Only a Child, what the…

According to the U.S. Justice department, 33% of our male children, and 14% of our little girls are molested by an adult, or an older child before the age of 18…what the …yet…the same Justice department allows “Online Pornography” to continue being published…come on guys… Is the little extra revenue really worth it? Or , is it as profitable to you as abortion?  Wake Up!

But, I was only a Child…how Could I be at blame?
No one took the one cousins touch…No one took

the shame…And now, no one feels  my disdain.

What the hell happened back then..? I never knew.

Truth is I never knew pain, just a child…with a name.

Just a trusting little name. What was it again?


  1. Hi Paul! :)

    Yeah dreams have rules of their own – mine are passing strange, but I’m sure there’s a message in there somewhere, although most of my dreams are pure entertainment! :)

    Yeah Viruses and Malware are a pain – just beware of the ID10T factor and NEVER click on anything unless you were expecting it and KNOW it’s safe!!!

    Sorry you got clobbered though – one of my friends said it all a few years back: “Why use animals for testing when we have virus programmers?”

    ‘Nuff said! :)

    God Bless!



  2. Stuff happens, like it or not! Most get away with it – deviants, psychopaths! How do we change it when ‘highly respected’ people are among the guilty and use their influence to subvert justice for the rest? All we can do is be on our guard wherever and whenever we can.


  3. I do not agree with Online Pornography as to many young people can view it.

    The people who are abusers are Pedophiles ( i think ) just like the Catholic priests all over the world and the web pages they view are much, much worse.

    But if a young girl is made pregnant by one of these sick people, they should have an abortion, why should their life be ruined by someone or something they cannot stop.

    I also think your statistics would fit many countries around the world.


  4. I survived so much shit as a child and then was abused again by the Police, Press and media.

    My father and my abuser made me a survivor – the Police, press and media made me a victim and I am insane today because of what they did to me for the sake of a story.

    God Bless.



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