Button Holes and Buttons

Some things are temporal, never do they last.

But, some things are timeless, never to be surpassed.

Somethings are sloppy, and hard to attach.

Other things are simple, or,  at least solid,

And hold extremely fast.

Some things are opposites, never meant to be.

Yet other things are opposite, and together eternally .

You and I are like that.., though not opposite

within our souls…

Some things  instinctively fit, like

buttons, and button holes.

Thoughts of being without you,

are like honey combs without bees.

Button holes are just empty spaces without buttons,

and the only home I’ve ever known is

the home you’ve made for me.

paul willis – 2011- ©


  1. Since I couldn’t listen to the songs today, I took some time to read the poems. This one is super, super! (And after your comment concerning what you had been through with the person who reminded you of the FB friend request I had turned down, I’m so glad to know that you and your wife have such a wonderful, loving marriage that can inspire poetry like this.)
    Blessings on you both!


  2. So beautiful, I Love your heart focus Paul it’s about Love, what a very blessed wife you have and as you shared you also are greatly blessed, such is God’s heart of Love it’s found in Unity.

    A man and woman’s’ heart should be so hidden in Christ Jesus that to find each other they need to seek Him first.

    Christian Love Anne.


  3. This is just beautiful. So full of emotion and loving , sincere thoughts. This made me quiet for a long time when you wrote, “Button holes are just empty spaces without buttons,

    and the only home I’ve ever known is

    the home you’ve made for me.” When I read this , I thought of my wife. Home is where she is…without her and my son, it’s just an empty, cold place…..


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  5. I’ll just comment collectively to all here…and pray it gets to a few at least …after a week of working on this crashed leviathan of a computer… I THINK I’m back online…at least for a minute…and look forward to visiting all your sites.
    Bless You


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