you personally accept the Bible as Gods word or not…
Just for a moment, I ask that we all pray,..or put our thoughts on those people in countries, and right here at home, who don’t even have the right to choose to read one, and those who choose to read it at the risk of their own lives. Those reaching for a Bible because they have lost a loved one, and most of all, those who are loosing loved ones, because they are reaching for a Bible!  Pray for them… ( if we are the body )

 As for the question, “What on earth is this world coming to”…I guess the answer rest on who we choose to follow, or allow to take our rights away.
paul willis-2008-©




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  1. It is a sad fact of life that a Muslim entering this country has more rights to practice his religion than a Christian born here.

    As Christianity is removed by the appeasers so it is replaced by those who practice Sharia Law here in the UK.

    How long before this country goes to war over it I do not know, but almost everyone I know fears being labelled racist for daring to stand up for their rights as Christians.

    How long before possessing a Bible here in the UK becomes a criminal offence???

    God Bless!



  2. It’s true that we (in America) take for granted our rights, including the right to read God’s word. I have Bibles that do gather dust on a shelf, but earlier this year, I picked out my “dream Bible” and that one does get more read time (not as much the last few weeks, but I hope to get back into it.)

    I don’t know which is sadder – the fact that people are still being jailed, tortured or murdered for being Christian, or that this isn’t cover story news?


  3. Wow, Paul, you have given me a great deal of food for thought… I do/did know that the persecution of Christians in many countries is ongoing, but what you’re telling us about the USA, ‘Land of the Free’, absolutely shocks me to the core. It appears that Armageddon is not too far off after all… God bless you Paul for opening our eyes. This is a wonderful post (which I almost missed!).


  4. I’m not really a very religious person, I respect religion, any kind of religion as long as it doesn’t create conflicts. To fight over religion matters … to fight over anything … not my idea of a good world. There is always a peaceful solution to everything …. After all God is one, there is only different interpretation of his laws. I don’t agree with the way a woman is treated in the Muslim’s world, but I don’t like the idea of the woman behaving like a s*** … There should be a limit for everything but in a way that the freedom of being a human shouldn’t be taken from us …


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