Good Night Mistress Summer Time

E’er the time spent with you, on seashore, river bank, or mountain view.

Wind giggles warm through my hair, whispering she wont be here for long.

Shadowy silhouettes in peripheral shade, weeping willow dancing with Spanish

moss grays, and Katy-Did-Sing in harmony with whippoorwill, as the bullfrog

turned day ditties into an all night lovers song.

March blew you to me one April showered day. As a child I saw your

blooms blossoming,  every crescent of your lovely full moon.

I believed you everlasting, as dragonfly hovered millpond steam and spray.

In the end I realized you were only ice cream melting, vacation bible school,

just one quick roll in the hay. I realized this today.. when old man winter reared his ugly head…and stole my sweet summer time away.

paul willis-©-2011


    • Yeah,,,strange, I suppose is how most of the world could describe weather patterns lately. Of course, some say that they are just that…patterns repeating themselves …from the 50’s and even earlier for a few past centuries.( At least what’s on record) Personally, I’m not buying every story, as just like the foods they say are bad for us on the news this week, are reported next week as being beneficial, or healthy. Who knows? Whatever sells and financially benefits the particular entity or organization promoting it at the time seems to be the “Truth” imposed …
      I tend to lean toward Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain’s) stance on the matter: “There are three kinds of lies in the world”;

      “Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics”
      Bless You


  1. For some reason, my email (I am following you) isn’t notifying me of your new posts. Glad I navigated her on my own.

    What a wonderful ode to summer past. Love “Wind giggles warm through my hair” and “In the end I realized you were only ice cream melting”


  2. Thanks for the blast from the past Paul! :)

    God Bless my friend and keep going! LoL!!!

    Hope you can find somebody to fix your PC soon – I know how it feels to be running on a wing and a prayer…

    God Bless!



    • Thank you Caroline…I’m heading over to read your latest as soon as I finish a few recipe searches, and a few more comment replies…My regular computer bit the dust, and after dusting this closet monster off, well, it’s been a little tough keeping it online so far as well…I guess it finally decided to work with me a little better…At least till Halloween is over…then it may crawl back into it’s coffin? Who knows?
      God Bless You


    • Thanks…Looking forward to getting over to your poems again soon, now that I can at least get online in Safe Mode with this Closet Dinosaur of a computer I had to dust off…It’s really too slow to do a lot of posting. Images especially, so, I’ve been a little slow getting back at it. Thought a poem would be quick enough, and that one is one of those that wrote itself, as you well know whereof I speak.
      Bless You


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