Just A Word To All My Friends In The Bloggerhood

To all my friends

in the bloggerhood

I am doing well

Did He Say Cookies?

In Fact quite Good

wish I had more time

to communicate…

but, just so you know

I took time to bake

a few Christmas cookies.

Shh...don't let him know we heard that...

Merry Christmas to all…

And here’s praying you

all find peace, for heavens sake.

I Cant’ Eat Another Bite!!!


  1. The cookies look great … well decorated “chef”. I adore cats, unfortunately the one I have has grown a little too large so I’m having to reign in his appetite, I think I am responsible because I didn’t realise he doesn’t move as fast as he used to (he’s almost 11yrs now)… so no cookies for him. He does like tuna rather too much though.


    • Oh,. thanks…those were the testers…I’m impatient..you should see the ones that came later. Actually, I only made a few other batches using other cutters before getting tired and making a brownie cake out of the remaining dough…but, Tomorrow!!! I’m rolling out the red velvet carpet cake!!!
      Bless you, thanks for stopping by.


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