Cargo Ship Foundering Off New Zealand Coast

Image Property of Associated Press: AFP

It’s Appalling ” Steve Jones, the official spokes person, for Maritime New Zealand told Associated Press reporters 24 hours ago. Apparently the most appalling thing is that the ship’s captain, and the owners of the cargo Rena, are keeping tight lips, over the captains apparent negligence to run a tight ship.

The  775-foot (236-meter) Liberian flagged Rena, ran aground on Astrolabe Reef, October the 5th, 14 miles from Tauranga Harbor, on North Island, New Zealand.

Oil spillage is an immediate issue, as well as the potential  loss of  1,368 cargo containers, 70 of which have already toppled into the sea, and 11 yet to plummet, which contain hazardous materials.

Weather conditions, according to Jones, have swelled to impossible salvaging capabilities for crews to board the cracked hull vessel.

The name of the sea-captain, and first mate, both apparently facing criminal charges, are being with-held, upon requisition of the Captains Attorney, who appropriates that vigilantes could intervene.

Six ships were mobilized to intercept still floating containers, as well as other debris , yet with 16 foot swells, collecting the loose containers has been, and remains almost impossible.

Ann Coughlan, New Zealand’s Maritime spokeswoman, said 200 oiled birds had been found dead and 41 others are now being cleaned at a wildlife emergency center.

Maritime New Zealand, estimates that between 220 and 330 tons of heavy fuel oil have spilled from the snapped hull, leading New Zealand’s environment minister, Nick Smith, to call it the country’s biggest maritime environmental disaster.

All we really know is the ship ran aground with enough knots to snap the ships hull, from deck to waterline, and possibly below. The Government of New Zealand has demanded answers about exactly what was going on aboard the ship at the time, but the company owning the ship, and their attorneys have yet to respond. The Captain, and his 1st Mate were charged with: Operating a vessel in a manner to cause unnecessary danger or risk, and released on bail Wednesday, in Tauranga District Court.

According to our sources…which,  frankly, means, their ( Lawyers) …Nothing further has been released to the public of exactly what the Filipino captain, whom the New Zealand Herald reports was celebrating his forty-fourth birthday, and his first mate were up to when the ship ran aground.

But, with enough gooey oil spoofing the coast line of New Zealand’s pristine Tauranga beaches to cause the countries worse Maritime environmental disaster,  suffice it to say good Captain;     Oh Snap!  Parties Over for you big guy.

   Full Story by NATACHA PISARENKO  Associated Press here



  1. I know buddy. bad news. My dad always said the sea is a cruel mistress, and when she is up and raging you are sunk. Terrible that the seas are keeping the boys from getting to her, and bad bad cargo, how many of these things are floating around the world with tons of hazardous chemicals tied on with string. I did know but had not read this article, thanks for pointing it out! c


    • Well, of course you haven’t read it before, silly, …I mean Ceci…lol
      I just finished writing it,.. And no that wasn’t a “Ribbing” about your blondness, because, I’m no dummy either …As witty, intelligent, and quick as you are, I can not agree with you on your statement that you are the kind of woman that give true blondes a bad name….You’re so funny…
      Love reading your stuff.
      Bless You


  2. We had a similar event here in the UK a few years back which created havoc on the beaches and hundreds of people went down to the shore to scavenge anything from motorcycles to babies diapers.

    Trouble with this one is that the containers contain explosive chemicals that react violently to water, so if anyone opens one of THESE containers should they wash ashore then we’re talking a LOT of civilian casualties!

    I remember how lucky they were to pump out most of the fuel oil before bad weather hit and broke her back, but now we’re seeing the exact same problem only worse because of the weather stopping them from extracting the oil!

    What concerns me most is that the ship took a course that, if I have my facts right, would have been difficult for a far smaller ship, let alone something THIS size!

    I am not sure on this, but I remember something about the reef being a designated sanctaury which ships were not supposed to pass through because of the risk of pollution, but Captains use it because it saves time – maybe it refers to the great barrier reef?

    God Bless!



  3. Awful news, Paul, especially for the sea life, but thank you for sharing. Thanks so much also, for your awesome comments about my book, which indicates that you know my concern for this kind of thing – much appreciated! Have a blessed and beautiful weekend :-)


  4. Hi Paul! :)

    Thanks as always for the visit and comment!!!

    I am tempted to order Thor on DVD, maybe a few others, but for the moment I have winter coming so I have to be prepared for the BIG bills.

    Come Summer I have no doubt that I’ll be buying more good stuff to get me through the quiet times.

    I can recommend ‘Star Trek’ though – it’s a blast and there are rumours of a forthcoming TV series based on the alternate Universe, so shields up and set your phasers to pun!!! :)

    God Bless and Be Well my friend!



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