Accused, yet not to blame. Accused of cheating and stealing from those who gave all for my country, and world.

Accused yet proof is aloof and disdained. Defense is irrelevant and restrained.

And, yet guilty until proven innocent, is the same, as guilty when the Jury is out to lunch with the accuser.

6 is the name of the game.

But 7 is on His way.

Let it be today.



  1. I hear what you’re saying, Paul, and I love the form in which this poem is written. But I don’t understand the references to the numbers 6 and 7 except that 7 is
    God. Thanks for this and for the brain challenge, lol! Go well, my friend.


    • Yes, 7 is the number for God’s completion. Six is the number of man. Although there are many views of how old the actual earth maybe, the Bible’s generational calculations equate to around a little over 6 thousand years…at least…from the time Adam and Eve were sent out of the Garden of Eden. Some say that is part of the 666 passage in Revelation 13:18. Of course there are many different escatological views, and versions of that as well. Just some things to think about while we watch the worlds staged events unfold.

      By the way, did you know that the world population just passed the 7 billion people mark?

      It happened on a …sort of a strange date also…The people who keep up with that sort of stuff, and the media say the 7 billionth person was born October 31 of 2011. I’m not saying that it means anything having to do with Halloween… Actually an even stranger, possible coincidence.
      I don’t claim to know the Math, and all the Jewish dates and times etc…though I have seen it in a book once, but, I ‘ll brief you on the little I do remember.

      In Matthew, when the Angel visited Elizabeth, ( Mary’s Aunt ) and told her she would be giving birth to John the Baptist, it says something about her husband going to the temple to do his rotational priestly duties. This, according to Hebrew scholars can be only a certain time of the year…therefore, when calculating the times of this ritual, or duty of the priest, accompanied with the information the Bible gives, of John the Baptist being born 6 months before Christ, some say Jesus was absolutely NOT born in December, but, October the 31st. Interesting huh? Of course there are others who claim other dates as well.

      I’m not setting any dates, and certainly not saying that Jesus was born of flesh again. I just find the Biblical Numerical Significances, and Prophecy fascinating, and accurately unfolding.
      Bless You


          • No, not necessarily the Earth itself, but possibly the Earth Age, from the time Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden, as the genealogical records from that time add up to about that.

            How long Adam, who lived 930 years total according to the Bible was in the Garden of Eden before being expelled, we can’t add precisely I suppose.

            Many Scientist, who were one time non-believers in Creationism, now produce some very interesting evidences to upholding, and even claim a 6000 year old earth, though I know the Universe is believed to be between 13 and 19 Billion years old itself. Who really knows? But God.
            Bless You


              • To answer your last, and most important question first, as to how I know he lived that long, I base it first on the faith that He gives me. I also, as I have mentioned, find much significances in numbers used through-out the Bible, which affirm to me a divine architect where human geological, and historical records are concerned.

                Actually, Adam wasn’t the only one to ever live that long…In fact several after him lived longer.. Noah, lived 950 years, and Methuselah lived 969…for a few examples.

                You may be thinking of Moses…whose bones were never found…Biblically speaking. And he lived 120 years.
                Wait, I can see this response is going into full post mode… SEE MY NEXT POST, and thanks for inspiring it.
                Bless You


                • Paul, I at times question everything its my nature, if you said paper is made from trees , i’ll say you don’t know that, did you see the process. :)

                  Historical records are made by man on stories passed down, which could have been changed, bits forgot about, or bits added. Did you read my post about monks translating church laws.

                  i mean Adam, Moses, Methuselah, Noah, no bones have been found, you would think for such famous people they would have a burial place marked for them.

                  There is no actual proof of their age.

                  The Vatican holds hundreds of scrolls in a vault as few back , but they will not let anyone see them. Are they afraid of what these top people might find in there.

                  BTW, i believe in god but not a christain.


                  • I hear ya brother…and I don’t judge anyone’s belief anymore than you do. I am glad you questioned my post. Like I said, I thank you for inspiring another one. With the crazy hours I’ve been working lately, the muse has apparently been a little “Tired” around me.
                    Personally, I am a Christian, but not a Catholic. In fact, I don’t subscribe to any one particular denominational belief, as I have found most ALL of them are wrong in one way or other in comparison to what the Spirit teaches in His Word.

                    I believe the “Church” or really, I would have to call it the “church”, many of them anyway, and not just the Catholic one, have spread much legalism and mans doctrines etc for ages all in the name of control, and money.

                    That’s not the God I know. Though I also believe the Kingdom of God which includes many churches is an awesome powerful force for the better good of humanity.
                    Bless You


  2. I have read this three or four times now I think Paul and I am drawn to do so but without knowing what it means. I learned much of scripture as a youngster but I think as time has led us forward through years it has become more imperative to me to follow my heart and instincts through all life’s diversities. I love that you stand so fast for what you believe and that your heart is big. (I love God). Not understanding it doesn’t mean I don’t know that it comes from a place of heartfelt compassion. I always treasure your words.Bless. Pam


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