Follow The Star In You (Human Beings Are, they don’t wait to be)

Lot’s of work this life. Especially when one chooses work over life.

Lot’s of choices. The ones that count for us are the ones God planned ahead of time…And not the ones others choose for us.

When we follow what others choose, it’s because we haven’t made a choice.

How tiring life is when we are following someone else’s dream and not our own.

Where are you headed ? Where do you want to be? From experience, I suggest being there now…and not make it a destination to meet…

Live your dream. Plant both feet.

Life is short…live it now.

Are you a musician at heart? Sing. Are you a Chef? Cook.

Are you a human being?

Humans are…they don’t wait to be…

Go,.. Be now. Be at peace,..Cause work unto the Lord…

Is not a 4 letter word…

It’s peace.


And be at peace.


  1. Wow, the old Eat and Run routine huh? lol…these days they have refined it to a more developed form of science, like finding a hair in their plate…After they have eaten over 3/4 of it… Not that that doesn’t happen now and then, but, yeah, seems to be an easy way to eat and run..without paying…I know, I’m not going bald …lol
    Bless You


  2. Hi Paul! :)

    I worked as a waiter at one point and I fondly remember the organised mayhem in the furnace of a kitchen which used to hit you in the face as you went through the right side door and somebody else blundered through the left one – you only ever got THAT wrong once!!! LoL!!!

    I have to say that summer was the worst time to do that job because even keeping the back door open made very little difference and I pitied the chef and his little helpers who were running with sweat working over stoves that only went off after closing time and then they had to clean the place before knocking off for the day!

    And, no, there was no dedicated cleaning staff, just the guy who did the washing up – and three waiters who usually had to clean up the dining room before we were able to sit down and chill before heading home.

    It was frantic and you needed a good memory, but once summer was over I went back to college and the place went out of business shortly afterwards so I never went back.

    The biggest problem I remember were the customers who ordered, ate, and slipped out without paying which was a bit of a pain as we were supposed to spot them leaving and intercept them while delivering orders and collecting food for the other clients.

    They never came back, but it was still a dirty trick…

    God Bless!



  3. Some very fine people over the course of history had some very admirable dreams. They are well worth following and the choice ins in following and it becomes a mutual dream to be joined by others. I leave it to you to speculate on the many possibilities.


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